June 2012


Lost in a supermarket

Knicked this one from my buddies at Jenkem. I’ve heard of spots that aren’t really spots, but this is a little much. You expect me to put that bacon in my mouth after your shit-stained bearing covers have been all over it? Ch’yeah! As if!

smith grind grocery store Lost in a supermarket

Shit’s getting mad cow crazy in the meat aisle.

Hm. Surely there’s a better meat pun to caption this than that? Uh… oh, how about… “raw as fuck.” Yeah… that’ll do, pig.


Bring It On

These are amazing.

danny garcia girls1 Bring It On

danny garcia girls2 Bring It On

[photos via pyrex-vision]

Danny Garcia is an extremely talented, and equally elusive, skater who, unfortunately, doesn’t get a whole lot of coverage in skateboarding media, like so many other extremely talented and equally elusive skaters before him. Sometimes you might find yourself doubting Danny Garcia, muttering things like “he fell off” in hushed circles. It’s good to see he’s still getting busy in the streets nonetheless. Look, just because you don’t see it on Hella Clips, doesn’t mean he’s not out there every day, spreading the power of skateboarding, but not only that, he’s also spreading the power of love. What have you done today, huh?


Profoundly Superior and Advanced

There’s art, and then there’s art. And this, this is something else entirely.

osiris d3 usb cable laces Profoundly Superior and Advanced

I think… I think it might be a monster? Are monsters real? YOU SAID MONSTERS WEREN’T REAL!

pair of OSIRIS d3 shoes with USB cable SHOELACES (Size 9) Profoundly Superior and Advanced (Unique)

Lightly used Osiris D3 skate shoes with USB cables for shoelaces for advanced level stunting purposes only.

You can thank this freak of nature’s existence to New York artist/skateboarder/mad scientist, Brad Troemel. And, like so many other genetic experiments gone awry, you can buy it on etsy! And that’s not the only abomination in this man’s “store,” which, I think we can all agree, is more like a circus sideshow!

Where to begin? Oh, well, of course! How could we forget this delicious masterwork?

doritos locos taco master locked shut Profoundly Superior and Advanced

DORITOSLOCOS taco from Taco Bell MASTER LOCKED shut (Key Sold Separately for $5).
Not organic, sorry!

Hey, if I had a Doritos Locos Taco, I’d probably want to lock it up, too. Smart move.

But his finest creation? Undeniably, irrefutably, the Doublesided Griptaped Skateboard Deck.

double sided griptape board Profoundly Superior and Advanced


Darkslide everything with a double sided griptaped skateboard.

To learn more about fire:

Surely this is the most significant advancement in board technology that skateboarding has ever seen.

It scares me a little bit, but I’m glad there’s somebody out there willing to push the boundaries of what’s possible, or even ethical. What’s that Ian Malcolm quote from Jurassic Park? Ah, yes, “your scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could that they didn’t stop to think if they should.” I think the same thing applies here.

ian malcolm laughs Profoundly Superior and Advanced


Stabbing pain

tender is the knife Stabbing pain

Man, it feels good to be alive and not debilitatingly hungover. Yesterday I endured quite the punishment at the hands of my liver for punishing my liver so badly the night before. Pretty much just spent the entire day shitting and sleeping, it was like being a baby again. So yes, a knife does seem pretty tender by comparison.


Red sky at night, Dedleg's delight

You know that sunset I was talking about yesterday? Well it can suck this sunset’s ass.

very red sunset Red sky at night, Dedlegs delight

red clouds close up Red sky at night, Dedlegs delight

In case it, somehow, wasn’t already abundantly obvious, I don’t prescribe to the “seen one sunset, seen ‘em all” school of thought. Quite the opposite, in fact. I’m more of a sunsets-as-Pokemon kind of guy. You know, gotta see ‘em all… or at least try. And maybe one day, I’ll finally be able to call myself a true sunset master.


Holding on to what's golden


gozer close up Holding on to whats golden

What’d you cats get into this weekend?

light through curtains Holding on to whats golden

Personally, I’ve been spending too much of my summer from this side of the shades. Nonetheless, whoever invented good afternoon light was a very smart man / woman / divine progenitor (if you believe in fairytales, that is).

colorful brooklyn sunset Holding on to whats golden

But you know what I believe in? The direct descendent of good afternoon light, sunsets like this one. They’re the only greater power I need. This one paired quite nicely with a crisp summer ale and a vaporizer loaded with fresh greens.


Fourth meal's the charm

Got nothing to do on this particularly beautiful Saturday? Crushed under the looming disappointment of another weekend wasted? Dedleg’s here to help with the latest in our renowned series, “What To Do On The Weekend When You’re Poor and Stoned,” (series may or may not actually be renowned, or even actually actual). Dedleg, the number one trusted source in debatably useful ideas.

What To Do On The Weekend When You’re Poor and Stoned Tip #38: Eat a Taco!

taco surprise Fourth meals the charm

What? Don’t try to act like it isn’t good advice. Got any better ideas? I didn’t think so.


You have to see it for yourself

morpheus les skate park You have to see it for yourself

In what surely must be a record in speedy skate park construction, the renovated LES park is set to open this Thursday, which just so happens to be Go Skateboarding Day. Hell of a coincidence, huh? Until you stop to think about how there are no coincidences. I do not see coincidence, I see providence. I see purpose. I believe it is our fate to be here. It is our destiny.

Of course, you won’t want to actually go skating there on Go Skateboarding Day, as the crowds will resemble a swarm from a zombie outbreak inside the Staples Center during the summer 2025 X Games. But on some random summer day, before all the grime and infectious disease settles back into the dark corners of the park, it should be a downright lovely place to spend a few hours sweating it out. Plus, if you’re a crusty, old transition guy, you might be in luck considering most skateboarders under 20-years-old don’t know how to skate a quarter pipe.

les park1 You have to see it for yourself

les park2 You have to see it for yourself

[Skate park photos via Homage Brooklyn]

All that new concrete and transition is looking mighty fine. Now all we can do is hope they took care of that god-awful smell while they were at it.


Get rich or die trying

Gimme all your money, all your drugs and kisses too.

skull dollar sign eyes Get rich or die trying

That’s how that ZZ Top song goes, right? No? Well… it should.


Red in the face

‘Bout to take these new HUF joints for a trial run. Only I won’t be running in them, I’ll be skating. Duh.

huf southern Red in the face

The white eyelets are a pretty nice touch. And am I alone in liking ollie patches for whatever reason? Sure, they usually rip off, but what in this game of skateboarding do we not destroy?

It’s been about 2 weeks since I’ve gone skateboarding, a fact I am not only ashamed to admit, but will surely pay for in a certain bodily fluid that matches my new shoes. Sometimes, breaking in new shoes hinges on them not breaking you first. Plus, this is the first non-Vans shoe I’ve skated in… uh, ever, actually. So it should be an interesting, and potentially painful, experiment. Which is kind of skateboarding in a nutshell, I guess.


This is the best song ever

Better than “Stairway to Heaven”, better than “Imagine”, yes, even better than “Since U Been Gone”… it’s the theme song from the X-Men animated series, obviously. What else could it even be after ruling out those other ones, anyway?

I was going to apologize for not posting anything of real substance today, but then it occurred to me that the X-Men theme song is quite possibly the most substantial piece of music ever recorded. This minute of animated footage has come to represent the happiest I have ever felt for any sustained period of time. The palpable joy bombarding out of the screen with every brightly colored pixel has only increased with the years. So sit back, watch, and absorb. I’ll be back with some arts and farts and crafts tomorrow, since today I was too busy creating to be creative. More on that later, but I’ll say this much: start saving your paper route money for July 4th, because Dedleg’s going to be celebrating America’s birthday in style…

dedleg baseball t teaser This is the best song ever