In protest of that bill or whatever that they passed in Arizona, the only liquid I’m allowing into my body is Corona, and my diet has otherwise subsisted almost exclusively of canned refried beans and José Olé’s mini-tacos. My guts feel… mad. But I’m doing what I can.

lime in corona bottle Weekender

sunset skyline chain crack door Weekender

Things take a turn for the gross here.

pee bubbles urinal Weekender

cigarettes in gutter Weekender

I found this… graveyard of cigarette butts and vegetables? and trash and street slime outside one of Chicago’s many fine, flatscreen-wallpapered drinking establishments. I may barf just looking at it right now. Put this shit on the side of cigarette boxes, fuck those necrotic lungs, for real.

Edit: The longer I look at this, the more convinced I am that there’s a dead bird in there. Those damn cancer sticks truly show no mercy, my god.

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