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Never touch his beans, never touch his food

It’s not hard to be a fan of Kool Keith if you stop trying to understand what he’s talking about and just enjoy the madness for what it really is: complete and utterly incomprehensible madness. The video for his new song, “Bushman”, off Yeti Beat’s This Is Not A Hotel, dropped last week, and like the rare Pokemon Kool Keith is, it evaded me until just now. While I’m not convinced the track is going to be tearing up the club scene any time soon, the video is pretty fucking amusing. It could best be described as Rick James meets Cobra Commander, but even that is a miserably inadequate comparison.

In this age of multi-million-dollar music video budgets, it’s nice to see we’re still capable of topping ourselves with a flip cam and Windows Movie Maker.

For more proof that almost everything that comes out of Kool Keith’s mouth is hilarious, check out this interview with him from a couple years ago about his refrigerator and why he started drinking seltzer water exclusively, amongst other things.

I’ve really learned seltzer water keeps people away. It’s a twist… like, “wow, I really don’t like it myself, but I like it, because people don’t like it.” Like, you have to do it that way.

Now that’s the kind of attitude I can get behind. Funny, yes, but whether or not everything the rapper/modern day prophet says is actually cool on the other hand, well, that really all depends on how you define “cool” in the first place.

Anyway, one thing’s for certain. I have a pretty clear contender for my 2011 Halloween costume. This October… Dedleg Jones is… The Bushman.