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We hate jobs in general

It’s Monday again, already? God damn it.

sun through trees We hate jobs in general

pigeon under bridge We hate jobs in general

This “working” thing is for the birds. And so is this weather. But at least skateboarding isn’t available to distract me, so that’s, uh… good… I guess?



Apparently I had some anxiety over starting the week as I spent much of last night tormented by psychotic dreams. However, that evening, I also had watched the trailer for Event Horizon, one of the most deeply disturbing films I can recall seeing as a young, impressionable adolescent. So it might have been that. Or it may have been the entirety of the $6.99 Trader Joe’s hummus quartet, ostensibly my dinner, which I consumed between the hours of 12:00 and 1:00 am, which is likely the truest horror of them all.

Nonetheless, it wasn’t all bad. At some point my subconscious thoughts turned to something I often dream of in the daylight hours, skateboarding, and I was whisked away to a completely imagined, but beyond perfect, spot — a giant castle/museum/plaza covered in white marble. Perhaps it was a vision of heaven, remembered by my subconscious before I was born, I don’t know, it’s entirely plausible. And the best part is, as I opened my eyes to the dream, charging downhill atop my board, I looked to my left and there was TNT, Tony Trujillo himself, a man once described by Jason Dill as “when [he] skates he looks like a beautiful Indian on fire.” And indeed, he is. We skated together all night, and when I woke up this morning, he was gone. I don’t know if I’ll ever see him again.

tony trujillo anti hero ad Ablaze

tony trujillo board transfer Ablaze

[Images via Chrome Ball Incident]

But anyway, here are some photos (of my own). Not related to skateboarding, or dreams, or Leonardo DiCaprio in a dream, or Indians on fire, or anything. Just a few ran-dumbs from a similarly gray day, perhaps one spent dreaming of skateboarding even…

light against ceiling Ablaze

light against wall Ablaze

Man, light is just too cool. These types of photos might be totally self-indulgent, but it’s my blog and I’ll act like a cat chasing a laser pointer if I want to.

stormy yellow sunset Ablaze

birds in tree Ablaze

I took 7 nearly identical shots of this tree, and not a single one of them is sharp. I guess that’s what you get for trying to take a picture out of a filthy, rain-spattered window. Nonetheless, I wanted to get a shot anyway since there are always a downright Hitchcockian level of birds in this tree outside my window. I don’t know why, I guess it’s more comfortable than the other trees in the area? The drinks are cheaper? I walk around naked too much and it’s funny to them? Who knows.


Roots Radicals

While I was down in Florida earlier this year, I drove past this strange little fantasyland set back in the dense vegetation and had to take a closer look. I mean, come on, when you’ve got Old Man Mangrove just chillin’ in your driveway, you’re going to get some uninvited guests.

old man mangrove Roots Radicals

Unfortunately the gallery was closed that day, plus it was raining, so I was only able to get a few craptacular shots from the car window. Nonetheless, this guy’s crazy wooden creations have to be seen to be believed, even if my photos hardly do the work justice.

octopus tree root sculpture Roots Radicals

baliker gallery sign Roots Radicals

The sculptures are by Paul Baliker, and he works in a variety of mediums. Clearly, websites are not one of them, as his own keeps making Chrome shit the bed. Nonetheless, from what I saw in the parking lot alone, the sculptures forged out of various types of driftwood, particularly those using the root systems of aquatic trees, were the most interesting. Indeed, at the risk of sounding like a 52-year-old cat lady, I found them downright whimsical. I understand if you have to take some of my cool points away for even saying that, officer. And I’ll try to never use that word again on this blog if possible, but I’m not making any promises.



As a child, I remember there was a certain inevitability to getting sick at some point during the summer. Probably because in the summer, we inevitably swam in ponds and lakes full of bacteria and other people’s urine. Diarrhea and vomiting ensued. An ill-mannered joke of some kind, sure, or perhaps a seasonal reminder from nature about the nature of who’s boss. So I reminisce as I sick - I mean, sit, confined to the indoors on the third day of my head cold with a subtle vengeance, as we watch a furious summer fade into something distinctly… pleasant. In celebration of that, here are some rather summery photographs — hopefully letting the sun in, so to speak, will burn away this haze of congestion and cold medicine.

building covered in vines gnarled tree Growth

tree growing off side of building Growth

Granted, while sometimes it can be a cruel bitch, nature also does some pretty cool shit.

trees growing off side of building Growth

If you didn’t know that was the side of a building, would you even know? Perspective, man, it’s wild.


Wash it all away

After a week of blistering temperatures, the weather gods seem poised to bless us with some rain. Typically, I hate rain as it prevents me from partaking in my manchildish hobby of choice (skateboarding). But right now, I’m actually almost looking forward to it. It’d be nice if some of the wetness soaking the streets of Brooklyn wasn’t just the sweat pouring down my back for the first time in a while.

flowers in gutter Wash it all away

tree lit up at night parked motorcycle Wash it all away

tree lit up at night Wash it all away

Anyway, speaking of that manchildish hobby of mine… I think I’d better get to it before the rain does prevent me from partaking in it.



Well, I suppose the week has truly come full circle. On Monday, I spent a significant number of words whining about how I’d like to be in a blissful stupor within the confines of my bed, and well, today I overslept like a big, fat, lazy, smelly idiot. In my defense, I did spend several hours at the Chelsea Piers skate park yesterday afternoon and subsequently, I feel like I was mercilessly pummeled by a little league baseball team in my sleep. Seriously, even my neck is sore. Typically, one does not use their neck in the act of skateboarding so that one’s a bit of a mystery to me. So let’s keep this brief, shall we?

Here’s a handful of miscellaneous shots I’ve been hanging onto for months now — more or less it’s just a bunch of throwaways. I took them when I was visiting my estranged wife and kids in Connecticut for Christmas. Fortunately, in the time since, I’ve seen to it that these little inconveniences can be avoided in the future… so yeah, this will probably be the last batch of photos from Connecticut you’ll ever see here. Also, if you happen to be working with the police, my official responses are, “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” “I have a family?” and, “What fire?”

sunset through car windshield Skylights

light next to skylight Skylights

It would appear that I don’t spend very much time looking at the ground. Did I mention my neck was sore? Yeah, I have no idea why.

tree through skylight Skylights

sun through hazy clouds Skylights

Treetops… sunsets… power lines… introducing The Redundancy Collection™ by Dedleg.

That’s all for now, kids. And yes, by kids, of course I mean, “my children.” Who needs a real family when you’ve got a bunch of nameless strangers on the Internet! Thanks guys!

Anyway, I’ll be back with more of my signature rambling tomorrow. Happy Friday the 13th for those of you who care. Can’t think of anybody off the top of my head…

jason rebecca black Skylights


Ups and Downs

Hello, Kitty.

hello kitty kite Ups and Downs

I think it’s fair to say I’ve spent a good portion of my life looking up at the sky, like so many of our greatest minds… Galileo, Einstein, Snoopy…

cloudy golden sunset Ups and Downs

But that’s not to say I don’t appreciate the value of getting a little mud in my eye every once and a while.

swirling mud Ups and Downs

swirling mud2 Ups and Downs

And of course, there’s a whole lot of shit to be seen in between, but I think that’s a post for another day.


Blue and yellow, blue and yellow

Towards the end of September, I meandered over to Chicago’s magical Painted Forest after catching glimpses of it from the drunken haze of a late night cab ride down Lake Shore Drive many times during my tenure in the Windy City. It’s not quite a whole forest, more like a handful of dead trees the Park District decided to give the Dr. Seuss treatment as something of an artistic statement, but mostly as a way to mark them for eventual removal. Nonetheless, they are pretty eye-catching and the whole project certainly gives new meaning to the phrase “the trees are turning colors”, to make the worst possible joke I could have there.

painted trees Blue and yellow, blue and yellow

painted forest Blue and yellow, blue and yellow

To be totally honest, however, the Lily Pond just a short walk away feels considerably more magical, even if it is less surreal. The Painted Forest looks a lot more interesting from the highway than when you’re actually there, standing next to a parking lot while people power-walk past you. Still, it was worth checking out just because, you know, most trees aren’t blue and novelty goes a hell of a long way.

painted bark Blue and yellow, blue and yellow

yellow tree Blue and yellow, blue and yellow

The trees were scheduled for removal this fall — in fact, when I arrived some of them were already gone, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they had all made it to the great wood-chipper in the sky by now. Hopefully, anyway, since I heard the lead poisoning levels in Lincoln Park’s squirrel population was unusually high this year.


In Bloom

Heard a cute expression the other day… “April showers bring May flowers.” Isn’t that just the darndest, cutest thing you’ve ever heard? The best part is, it’s true! Amazing shit, really. I swear, all I can see is sunshine and rainbows. And it didn’t even rain today — that happened in April, dummy!!

el station behind tree blossoms In Bloom

trees in bloom In Bloom

squirrel in tree In Bloom

street sign sunset behind el station In Bloom

Seriously though, the weather this week has been insane. So insane that it’s been making me go insane because I work indoors all day. Damn it, why did I have to be born a nerd? I hate you, Mom and Dad! God, at the very least you could have asked before you handicapped me FOR LIFE.

All I ever wanted was a varsity jacket and a Pontiac GTO I could get my girlfriend pregnant in the back of, and instead I got the ability to think for myself and stupid skateboarding icon sad In Bloom