October 2009


Creature Feature

skateboard monster Creature Feature

Be thankful every time you step on your skateboard and feel the thick city air rushing past your face. Seriously.

Also, try not to throw it around so much when you get frustrated. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not actually the board’s fault you suck. I promise.

Well anyway, if you end up trying that, let me know how it goes because I’d like to give it a shot if it works.


A good painter is going to paint, regardless

For a long time the fuel was like, skateboarding was like a puzzle to me. And it was a puzzle that didn’t go together in one way — it had so many different ways you could put it together, and it all came out perfect.

Here’s some throwback footage — Bobby Puleo’s part in Mad Circle’s 5 Flavors. Maybe it’s a bit dated by today’s standards considering this shit’s a decade old now, but it all still looks great due to Puleo’s timeless style. The type of skating that makes you want to go skating.

His Static 2 part is also a must see if you’re into ageless skateboarding. And if you’re not yet, why don’t you go watch some and then get back to me, ya heard?

Always an interesting character… it’s a shame we don’t see too much of him these days in the skateboarding media. Although he does have an interesting little website/side project going on, Victim. He stays sort of immortal in my mind — I envision him out there, somewhere, popping huge ollies over weird street gaps, rearranging those puzzle pieces.


What kind of chillins is that?

buildings pigeons What kind of chillins is that?

This water’s looking fucking cold these days… not that it’s ever that warm.


Top of the line

Despite the fact that Chicago sucks in almost every way possible, particularly in light of the CTA about to raise the price of a train ride from $2.25 to $3.00 while simultaneously cutting back on service (um, I’m sorry, what?), one of my favorite parts about the city is that the trains are elevated most of the time. Looking out the windows offers up a more entertaining distraction than in New York’s subway system, where trying to catch a glimpse of a mole man amid the darkness is about as good as it gets.

Of course, some of the trains in the outer boroughs are elevated — riding over the Manhattan bridge into Brooklyn while the sun is setting over the skyline obviously isn’t a bad way to end a long day of work in the city — but New York is also (kind of) known for another elevated train… The High Line.

highline1 Top of the line

The High Line was originally a freight railroad used to service the Meat Packing District in order to cut down on street congestion. But it was decommissioned in 1980 and left to rot, largely forgotten by residents even as they walked underneath it, heading to the Chelsea fart galleries. Meanwhile, a living, breathing work of art was unfolding every day above them. Literal forests grew in between the long unused train tracks — it was a wilderness paradise for urban explorers and graffiti artists, a garden sanctuary for derelicts of all kinds, hidden in plain sight three stories above the bustling lower West Side.

highline2 Top of the line

It wasn’t until the early 2000s that The High Line started gaining attention again as plans were underway to convert the 1.5 miles of elevated track into the first raised park on the East Coast. The first completed section just opened this summer, and admittedly, it looks pretty fucking awesome. Nonetheless… I managed to sneak in there to take some parting shots the weekend before the official groundbreaking, way back in April 2006. A whole gang of photos await you beyond the jump. Read More


Creativity the likes of which you've never seen

Fact: when you’re immature, the world’s just a funnier place.


It's hammer time

jim greco the skateboard mag Its hammer time

Jim Greco is certainly something of a weirdo… it wasn’t just the drugs, but the thing is — the best skateboarders are the weirdest ones. I mean, Daewon is an alien, for one thing, so you don’t get much weirder than that.

Here’s Jimmy Thunders or whatever he’s calling himself these days landing his 9th cover for The Skateboard Mag with a gigantor backside 360. And really, doing shit like that… the dude can call himself whatever he wants. Shit, he can call me whatever he wants.

What I want to know is, who edited that photo? The trees look like they’re fucking eradiated, dude. Jimmy’s going to be one of the walking dead!


Ya'll gon' make me lose my mind

The problem with “Thirsty Thursday” is that it’s too often the precursor to “Fucking Nauseous Friday”.

stomach fool Yall gon make me lose my mind

Hm. Two gastrointestinal related drawings this week. Gross.



raccoon waves Sundowner

Darkness falls! (With a touch of the surreal)

If I had a metal band… that would totally be one of our songs.

I really shouldn’t edit photos when I’m stoned, all that ever happens is I come up with horrible posts like this one and eat too many Animal Crackers.


Five hundred and fifty-five syllables to go

As I fall farther down the Blackalicious hole, I’m increasingly aware of how little I want to ever climb back out. I realize that’s an opening sentence that can be taken all kinds of wrong ways, but if it wasn’t for little phrases like “blackalicious hole” my Google ranking would just be shot to hell.

The duo’s 2002 sophomore album, Blazing Arrow, is nothing less than incredible. It’s hard to quite compare it to their debut since both works are surprising, spell-binding, and utterly complete. And despite how fucking good Nia was, through the immense talents of emcee Gift of Gab and producer Chief Xcel, Blazing Arrow actually improves on it.

blackalicious1 Five hundred and fifty five syllables to go

The album is bursting with highlight tracks, but I think I’m most impressed with “Release”, a sprawling nine-minute monster featuring not only impressive guest spots by Saul Williams and Lyrics Born, but also an appearance by Rage Against The Machine’s Zach De La Rocha for fuck’s sake! It’s a mindblowing track. There’s a whole lot of innovation and creativity in underground hip hop, but this song stands apart — easily one of the most deftly-handled conceptual undertakings in the genre I’ve ever heard.

Blackalicious - Release

Go ahead, press play… just be prepared to completely fail to grasp it in just one listen. There’s nothing wrong with feeling a little inadequate sometimes.


This Bud's not for you

Quite literally the definition of “tipsy”:

Maybe sit the next few plays out, slugger. Although the problem with sitting is it’s just so hard to get back up. That pony tail must have been what was weighing him down so badly… well, either that or the ketamine.

But no, seriously… dried-up, flattened gum doesn’t take this long to get off the floor.


Sox to be you

twilight truck1 Sox to be you

twilight truck2 Sox to be you

Didn’t expect to find a bulldozer on the beach, that’s fo sho. Also, fuck the Sox. Actually, I take that back. I don’t care.