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Kill joy, bad guy, big-talking small fry

A silly tribute to one of my favorite Queen songs, “Death on Two Legs” —

ded on two legs Kill joy, bad guy, big talking small fry

Of course, the image would seem rather dumb if you didn’t happen to know the song I’m talking about. But fear not! I’m a pretty all-inclusive kind of cat, so…

Queen — Death on Two Legs

While you bask in the glory that is Freddy Mercury’s angelic voice, I’ve just gotta say, I’m really psyched the weekend is upon us. I never thought these words would come out of my mouth — “happy [insert day of the week that isn’t Saturday or Sunday]” — under any circumstance, but… seriously everyone, happy Friday. No, you know what? Happy fucking Friday.


Motor mouth, motor head

Hundreds of logos and not a practical application in sight. That’s the name of the game here at Dedleg — names, that is. The name of the game is names, and it involves constantly coming up with new ways of presenting our own name, to be more specific. It’s insane, maybe, but it’s entertaining. To me, anyway, and I’m the one drawing the damn things.

Nonetheless, I really ought to find some t-shirts to put some of these stupid doodles on already, sheesh…

mechanical logo Motor mouth, motor head

Believe it or not, the lettering is all hand done. I’m pressed for time this week, so I momentarily considered cheating and using a font in Photoshop instead, but it would have tortured me to the end of my days. Just like a Jay-Z cartoon — all hand-drawn everything. So, with all the strength I could muster, I drew up the text, and it still looks just like a font anyway. There are worse things, I suppose. It’s not normal to say that something looks “too good,” but if hand-drawn text takes much more time to do than laying out text in Photoshop and ultimately the two versions aren’t particularly distinguishable, are you really good at drawing letters or are you just really good at wasting time?

Also, just a reminder: This evening, I’ll be showing a couple pieces at the Hudson Guild Gallery as part of their Freestyle/skateartnyc2011 show. It features a whole variety of art inspired by skateboarding, including decks, furniture, photography and even dinky little drawings like mine! It’s from 6 to 8pm at 441 W. 26th Street. Make it your beeswax to bee there.


X Marks the Spot

Last night, when I returned from my daily exercises in masochism (read: skateboarding), it seemed the inspiration had been drained from me along with the 20 or so gallons of sweat clinging to my t-shirt. I mustered the strength to undertake a couple little doodles before quickly deciding the only thing I could be remotely productive at was finishing a beer. This morning, I took to the drawing you see before you now, although I was delayed considerably by an unexpected tour of color scheme hell for several hours. The simple ones always sneak up on you.

dedleg diamond x X Marks the Spot

It’s kind of like an eye chart, only harder to read and less likely to say anything about your vision.


Fight problems with bigger problems

Just a quick update today, gang, since I’m pulling one of my famous weeks where I work myself into a desperate, exhausted craze for piles of money! Yes, I’m aware that in some circles this type of occupation is often referred to as, “prostitution.”

Jokes aside, I was working on a layout update and new official logo for Dedleg last night, seeing as Dedleg doesn’t even have an old official logo. For nearly two years I’ve been cranking out nothing but logos but I still don’t have my logo logo. Let’s stop using the word logo for a while since looking at it so much is starting to freak me out. In that case, perhaps it’s fortunate that my progress was derailed by a metric butt load of gainful employment. Nonetheless, here’s a preview, and I promise it will look at least 5% less shitty by the time I’m done with it.

dedleg logo sketch Fight problems with bigger problems

However, because I spent too much of my time in college working on various projects, be it academic, artistic or drug-ingestion-oriented, I developed a condition known as workaholism. Although it may seem paradoxical, workaholism is just as likely to destroy your life as its irresponsible weird uncle, alcoholism, only it’s less fun on the weekends and doesn’t tend to involve as much bed-wetting. Nonetheless, it is occasionally useful, like when it comes to being a slave to your own self-imposed deadlines. And I just hate to see my interweb diary go lonely for too long.

just cant get a break Fight problems with bigger problems

Okay, back to work. Er, back to work that isn’t The Work of The Ded, that is.


The ache of the real

Ah, Tuesday. What can I say about you that hasn’t already been said? Um… you’re not as good as Thursday? Let’s move on.

one day itll all make sense The ache of the real

This is the first drawing for Dedleg that I inked with a Sharpie — suffice to say, the experiment cannot be considered a “success.” Except, I guess, if destroying the integrity of my original line work was the goal of the experiment. Which it wasn’t.

Anyway, I hope you can excuse me for being such an emo today. It’s just shaping up to be one of those weeks. And I don’t mean the good kind. Basically, it’s going to come down to this: if I don’t get to go skateboarding tonight before it starts raining, I’m going to chop the legs off of every last dancing Native American I can find in the tri-state area. Sorry guys, it’s nothing personal. Kind of like how destroying your culture and stealing an entire continent from you was nothing personal, either. Of course, I’ll probably feel bad once somebody makes a movie starring Kevin Costner about it, but what can you do? icon wink The ache of the real


Dying days

Just a little something quick I pulled out of the margins of my sketchbook and proceeded to, you know, over-design into oblivion. I must be brief as I’ve got a massive, smoldering pile-up of work down the road this afternoon, and I wasted the entire morning playing handyman, which wasn’t so much fun as it was a good reminder of why I bothered with that college education.

swirl d Dying days

It wasn’t until I was 75% done with this little doodle that I realized it reminded me an awful lot of the Internet Explorer logo, which is pretty much the most unfortunate coincidence of all time. So blue became red and simple became very, very overworked. You see, now that Osama Bin Laden is dead, IE6 is quite obviously the largest and longest-standing threat to the American way of life on the entire planet. Really, I might as well have just drawn a page full of swastikas considering how offensive this already looks to anybody who’s ever languished in the hell that is commonly referred to as “browser testing.”

Anyway, nobody wants to read a whiny diary, or at least, they don’t unless you’re a stunningly attractive, teenaged girl hidden behind thick glasses, messy hair and out of date accessories, which I’m not. And I don’t particularly have anything else to say so… uh, bye?


The Devil's In The Details

A small sketch of what would eventually become this final illustration had been sitting in my notebook for months — I was purposely avoiding it, knowing it would be a time-consuming undertaking. Unfortunately, my schedule these days (and by that I mean my laziness these days) has been prohibiting me from doing more intricate or ambitious work. Yet, for some reason, I started working on it last night around 10:30 PM, knowing full well I had to have it finished by today, due to my irrationally strict adherence to my own self-imposed deadlines that nobody else is even aware of.

Indeed, it was a perilous quest, and much snarling and teeth-gnashing ensued. But I would not succumb to my own creation. No, in the end, the forces of evil prevailed and I managed to successfully beat the thing into submission.

hand of dedleg The Devils In The Details

At least, it looks like it was severely beaten. But don’t worry, no pixels were harmed during the making of this drawing — it’s just that “vintage” look that’s so hot right now.


Don't say I don't cut when I do, I do, I do

An extremely, ahem, simple drawing today, and a potent reminder at that… a potent reminder with its tongue sticking out.

keep it simple Dont say I dont cut when I do, I do, I do

Almost every illustrator and designer has come up with some visual version of this mantra at one point in their meandering path to pretty-picture-making zen. Yet the truth in the message is still far from exhausted. Perhaps making illustrative representations of this golden rule has become a cliché, but the statement itself is practically impervious from such a fate. It’s beyond a piece of good advice for graphic designers — it’s nearly a universal truth, part and parcel of Occam’s razor, the law of succinctness. Simply, it states that the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. Now, my take on this little tidbit of wisdom is neither the simplest, nor the best example, but it is probably the most dedlegest, and that’s really what counts around here.



Somehow, someway, I keep coming up with funky ass shit, like, every single day.

killin the most Grim

I’d much rather somebody tell me that I’m “killing it,” as opposed to simply being told I’m doing a good job. Indeed, the phrase “killing it” seems to imply a degree of badassery inherent in general mode of operation, and that’s something I try to strive for both in the professional world and even when it comes to things like “who can eat the most Doritos.”

As for killing the most? Unfortunately I can’t claim that title with any degree of authenticity. I killed a whole bunch of ants the other day, but that’s about as far my blood lust goes. This guy, on the other hand? You don’t want to wake up in the night and see him standing over your bed.

grim reaper Grim


Class War

To be totally honest with you, skateboarding hasn’t been doing good things for my life lately. In fact, it’s become something of an addiction. Or at the least, the addiction I’ve been happily functioning with for the past decade has started to consume my days. With temperatures in New York creeping into the fairly tolerable range, I’ve been battling an irresistible draw to get on my board and spend several hours of my evenings having fun and forgetting about the litany of annoying “adult” things I have to take care of in the next week. That’s right, I said it. Having fun. I told you. I’m out of control.

Anyway, I hate the term “shortboard” but we live in a strange skateboarding climate these days, and the distinction must be made.

ride a shortboard or gtfo Class War

Figured I’d break the situation down into some simple lingo the kids can understand.

Maybe I’m totally off base here. Or maybe I’m just a purist. But if you live in an urban area, no doubt you’ve noticed the sudden influx of longboarders in the past year. Entire metropolitan areas are beginning to look like liberal arts college campuses, with hordes of goons on brand new Sector 9s pushing mongo into the sunset of everything that was once cool about skateboarding. While many longboarders are relatively solitary, content to cruise back and forth along the busiest blocks in the hippest neighborhoods, others move in packs, swarming local skateparks like a traveling circus sideshow, embarrassing not only themselves, but everyone there who was once proud to stand atop four wheels. You do understand this is our very own version of a zombie apocalypse, right?

There seems to be an increasing perception in the longboarding community that they are a separate entity from skateboarders entirely (which is fine because we don’t want them anyway, and it probably happened in part because everybody talks so much shit about them in the first place) — I take offense only because they also seem to assume that longboarding is superior to skateboarding, which is, obviously, laughably incorrect. Longboards are only superior to skateboards in size, and this isn’t high school any more so nobody cares about the length of your stick. If you really have something to prove, try learning how to balance on a normal board instead of going the easy route with your griptape-covered aircraft carrier.

I realize this all might come across as a bit aggressive. Granted, longboards can be fun, and of course there’s the gray area of cruiser boards and old school shapes, so it’s difficult to determine exactly who are the interlopers here. And really, I try not to be too judgmental… okay, actually, that was a lie, I do. Essentially, it comes down to ones own dedication to the culture and to skateboarding’s roots. Do you actually care about skateboarding and all the independent companies struggling from the ground up that keep the industry authentic and interesting, or are you just along for the ride?



Lessons in groan-worthy headlines, number… uh… frankly, I’ve lost count.

dedleg varsity banner Speed D

Not much to say about this one, just something I cooked up last night in a haze of pot smoke. You might be able to tell, I didn’t have much of a plan going into this. It sort of just evolved. Like humans. Because God is just a security blanket for people who can’t accept how badass death really is.

That was a little tangential. Sorry, but the failings of humankind have been on my mind the past few days. Don’t know why. After all, we live in such happy times.

Although, at this moment, we kind of do. You know it — Happy Friday everybody! icon mad Speed D