Orange Crush

A pretty random grouping of photos today — but that’s WACKY WEDNESDAY for you. The photos of the lilies are all obviously related, but the 12-pack from left field just kind of fit the color scheme going on, so what the hell. Flowers like a cold beer every now and then, too.

Actually, that’s not true at all, and I must strongly recommend that you not feed your plants alcohol. They don’t know how to handle their liquor, and it just never ends well.

lily blossom closeup style stigma Orange Crush

NSFW due to flower naughty parts.

san lucas 12 pack Orange Crush

flower petals on floor Orange Crush

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  1. Joanne  ¦  9.20 AM  ¦  08.25.2010

    NSFW due to flower naughty parts.


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