The stars are just pathetic, like us!

Alternate title: The Cheesy Gordita Crunch stands alone.

Always knew there was something about this kid I liked.

macaulay culkin taco bell The stars are just pathetic, like us!

I mean, with friends like Harry and Marv, who wouldn’t want to be alone during the holidays? Amiright? Also, with friends like Taco Bell, who needs real friends anyway?


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  1. amy  ¦  1.41 AM  ¦  01.02.2013

    where are you moving to? please say the pacific northwest, we have great skateboarding weather!

  2. dedleg  ¦  1.38 PM  ¦  01.11.2013

    I wish I could say that was the case - long has the Pacific Northwest called to the skateboarding part of my soul. But alas, for now I am still mired in the cold of the Northeast. I’ll be haunting western Massachusetts for the foreseeable future…

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