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Big Pants, Little Tires

john cardiel bloody Big Pants, Little Tires

If you haven’t watched John Cardiel’s SOTY part in a while, you buggin’. And if you’ve never seen it in the first place, you really buggin’ hard. Like Starship Troopers level buggin’ up in this bitch.

Keep in mind this part is originally from 1992. 20 years ago, and if you saw this shit go down today you’d still be blown out of your pot leaf all-over-print socks.

Basically, it’s a succinct, and often breathtaking reminder of why John Cardiel is now recognized as a true god of skateboarding. And not some kind of demigod either, because we’ve got plenty of those too. But outside of Cardiel, there is a very short list of names that could be comfortably compared at the same level and I think almost all of them are “Mark Gonzales.”


Skateboard Smash Up

I didn’t catch any of these videos Thrasher’s been putting up of their tour with Spitfire from the mag this month. But having a backlog of them to go through was a pretty good way to start my day. The section at the stair spot that the latter half of the clip resides in features some of the most insane skreet skateboarding I think I’ve ever seen. I’m serious. The level of talent on these motherfuckers is just absurd. If Ishod wasn’t so damn stylish, I’d swear he was a Terminator.

Loading the player …

That weird, green snakey bowl complex they skate earlier on is pretty wacko, too. Who built that thing?! It’s total madness. The whole thing looks like a hallucination.

In other skateboarding video news, Polar put out an edit from their Bum Rush The Spot day at the BQE. Some pretty fucking heavy skateboarding went down, to say the least, especially if you know how hard all that shit actually is to skate.

One clip on the big quarter in the back… hah, go figure.


Hell is a Halfpipe

There’s a lot to be learned from this.

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Like, every trick in it, for starters. Sheeit. Seriously, this is some of the best pool skating I’ve seen. Maybe it’s just because I haven’t been skating enough and I’m really jonesing for it, so this clip is kind of doing that thing to me that happens in cartoons where a starving guy’s friend starts looking like a turkey dinner. I don’t know. But whatever it is, I like it, and like Anthony Bourdain, I’m hungry for more.


Notes on killing it

In anticipation of this year’s King of the Road contest — only the best contest/tour in all of skateboarding — Thrasher put out a compilation of Tony Trujillo’s greatest hits culled from the ghosts of KOTR’s past.

Loading the player …

tony trujillo touching rafters Notes on killing it

ohhd Notes on killing it

Dear god… that wallride… pivot… rafter tap wall crawl thing at 3:30 is truly something to behold. If you can aspire to skate like anyone, Tony Trujillo’s not a bad choice.


You go to the hozzy?

The September issue of Thrasher is muy bien.

I found the interview with Corey Duffel rather interesting, especially considering I’ve always liked my street pirates more Brian Anderson and less Captain Jack Sparrow. But for the most part I thought the dude was well-spoken and insightful, plus the photos were, as the kids say, banging. I did think one part was a little bit of an eyebrow-raiser though…

thrasher corey duffel interview1 You go to the hozzy?

thrasher corey duffel interview2 You go to the hozzy?

So, first he’s standing on a motorcycle going 70 miles an hour? Wait, now he’s going 90 kilometers per hour (55 mph)… okay. Dude gets pitched off the bike, runs it out, bounces off his head, and basically escapes with a few cuts and bruises (relatively speaking) for his trouble. Crazy story, guy. I guess, what I’m saying is… I wanna see the sequence.


NBD (No Big Deal)

Did you happen to spot this shit in the latest Thrasher? No, it wasn’t on the website. It was in the magazine. You know, magazines? The printed word? Nobody?

Sigh… anyway. I bought the mag, even if you didn’t, which I think gives me the legal right to scan it onto my computer and distribute it across the Internet mere days after its publication date, if I’m not mistaken. I only mention it because it’s just not every day that you see somebody huck a 540 down a stair set. Actually, it’s really not any day that you see that happen. It’s just not something that happens. Like, ever.

thrasher somethin else 540 NBD (No Big Deal)

Sure bet that was a squeaker. For my money, it’s hard to beat the screech of powersliding urethane echoing through the enclosed outdoor hallways of a classic California schoolyard. Nonetheless, if you want to be a dick, isn’t this less of a proper 540 and really more of a 450 with a revert out? Yeah, yeah… probably best not to even go there.

Any other good street 540s I should be aware of? I swore, when all the cab flip craze became commonplace, I swore 540s were going to become the new trick everybody was doing that I’d never have a chance of landing. Looks like I still got time to get ‘em dialed. Give me 15, 20 years, it might happen.


Cover Story

What to do when you’ve got only a little time and no content? That’s right — it’s skateboarding logo parody time, boys and girls, or as I like to call it, plagiarism without the stigma!

And now, for my best impression of the Thrasher Magazine logo.…

dedleg thrasher logo Cover Story

Ta-da! icon rolleyes Cover Story

Thrasher’s logo is easily one of the most recognizable in the great archives of skateboarding iconography. Sure, there are tons of memorable and iconic logos from huge forces in the industry, but Thrasher’s is in the fuckin’ Olympian League of skateboard company logos. Ain’t no demigods here. If you’re using “godlike” as a qualifier, the list thins out pretty substantially and Thrasher pretty much rises to the top next to maybe The Ripper, The Screaming Hand, Independent’s Iron Cross and… uh… I dunno, Wet Willy and Flamboy? Who cares anyway. Let’s stop talking about how great the Thrasher logo is and just look at some fucking magazine covers already. Here are a few bangers.

daewon thrasher cover Cover Story

Daewon can make a skateboard do whatever he wants. He’s probably got that thing trained to roll around and bring him beers when he’s chilling at home by now. Hey, eventually you run out of tricks to learn. Well, not you, per se, but if anybody could, it would be Daewon Song.

thrasher japan Cover Story

Thought this was pretty dope. It’s good to see the skateboarding youth of Japan can do their homework properly thanks to international distribution.

mike carroll thrasher cover Cover Story

Does anybody have a scan of this one without a fucking blanked out address sticker completely destroying the integrity of the photo? Jesus Christ. This is art here, you goddamned savages! Have some respect!

That said… the shot totally doesn’t do Hubba Hideout justice. Shit’s massive and the picture makes it look like a skatepark “hubba” falling within a “safe” height requirement, which really isn’t a hubba at all. Nonetheless, there’s still that untouchable MC style oozing off the page, so… fuck it. Still awesome.

quim cardona thrasher Cover Story

Some classic Quim Fu, once one of New York’s deadliest styles. Plus, according to this Chrome Ball Incident interview with Quim Cardona, this cover just so happens to be John Cardiel’s favorite magazine cover of all time, which by common skateboarding law means it’s probably, like, the best Thrasher cover… uh, ever.

don nguyen thrasher Cover Story

If that’s not enough to make you want to skate, I don’t think I can help you. If you’re in the greater New York area, where temperatures are currently hitting the goddamned incredible range, I can’t imagine you needing much motivation anyway. Why are you even on the Internet right now? Facebook can wait, but this weather won’t — go skate.


Hoofin' it

Mike Burnett’s Burnout is probably my favorite column on Thrasher’s Internet Abode, not only because I immediately relate regardless of content due to the fact that I, too, am a burnout. The real reason, of course, is that it’s piled full of photos of sassy skater bois, and let’s be real, that’s why we all get into skateboarding in the first place.

Anyway, I peeped this shot in today’s post and pretty much peeped my pants. So, while there’s still time to film for the new Girl/Chocolate magnum opus, I challenge you, Raven Tershay, to film the first all-barefoot skate part. Actually, don’t, because I’d prefer it if you still had a career after the filming wraps, not to mention, like, skin on your feet. This is sick, though. Sick in the head, but also just sick the way sassy skater bois say, “yo bro, that was so totally sick.”

raven tershay barefoot channel Hoofin it

I would be remiss if I failed to jump on board the Whitney Houston pity party, so let me just say, you were right, girl. Crack is whack. No, seriously though, you were right: the children are the future, and Raven Tershay is the fucking proof.


Downtown Brown

The latest Thrasher clip, featuring notable Bay-Area dirtbags T-Mo and Sean Gutierrez making love to the Brown Banks is probably the best thing you’ll watch all day. I mean, unless you haven’t already seen The Green Diamond’s end-of-year clip, which is not to be missed due in no small part to appearances by, what we in the industry like to call, “heavy hitters,” like Brian Anderson, Justin Brock and Jake Donnelly. In any case, sure wish I had one of these things in my backyard. Heck, I wish I had a backyard!

Loading the player …

Why doesn’t New York have shit like this? Get with the program, Parks Department goons — start building more shit that looks like it’s made for skateboarding but actually isn’t.


"Slash" is an inadequate descriptor

There have been many cool photographs of people doing the skateboarding throughout the great history of taking photographs of people doing the skateboarding, but this one… this one… this one right here is officially too cool. Maybe even too cool for school.

I was putting together a bunch of original photos to put up today, but then I came across this Thrasher cover with Jay Adams doing the meanest frontside grind of all time on it, and I was all, “Uhhhhhhhhh — fuck it.” Seriously though, there isn’t a frozen pubic hair’s chance in hell that I’d ever be able to come up with something cooler than this anyway, so it’s all good.

jay adams frontside grind thrasher cover Slash is an inadequate descriptor

Such an easy trick, but this is not exactly an easy version of that trick. Nonetheless, it’s one of my favorite tricks to this day, even if one of mine has never looked anything like that.

If that’s what skateboarding was in 1989, I’m pretty fucking comfortable with it not changing from that point, like, ever. Failing that, at the very least, I’d be quite comfortable with time travel, but I’ve already been researching that for a variety of reasons since I lost my testicle in that squirrel accident, and it seems like it’s pretty damn hard to pull off. So, thanks Grant Taylor, for bringing back b/s rocks that look like this…

grant taylor bs rock n roll Slash is an inadequate descriptor

…but you’ve still got a little ways to go, young SOTY.


Award Season

Why brave the hordes of deranged bargain shoppers at Best Buy today, when you can sit at home and watch skateboarding videos instead? That new flatscreen TV probably won’t make your life any better, or your wallet any fuller for that matter, but getting psyched up for a little session in the very driveway where you fell in love with skateboarding over a decade ago is not only free, it may very well be priceless. But I’ll have to ask MasterCard about that and get back to you.

There was a time when I used to be able to post skate-related content in a fairly newsworthy fashion, before my real life started taking over my fake Internet life. Considering the very name of this website was inspired by a skate-related injury, and its author is currently nursing yet another skate-related injury from a couple weeks ago, it seems only right to get caught up on some of the skate shit I haven’t gotten a chance to comment on while I actually have a day off. Sure, I could be at the mall maxing out my credit card, but rather than help the faceless corporations, whose sole purpose is to take advantage of us, have a productive Black Friday, I’d prefer to have a productive Black Friday for myself, thanks.

grant taylor1 Award Season

Now, on to the well-worn territory! In case you somehow missed it, Grant Taylor was quietly named Thrasher’s Skater of The Year through the release of his web-only part for the mag this Wednesday. I’ll refrain from embedding the clip, not only because you’ve already seen it, but more-so, because Thrasher’s video player makes a practice of sucking on Jake Phelps’ old, musty, high-on-Percocets balls.

grant taylor2 Award Season

Indeed, it’s hard to argue that Grant doesn’t embody everything a SOTY should be… except, perhaps, the descriptor “seasoned.” He’s one of my favorite new guys, even if he isn’t all that new anymore, but that’s the point — he still seems new. He hasn’t put in the kind of time that somebody like Busenitz has, and frankly, if this wasn’t Dennis’ year — with both a decisive victory at Tampa and an ender-ender in the hotly-anticipated wave-maker/hot-mess-of-editing that was the Real video — shit probably isn’t going to happen. While Thrasher promises their GT part is only a taste of what’s to come in the upcoming Nike project, due out before year’s end, I’m not such a fan of giving people awards for shit that hasn’t even happened yet, particularly if there are other deserving candidates out there.

grant taylor3 Award Season

Will Grant’s part in The SB Chronicles be awesome? Almost definitely. Does Thrasher have a history of awarding skaters who put out multiple video parts in a year SOTY? Yes, and rightly so. In the skate industry’s current incarnation, where respected pros who still sell product can inch along, year by year, with barely any footage or coverage — with their rare appearances often mediocre showings at best — guys who are out there, killing it all the fucking time, just for the entertainment of fat, lazy, judgmental Internet turds like you and me, should be commended. Obviously.

This is also to say nothing of the fact that Grant Taylor’s no-nonsense, fast-as-fuck, huge-fucking-air approach to pool skating is largely responsible for the recent popularization of not only transition, but all-terrain skating. The fact is, the kid skates everything well. Simple tricks, done stylishly, at speed, with a large helping of fearlessness on the side, is, objectively, skateboarding at its finest. Simply put, watching Grant Taylor is inspiring. He does tricks you think you might be able to do on a three-foot-mini ramp, only on 18-foot-oververt, so it still seems somehow relate-able.

nyjah huston crying Award Season

If it had to come down to Grant vs. Nyjah Huston (not sure if I spelled that right… actually is it even possible to spell that right?), who would you rather see take it? Whose approach would you rather see mainstream skateboarding go in? Who didn’t cry after losing a contest on live television? Who took just a little too long to cut those fucking dreadlocks off? Maybe that’s all that needs to be said. Nonetheless, I guess I kind of just spent 630 words making a pretty solid argument for why GT does deserve SOTY… so I’m going to go ahead and shut up about that now.

Congratulations, Grant. Guess I’m just being a fat, lazy, judgmental Internet turd, after all.