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Night moves

Much like my city of residence, the Internet never sleeps. It just gets really, really boring sometimes. Unlike my city of residence, on the Internet, those times generally occur after the close of business on weekday evenings. When people aren’t at work they really don’t have much of a reason to procrastinate, which is the Internet’s primary reason for existence, and so, they probably aren’t on the computer and are off living their lives (unless they’re, like, a total nerd). I have no idea how people used to get through an eight-hour day at the desk before the dawn of the Internet… I mean, I guess they just did their jobs (???). Weird.

In any case, I care about the Internet, because without it, I have no idea how I’d get through an eight-hour day at the desk. And because I care about keeping the Internet as interesting as possible, I’m disregarding every blogging best practice I’ve ever learned and updating at one in the morning. Indeed, I will light up the night with sunset photography, because otherwise, the sun would never set on the Internet. I mean, aside from Tumblr and Instagram and Facebook and pretty much every other self-indulgent mode of expression encased within these three w’s that loves sunset photography, which, I guess, is practically the entire Internet anyway, come to think of it… but, uh, whatever. On with the flicks for fuck’s sake. If nothing else, they’ve got to be at least more interesting than a bunch of dumb words.

clouds with orange glow Night moves

glow from behind curtains Night moves

colorful sunset dark clouds Night moves

orange light against wall Night moves

Quick tip: when posting routine, dime-a-dozen sunset photos, include periphery shots to provide context, keep things visually interesting, and add to the ambiance. When it comes to sunsets, ambiance is everything… actually, particulate matter in the atmosphere is everything, but that sounds less attractive. When scouting for periphery shots, ask yourself the following questions: How was the lighting in your one-bedroom apartment? How did the soft, golden glow emanating from your curtains fill the room? How high were you? Ultimately, it’s that last one that matters most, but they all play an important role.


Lightning doesn't strike twice

Figured I should, like, update or something. Isn’t that what blogs do?

Well, the afternoon ended up being a wash thanks to Brooklyn’s current obsession with pouring rain every other day. First it was the fixed gear bikes, and now this! I guess that’s the way this whole “end times” thing is going to go… plenty of crap weather to go around. For example, here are a few photos of crap weather from a few days ago. Just imagine they were taken today, because it’s pretty much doing the same shit out there right now.

rain outside window Lightning doesnt strike twice

The years have taught me that strange rumblings from the sky bring many a photo op. Plus, it’s not like there’s much else to do during a thunderstorm than stare out the window anyway.

rain spattered window screen Lightning doesnt strike twice

I don’t know if it’s a gift or a curse, but every time a see a photo of lightning I get “Master of Puppets” stuck in my head. I’ll admit it, it’s weird. Sure, “Ride the Lightning” would make a lot more sense… Hell, “Master of Puppets” isn’t even on the album Ride the Lightning. It’s a completely senseless mental association. But I guess that’s heavy metal for you. Why make sense when you can rock?

lightning bolt above apartment building Lightning doesnt strike twice

Talk about your all-time happy accidents. I didn’t think I actually caught this lightning bolt when I took the shot, especially considering I was wielding my lowly point and shoot. Just proof of the old theory that if you take enough photos of the same thing, eventually you’ll get something worthwhile, I guess.

Sorry to all of you who can’t go skateboarding today, but hey, that’s why beer was invented!


Window Gazing

Been doing my fair share of travel within the tristate area this summer, so here are a few from a recent trip up to Boston. To clarify, there aren’t any actual photos of Boston, just pictures of clouds I took out of the bus window, mostly. Come on, you should be used to this by now.

hartford ct Window Gazing

Hartford, Connecticut, I think. I was born there and I don’t even really know what it looks like. Says a lot about the place. Which is to say there’s not much to say about the place.

powerlines and sunset Window Gazing

contrails Window Gazing

Chemtrails, or contrails? We may never know.

lots of power lines Window Gazing

Needless to say, between the potential presence of chemtrails and the overwhelming presence of huge fucking power lines, the brain cancer alert system was all the way up to “oh most definitely.”

sunset from bus window Window Gazing

This one’s blurry, but fuck it, I took it out of a moving bus window — cut me some slack, jack.


On the road again

Figured it was about time I put up some actual content, even just so you guys know the “Ded” part of “Dedleg” isn’t more than just a cute name. Fret not, my devoted dedlings, for I am very much alive. I just might not feel like it all that much these days, but that’s about to change quite quickly…

For now, however, here are a few photos from my recent sojourn up to Lake George, where I spent a much-needed few days being reminded that crazy people in the city don’t have shit on crazy people in the country, drinking lukewarm beer with Bigfoot in the great outdoors, and sunburning my back until its parched skin’s texture was not entirely unlike dried fruit. None of these photos will be quite as interesting as the events described above, but I guess that’s just more proof of why recording memories will never truly live up to actually living through them in the first place.

sunset over highway toll On the road again

Another needless experiment in my ongoing “Taking pictures out of moving vehicles is hard” series.

neon motel sign On the road again

We arrived under the cover of darkness, the blackest of shadows creeping behind us in our wake. Just how I like it. And let me tell you, “darkness” takes on new, darker meaning 200 miles from the city. It really helps you appreciate the familiar, artificial glow of neon signage like never before.

view of lake from room On the road again

view of lake from bedroom window On the road again

I’ve woken up to worse views…

moth on wall On the road again

Like I said, I’ve woken up to worse views. Take this one for example. Ah, nature. No one does creepy quite as beautifully as you.

I’ll have a few more assorted flicks from my trip later this week, I presume. And within the next couple of weeks, you should see Dedleg gradually returning to its regularly scheduled programming, which has been irregular as fuck for the better part of a year now. I recently resigned from my position as a productive member of society, so this is my last week of “normal” work. Now I can return to my life’s work, which is, obviously, my devoted study of how long a single human man can stay intoxicated by the effects of smoked marijuana. It’s exhaustive work, but I’m doing it for the good of science, and that helps me get through the days. Well, that, and Combos. Preferably pizza flavor, but the nacho variety aren’t too bad either.


Holding on to what's golden


gozer close up Holding on to whats golden

What’d you cats get into this weekend?

light through curtains Holding on to whats golden

Personally, I’ve been spending too much of my summer from this side of the shades. Nonetheless, whoever invented good afternoon light was a very smart man / woman / divine progenitor (if you believe in fairytales, that is).

colorful brooklyn sunset Holding on to whats golden

But you know what I believe in? The direct descendent of good afternoon light, sunsets like this one. They’re the only greater power I need. This one paired quite nicely with a crisp summer ale and a vaporizer loaded with fresh greens.


In future eras, they'll call this photo "tumblresque"

S’not much, just flexin’ my creativity nuts.

the view In future eras, theyll call this photo tumblresque

The view, Thursday, February 9th, 1:08am.


Somebody's watching me

Here are a few assorted shots from around the NYC to start off the week. Can it still be considered “starting off the week,” if it’s Monday evening at 9:00pm? Well, for most of the population, probably not, but when you wake up as late as I did today, I think you get a pass. Plus, when you wake up as late as I did today, it’s pretty clear that you don’t really care about… well… anything. So, like, who cares what time it is? Not me.

Morrissey was an emo, so it makes sense that for him, every day was like Sunday. Me, on the other hand? I’m an overgrown adolescent guy who smokes too much pot, so every day might as well be Saturday, as far as I’m concerned. On with the photos.

construction site near battery park1 Somebodys watching me

Any given urban sprawl’s got to start — and restart — somewhere. New York, and Manhattan in particular, is constantly being redeveloped until it finishes its transformation into the world’s largest luxury shopping mall. Seriously can’t wait… as long as they manage to squeeze an Orange Julius in somewhere.

reflection of lights office highrise Somebodys watching me

Kind of a boring photo by conventional standards, but I’m a sucker for a good light show. The thing is, I was listening to Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon while I was staring at the reflection of this track lighting, and dude, that shit totally matched up.

cool cinderblock windows Somebodys watching me

mirror on pedestrian bridge Somebodys watching me

Halt! Who goes there!

BBU — Somebody’s Watchin’ Me

red white empire state building Somebodys watching me

The Empire State Building is getting psyched for Valentine’s Day, I guess. Maybe an intimate evening with the Freedom Tower is in the cards? If you ask me, a couple like that could really build something together icon rolleyes Somebodys watching me


Well they're not moon burns, goddamnit

Oftentimes I find myself sitting by the window, staring into the Brooklyn night through a haze of marijuana smoke. Before long, I find myself entranced by the shimmering city lights, taking photos that, come morning, never look quite as cool as I remembered. The same magic is gone, perhaps hidden in the daylight, or, more likely, simply fading along with the mildly hallucinogenic effects of my favorite herb, only to return the next night like the mythical village of Brigadoon… or something.

lights street view Well theyre not moon burns, goddamnit

reflection of apartment in kitchen window Well theyre not moon burns, goddamnit

The view out of my apartment last night was looking rather Close Encounters of The Third Kind, don’t you think? Anyway, I’ve got to get back to building my mud mountain in the living room, see ya.


The Sunset State

I think we can all agree it’s in our best interest to put Halloweekend’s freak-ass nor’easter behind us. Granted, this may be a difficult task for some of my readers in New England who are buried under some 12 to 20 inches of snow and are still without power or cellphone service, but I must ask you to try. Not necessarily even for your sake, but for my own, so that I may justify putting up more photos from my week in Florida, which seems fairly utopian given the weather of late. Worse still, they’re sunset photos from my week in Florida, and this time of year, the only way you’re seeing a sunset is if you get out of work around 4pm. So let’s chalk this little trip down the Boulevard of Redundancy up to a little vicarious living — absorb as much heat as you can, friends, ‘cuz shit ain’t gonna last.

st augustine sunset The Sunset State

sunset in rear view mirror The Sunset State

Pretty sure rear view mirrors were invented so you could check out a glorious sundown while you’re driving on the highway. And the best part is you never even have to take your eyes off the road! Hey, ain’t my fault they never specified which direction down the road they were talking about. And, uh, if they did… well… ain’t my fault I haven’t read the driver’s ed manual in a decade, neither.

florida sunset1 The Sunset State

florida sunset2 The Sunset State

There’s nothing particularly unique about those last two, especially when they’re sitting right on top of each other, but let’s be real. Given my predisposition — some “doctors” may have even called it an overwhelming compulsion — towards taking pictures of sunsets, a practice which has been quite well-documented on this blog, I think there is very little unique territory left to be covered when it comes to matters of the sun. So yeah, they are all the same… and yet they’re all different to me. It’s kind of like all those artsy photos of boobies and booties you normally find on “cool guy” blogs.

clouds in front of moon florida The Sunset State

If every rose has its thorn, then does every sun have its moon? Hey, don’t look at me, I don’t know the answer either. Ask Bret Michaels, damn.


Selective memory

Here’s a very random assortment of photos I came upon while going through the archives last night. It seems sometime around February 15th, I stopped working on my backlog of photos and jumped to more recent shots instead. So now, some months later, that backlog has developed into an even bigger backlog. And I figure I’d better start cleaning this shit out before 2011’s backlog runs into 2012’s. Say backlog one more time.

snow blowing in the wind Selective memory

Sort of a scary image, considering it was 48 degrees this morning. Shit’s coming.

anthrax tag Selective memory

Psh. Anthrax is sooo 2001. Everybody who’s anybody knows that H1N1 is what’s all the rage in biological terrorism today! Get your genetically engineered horror diseases straight, damn.

guard booth creepy window Selective memory

And if this post was a ecological preserve, this would be the part where creepy windows suddenly become a very invasive species.

tagged up building Selective memory

tagged window Selective memory

Told you.


Breezy like Sunday morning

Today, I woke up with a fairly grotesque white head emerging directly from the middle of my nose. Make no mistake, while hurricane Irene may have turned out to be the biggest disappointment since probably The Phantom Menace, nature is, decidedly, still a bitch.

Anyway, when it comes to natural disasters, “disappointing” is usually a good thing. Maybe that’s not how audiences leaving the theater on the opening day of Volcano felt, but there’s a big gap between fiction and reality, as, I think, the past 72 hours of local news coverage has illustrated quite extensively.

Of course, a responsible blogger would have photos to commemorate the nonevent… and I do. Trust me, it would have been perfectly snide. Unfortunately, my camera is currently existing within my girlfriend’s purse, a terrifying abyss I have learned well to never approach. So instead of a batch of photography that will only be relevant for, at best, the next 6 hours, I went with my remaining shots from Long Island’s wine country that I wrote about on Friday. At least it’s not completely irrelevant if you pay attention to the narrative I’m trying to string together here.

cool light fixture Breezy like Sunday morning

Oh, who am I kidding. Obviously, this is one of the biggest fumbles in blog history. I may never type again! So let’s stop trying to justify it and just accept the fact that Irene somehow still managed to become a veritable catastrophe.

tree through big window Breezy like Sunday morning

wine casks Breezy like Sunday morning

That’s a whole lot of wine.

overlooking vineyard Breezy like Sunday morning

And that’s a whole lot of wine to be.

pink flower close up Breezy like Sunday morning

At any rate, you can look forward to our redundant, self-gratifying hurricane round-up tomorrow. And yes, I am aware that “look forward to” could also just as easily mean “plan to avoid.”