Word of the Day

Remember when “random” was a grossly overused word in most 18-year-old girls’ already limited vocabularies? Granted, it still might be… I just don’t happen to know any 18 year-old-girls anymore. I know… what a drag. But, like a fine wine, women just keep getting better with age. I mean, how could you pass this up?

grandma cookies Word of the Day

Yeah, let’s not get too close to the screen, now. As I was saying — “random” may or may not be a popular word in the average college girl’s vernacular, but either way, today it is a perfect way to describe the following photos. They are hardly related. And you know what? I hardly care.

sunset windows Word of the Day

These two actually aren’t that random. It’s the same sunset, shot through different windows. Although the first one is, in fact, the same sunset shot through the window’s reflection in a mirror covered by creepy fake spiderwebs. I think I’m going to call that technique “death meta.”

And for any of you fucking math-metal nerds out there who are thinking about stealing that for your band’s name… don’t. I’m already using it for the name of my philosophy book club. We meet every Thursday at 7, in the church basement. I hope you’ll join us in our quest to clarify the notions by which people understand the world.

cigarette on ice Word of the Day

Jabba The Hutt’s last cigarette, I’m guessing.

eye poked out Word of the Day

Can’t blame the kid for screaming. Just look at how close his face is to America’s most fertile liver spot farm. I’d gouge my eye out too. So yeah… I take everything back — old people are foul.

…Come to think of it… you can’t catch liver spots from eating cookies can you?

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