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Shadow and flame

Several weeks ago, I ran across a giant asphalt truck during my travels — it was a lumbering, disorganized machine, covered in dangling tubes and odd parts, seemingly invented for the sole purpose of transporting massive amounts of filth from one place to another. And I’m actually not even speaking metaphorically, in a “human garbage driving cars that produce more garbage” kind of way. This thing was quite literally the dirtiest piece of road equipment I’ve ever seen. A thick layer of soot graced every visible surface, its grimy consistency interrupted only by globs of tar caked on with extreme stubbornness.

tire tread bucket soapy water Shadow and flame

The mechanical beast was equipped with several buckets full of what appeared to be soapy water, along with a couple bottles of laundry detergent hanging off the sides. Seems like a pretty futile gesture. Perhaps the buckets were full because they’d never actually been used.

asphalt truck close ups2 Shadow and flame

cigarette tar Shadow and flame

Peanut butter and jelly, Batman and Robin, ebony and ivory… all famous duos that have persisted through time. Cigarettes and tarballs? Well, they’re a duo all right, but maybe “infamous” would be a better adjective. And if Mobb Deep taught me anything, it’s that infamy is way cooler than fame.

Anyway, Camel, I’m pretty sure that counts as product placement. All publicity is good publicity! Have your boy Joe Cool get at me.

rusted coil Shadow and flame

asphalt truck close ups Shadow and flame

The truck’s awkward size and shape made photographing it both challenging and a lot of fun — unfortunately, I got too caught up with capturing its disgusting little details that I failed to get any good shots of the entire monstrosity in all its smog-choked glory. Given the general insanity of the paver’s design, these pictures are more an incomprehensible jumble of dirt and machinery than anything. So, putting together an accurate image of the truck in question might be like assembling a jig-saw puzzle that’s missing most of its pieces. Nonetheless, trust me that beyond my microscope-like gaze there is a vehicle here capable of sending shivers down Fern Gully’s spine.

Here is an image of a similar truck I found on Google Images that should help you visualize things a bit better:

contructicons devastator Shadow and flame


Chicago hates skateboarding, part two

You know it’s cold when steel starts cracking. Good thing Spring appears to finally be on its way, this shit was getting ridiculous.

broken truck Chicago hates skateboarding, part two

I shattered a base plate trying to punch out half a kingpin a couple times, but never managed to while actually skating before. In fact, when I landed and the hanger went flying out from under my board, at first I figured I had just broken a kingpin. That would have been pretty routine, actually.

You see, I have something of a reputation for destroying kingpins as it is — grade 8 bolts everywhere fear my very name. It’s become less of a problem as I slowly got less horrible at skating. But there was a period of time when I was cracking them in half so often I ended up just buying the right size bolt at Home Depot in bulk — something I recommend anyway, since they’re like 30 cents a piece there and you can get aircraft grade steel, which should be able to withstand even the sloppiest, toe-draggingest of landings. And when you smash down frontside pop shove its like I do, only aircraft grade steel will do.