The skate park sleeps alone tonight

The content around this shadowy corner of the Blogodrome is leaning extremely skate-heavy this week, so you have my apologies if you happen to be a nerd and aren’t interested in skateboarding. I think my propensity for posting skate-related content has an exact, inverse relationship with how often I actually get to go skating. Ahh, vicarious-living… it’s what the Internet is for!

owls head staff booth The skate park sleeps alone tonight

Since I had the afternoon off yesterday, I was planning on making the journey out to the new Far Rockaway park, since it looks like heaven. Appropriately, it’ll take you so long to get there by train there’s a good chance you’ll actually die en route, so it kind of makes sense. Unfortunately, darkness now falls around 11:45 am, ever since we turned the clocks back to the benefit of that small minority of the population that still grows their food in fields, as opposed to just finding it placed neatly within a box marked “10 Piece Chicken McNuggets” like normal people. So, with only a couple hours of daylight left, I decided wasting them trapped in New York’s black, cavernous nexus of subway tunnels was perhaps not my best course of action. Temperatures were in the 60s, and there isn’t going to be too much of that weather left in this calendar year, so instead I chose an alternate route.

Back before New York’s recent infestation of quality, concrete skate prisons, I used to occasionally mull over the idea of checking out the rough-around-the-edges bowl complex in Bay Ridge’s Owl’s Head park. However, as I was living in the Bronx at the time, the companion idea of having to spend hours trapped in New York’s black, cavernous nexus of subway tunnels always stopped me. But now, its relatively convenient location necessitated a trip. Lucky for me, the park was closed when I got there.

owls head skate park The skate park sleeps alone tonight

The skate park appears to be closed for the winter — I guess this must occur in tandem with the ceremonious shutting off of every water fountain in the city. The local gang of scooter kids didn’t have much information on the subject, though they were clear on one thing: the cops make a point to regularly patrol the area to make sure there aren’t any delinquents actually attempting to skate in the skate park. Great.

light through window fire coming out of chimney The skate park sleeps alone tonight

Unrelated, but for anybody wondering, yes, that is fire in the photo on the right. It was coming out of a large chimney in the Owl’s Head Water Pollution Control facility, which I have to assume is normal… like an eternal flame burning in memoriam of all the shit - and I mean literal, human shit - getting pulled out of the New York Harbor each day.

In any case, does this shit make sense to anybody else? The bowl-riding/potentially suicidal skater sect in New York is handily screwed between both Owl’s Head and Pier 60 getting locked up for the entire winter, which in this city, apparently starts on November 1st. The whole thing is doubly infuriating when the basketball court and playground down the path from the skate park are both open. In light of that fact, the “Closed” sign hanging around the skate park gate reads a whole lot more like “ATTN Skateboarders: Go fuck yourselves.”

What’s the point of spending money on a facility where you can cage in troublemaking skateboarders if you’re not even going to take advantage of it? You don’t need to wait to throw us in real jail for trespassing, guys. There’s a jail already built and we’re more than happy to go inside, if only you’d open the gate.

Needless to say, I hopped the fence and had a great time.


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  1. James  ¦  8.12 PM  ¦  11.21.2011

    Pier 62 is not part of NYC Parks and Rec, and therefore does not close for the season. It stays open all year, unless it snows. Good news!

  2. dedleg  ¦  11.04 PM  ¦  11.21.2011

    Thanks for the tip! I thought I read somewhere (now I can’t find the link) that it did, but it’s good to know it’ll still be an option this winter.

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