January 2010


If something goes wrong, we are the cause

upright citizens brigade If something goes wrong, we are the cause

If anyone knows where one could find a shirt just like that, I sure hope they’d do the right thing and tell me.


Sweep, sweep fantasy, baby

Nike just posted up the second part of their “Don’t Fear The Sweeper” tour video. And just like the first edition, the video is full of the kind of high production value only billions of dollars made by little fingers in sweatshops all across the Asian continent can provide.

Uh… so that might not have been the best lead in for a Nike SB tour video, but I prefer my little disenfranchised fingers stitching up a pair of Vans, anyway.

In this episode we find our heroes shredding the landscapes of Chicago, New York, Connecticut and Virginia. Highlights? Koston dazzling his teammates and exhausting his filmer with 19 tricks in just under 2 and a half minutes. Brad Staba… just in general. And there’s even some footage from my beloved stomping grounds, Wilson Skate Park, although it’s barely recognizable considering children are standing all over all of the best shit there.

The massive nose blunt stall at the end is worth the price of admission alone. And considering the price is free except for 7 minutes of your time, and you were probably just going to use that time to write something pointless on Twitter anyway, the right choice should be pretty fucking obvious here.


Electrical Connections

Since acquiring turntable mastermind RJD2’s newest album, The Colossus, last week, I’ve been trying to decide what I even really think about it. All things considered, it’s a decent album… but it isn’t really what I wanted from him. Naturally, the instrumental tracks are by far the strongest. And while RJ has mixed in more live instrumentation, and even did his own drumming on some songs, the album occasionally sounds less experimental than his earlier material, with some songs that resemble adult-alternative way too much to be cool.

rjd2 Electrical Connections

RJD2 - photo via last.fm

RJ would do well to play his strengths here — proof of which comes in the second half of the album, which is a good deal more exciting than the first due to a greater number of layered sampling compositions. Unfortunately, it seems like he wishes he was a singer-songwriter, when the reality is, he’s already a really great DJ and producer. Granted, as an artist and proprietor of his own record label he has carte blanche to experiment with weak lyrics and lite R&B. Nonetheless, nothing on The Colossus quite measures up to the intensity and drive of songs like “The Horror” from his debut, regardless of genre.

While his new album is an enjoyable listening experience, it too easily fades into the background. That’s fine if you’re listening to music while working on something that demands your attention, but what about when you want some music that demands your attention? Well… maybe pick a track off Deadringer instead.

So, on that note, I thought I’d share one of the stronger tracks from The Colossus alongside a couple of steamy cuts from the days of yore — a freshly served three-course weekend warm-up. And as for RJD2’s third album, The Third Hand, well, how about we never speak of that again… just like the time my dad found drug paraphernalia in my dorm room.

The Colossus:

RJD2 - Small Plans

Since We Last Spoke:

RJD2 - Since We Last Spoke


RJD2 - Cut Out To FL

Sorry dude. Uh… remember to buy those songs on iTunes after you download them for free here, otherwise it’s illegal!


Like a phoenix from the ashes

This is the perfect brand of afternoon delight for any of you who spent far too many nights in college with your eyes glued to the iTunes visualizer while all your friends decided to drink Natty Lites and watch Pirates of the Caribbean for the 80th fucking time.

The short video by Memo Akten was created using left-over footage from a visual performance accompanying the Rambert Dance Company at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London. Although the film uses footage of the dancers, at first the image of a human form is barely recognizable — nonetheless, there are enough hints to keep your eyes scanning the smokey forms for something familiar until a body is plainly identifiable. But just as soon as it appears, it morphs into smoke again and your eyes and brain start their search once more.

So, um, in short… you should probably smoke some weed if ya gots some.


Excruciating, foreign, it was a new sensation

mourning breath Excruciating, foreign, it was a new sensation

Didn’t intend the text in that drawing to mean that it stinks, but that’s a matter of opinion anyway. Morning breath really does stink though, that’s just reality. And nobody says it better than Del, something of an expert on the matter:

This fool’s breath, I mean so bad it’ll melt your ice cream / They say don’t say nothing if you can’t say nice things / Sittin too close to him it burned, like my eyes sting / I try to be subtle, hand him a stick of gum / I was a victim of breath on him / Running his yap about what set he from / Gotta get some gum gotta get him some

Del The Funky Homosapien - If You Must

If a song was on the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 soundtrack, it should officially become the collective property of all mankind, as that game was a gift to us — it fell from heaven. So now it is yours, even though, I guess by my logic, it already was. Whatever.


Jump (For My Love)

mike carroll jump ramp Jump (For My Love)

Fourstar’s got the right idea with this month’s ad. Jump ramps, dogg. Let’s bring them bitches back.

Also, who’s skull do I gotta crack to get some monies for this primo ad space?


It's clean, real clean. Like my conscience.

robert deniro taxi license Its clean, real clean. Like my conscience.

We need more cabbies out there like Travis Bickle.

“I go all over. I take people to the Bronx, Brooklyn, I take ‘em to Harlem. I don’t care. Don’t make no difference to me. It does to some.”

He takes people to Brooklyn, he breaks up child prostitution rings. I mean, come on, the dude’s a real upright fucking citizen.

I wonder how he would have felt about putting a credit card reader in his cab, though.

Some interesting factoids via IMDb’s Taxi Driver entry:

Robert De Niro worked twelve hour days for a month driving cabs as preparation for this role. He also studied mental illness.

Various studios considered producing this film; one suggested Neil Diamond for the lead role. icon eek Its clean, real clean. Like my conscience.

In the coffee and pie scene, Travis orders apple pie with melted cheese. When serial killer Ed Gein was arrested, he asked the police for a slice of apple pie with melted cheese in exchange for a full confession.

While it may be true that the scene where Robert De Niro stands before the mirror and asks his reflection, “You talkin’ to me? Well, I don’t see anyone else here” was improvised, the exchange is a quotation from Shane (1953) where Alan Ladd and Ben Johnson square up to one another just before their barroom brawl.

Premiere voted this movie as one of “The 25 Most Dangerous Movies”.

One of the 25 most dangerous movies? That’s better than any Academy Award as far as I’m concerned.


Fun Size Psychedelics

hawaiian baby woodrose seeds Fun Size Psychedelics

Like any proper thrill ride, some nausea is to be expected.


Paper Trail

thrasher magazine Paper Trail

I believe this Thrasher cover dates back to February of 1988, which would make it almost 22 years old to the day. Something about that span of time seems remarkable. Perhaps it’s because Thrasher is still as relevant as it was two decades ago, despite all the changes skateboarding has undergone in that same amount of time. Its Skater of the Year honor is still the most highly coveted and revered of all the various awards handed out by skateboarding magazines. And even though it’s not my favorite skate publication anymore, Thrasher is far more integral to the culture of skateboarding than any of the others.

Which is probably why it’s still just as relevant as it was when its first issue hit news stands in 1981. As long as skating is still around, Thrasher will be as well, in some form or another… even if it’s just a crusty old dude at the park with a yellowing “Skate and Destroy” t-shirt on. In fact, that alone would be a perfect legacy.

Another? This video part. Dan Drehobl in Go For Broke, the stuff of legends.



paisley from the gravesley small Patternity

Click here for a larger version if you’re into that.

Between smoking too much and discovering the fantasy life that is Super Mario Galaxy, I don’t know how I find time for masterworks of doodling like this, honestly.

It’s like they say — rest when you’re dead… and whenever else you’re doing something that’s not resting or barely working.


Falling behind

The city of Chicago seems pretty dedicated to keeping me from skateboarding at all this winter considering I just sprained my “good” knee during a short-lived pool session, but thankfully Stereo just put out this montage of Cesar Fernandez’s “throwaway footage” in various sunny, mouth-watering locales.

Maybe it’s the buttery style, maybe it’s the soothing soundtrack, maybe it’s just the fact that I haven’t been skating nearly enough lately, but god damn it, that video’s got me scratching myself all over like I’m fiending for a rock. This “winter” thing that’s going on right now is definitely not what’s up, and you can be sure I won’t become a fan of it on Facebook anytime soon.

Speaking of Stereo though, they recently released this cool series of boards designed by Bigfoot (the artist, not the elusive missing link):

stereo bigfoot Falling behind

They should be available at your local shop at this very moment. And Bigfoot always reminds me of the frozen North, so they’re seasonally appropriate. Consider picking one up if you’re open to new shapes and can actually find a dry patch of asphalt to use it on.