September 2009


Basement Crack

This might be turning me into a gay European, but I’ve had Basement Jaxx’s new album, Scars on heavy rotation since I acquired it through extralegal means on Monday. It’s filled with gorgeous soundscapes, as it sweeps across all genres, and completely disregards any semblance of continuity outside of the psychedelic production freakshow that ties each track together. The likelihood of anybody finding something to bob their head to here is pretty high. And, obviously, that likelihood gets even higher if you are, har har.

basement jaxx Basement Crack

Basement Jaxx - Scars

There’s a special place in music heaven where albums with fantastic intro tracks get their wings. And Scars opens up perfectly with a darkly futuristic, intricate and weaving banger featuring Kelis and her milkshake-lubricated vocals. Check it out now so you know what you’re hearing the next time you’re throwing up in a Lower East Side dungeon’s bathroom.


The Masked Menace

Despite my busy career as a freelance magician/soldier of fortune, sometimes I draw. Like, just for fun.

smiling mask The Masked Menace

And a magician (I did mention I was a magician, right?) shouldn’t reveal his secrets, but…

smiling mask photo The Masked Menace

This weird, ancient drain stopper in my crusty bathtub might not actually work, but it was good for something anyway.


Bulldozers in the meadow

Just read some fairly devastating news on Ray of Mighty Healthy’s blog — Flushing Meadows park in Queens is officially joining the ever-growing ranks of dead skate spots in the sky. Construction began this past Sunday. The park is being “remodeled,” which tends to involve “making it completely unskateable.”

flushing meadows1 Bulldozers in the meadow

You might recognize Flushing Meadows from countless video parts, the 1964 World’s Fair, the Licensed to Ill album packaging, or perhaps from the seminal science fiction film Men In Black. That’s right — it also happens to be the location of New York’s largest collection of decomposing UFOs.

These are shots from a couple years ago when I was at the park and may or may not have snuck into the New York State Pavilion.

flushing meadows2 Bulldozers in the meadow

So that’s that — yet another legendary spot turned to ruins. This must be what old people feel like when all their friends start dying. Sorry geezers of the world — I feel for you!


Nectar of the gods

beer fridge Nectar of the gods

It might only be Tuesday, but you gotta keep a well-stocked fridge, nah’mean.


Command and Conquer

Any respectable skateboarder with a healthy addiction to the Internet has probably already seen this, but because this clip is pretty much required viewing for anyone who’s ever set foot on griptape Ima plug it anyway.

You’ve got to hand it to The Berrics for basically revolutionizing the way skateboarding is presented on the Internets. Ever notice how every fucking skateboarding website has started posting tons more video content within the last year? You can thank The Berrics for that.

Billy Marks’ Battle Commander segment is probably the best one yet. It’s got the perfect mix of originality, trick selection, and technical ability that could only be achieved through some kind of black magic. The skill level in skateboarding is getting downright perverse. It’s enough to make a guy want to pick up a Razor scooter.


On the grind

heath kirchart alien workshop1 On the grind

Heath Kirchart with a ginormous 50/50 - via Chrome Ball

Grinding is inherently satisfying — I’m not sure what it is, but deep down, it just feels so good. Ask a high school dance about it sometime.

Which reminds me of this ill track off the Diplo and Benzi powered Paper Route Gangstaz’ Fear and Loathing in Hunts Vegas. It features a reworked hook from “Say It Ain’t So,” which is my — and anybody’s with any sense — favorite Weezer song. So obviously it was going to be awesome from the start.

Paper Route Gangstaz - Grind Baby

The album also has this truly incredible album art going for it. If you’re not high yet, I honestly don’t know what you’re waiting for.

prgz fear and loathing in hunts vegas On the grind


A pulpy, tentacled head

For anyone wondering what the deal is with the squid-looking cat popping up around here, and for anyone who isn’t wondering, you’re gonna hear it anyway —

Dreadleg is our fearsome albeit “sedated” mascot, inspired by that age old epitome of horror and evil, Great Cthulhu, spawn of the stars.

cthulhu A pulpy, tentacled head

I mean DAYUM. Check that mother fucker out! He could mop the floor with Godzilla, King Kong and The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man — at the same time — with like half of his 10 billion tentacles tied behind his back.

Now, in case that wasn’t quite fact-based enough for you guys, according to Wikipedia’s tireless scholars…

Cthulhu is a fictional cosmic entity created by horror author H. P. Lovecraft in 1926, first appearing in the short story “The Call of Cthulhu” when it was published in Weird Tales in 1928.

It is often cited for the extreme descriptions given of its hideous appearance, its gargantuan size, and the abject terror that it evokes.

Basically… dude doesn’t fuck around. It’s a shame, he was such a cute baby too.

baby cthulhu A pulpy, tentacled head


Opening Credits

If dedleg was a quick-witted action-comedy with cool editing and a bitchin’ soundtrack, this would be the totally sweet intro track that would later be preyed upon by several lame car commercials.

handsome boy modeling school Opening Credits

Handsome Boy Modeling School - Rock n’ Roll (Could Never Hip Hop Like This)


Previous Attractions

In case you missed them, here’s a look at the splash images I made to bide my time while I was still mixing the indecent potions that would eventually fuel dedleg’s insatiable thirst.

youre ded splash Previous Attractions

dreadleg splash Previous Attractions

And for everybody out there rooting for me, I’d like to announce that I’ve officially dropped my indecent potion habit. I’ve always been more of a beer guy anyway. Blue Moon is almost like orange juice, so it works nicely for those times you have to take your breakfast with you on the drive to work.


Ded or Alive

What is dedleg?

I had written a bunch of shit down to answer this question, but upon further reflection (i.e. smoked marijuana) realized it sounded…

pretentious Ded or Alive

So, for now, let’s just call it an unsolved mystery.