Time's fun when you're having flies

Now, I know it seems like all I care about around here is blunts, beer and bitches (in that order), but regular readers can attest to the fact that I also have a sensitive side that likes nature, appreciates quiet time alone, and yes, occasionally forgets to wear deodorant. I’m definitely not a hippie, but I’m not a totally vapid hipster either. I’m… hippsterie. Somehow that sounds worse than just “hipster”… weird.

willis tower lily pond Times fun when youre having flies

Anyway, Chicago has a pretty awesome and serene lily pond in Lincoln Park, and it’s rare that you see something with both those qualities attached, so I’d advise you and all your hippsterie friends to check it out if you’re in the area.

alfred caldwell lily pool Times fun when youre having flies

waterfall lily pond Times fun when youre having flies

I’m not sure what kind of desolate swampland it looks like at this time of year, but when I took these pictures back in September it was like slipping into my very own secret garden, just without any creepy little boys in wheelchairs, so that’s obviously fucking fantastic.

gazebo overhang lily pond Times fun when youre having flies

beer can gazebo lily pond Times fun when youre having flies

If you can temporarily separate from your inner tough guy, or if your tough guy happens to enjoy walks through the woods, it’s a really great way to escape the city. Occasionally, there are obnoxious children running around screaming loud enough to scare the lily pads away, but that’s nothing a subtle kick into the pond when the parents are busy with their iPhones can’t solve. Well, not really… the screaming will almost definitely continue, but it might make you feel better about it, at the very least.

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