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Sunflower tattoo, take two.

trippy sunflower Daytripper

I guess the second time’s actually the charm… at least it was for this tattoo design I came up with for a client of mine. For those of you who tuned in a couple weeks ago, you may remember that particular entry into the bottomless abyss of unwanted, unappreciated and unused drawings I hold in my heart. And lo, it is sometimes a heavy load to bear.

Nonetheless, my client was happy with this one, so I can finally move on with my life. And even more importantly than that, I can finally get paid, and invest in some psychedelic flowers of my own, if you know what I mean… Hey, these whacked out drawings don’t come from nowhere, I’ll tell you that much!


Kicked It In The Sun

Been working on a tattoo design for a client of mine — to be clear, I don’t tattoo, nor do I particularly consider myself an expert when it comes to tattoo design, but I’ve got a bunch of ‘em, and I guess that makes me an authority of some kind in some circles (few that they may be).

sunflower Kicked It In The Sun

Ultimately, my client didn’t go for this one (grumble grumble), but I was a fan of it all the same. I guess I see it as a send off to summer. And I don’t want the little doodle’s feelings to get hurt. Plus, I figured it was too nice of a drawing to let it wilt and wither into the winter of long forgotten art projects. It might not be typical Dedleg fare, but it can’t hurt to break out of your comfort zone once and a while, right? No? Yeah, I understand… getting up from in front of the TV does sound pretty dangerous now that you mention it. I could twist a cankle or something.


Bump bump it up

Speaking of tattoos…

guy flexing tattoo Bump bump it up

That spermy lookin’ snake on his ribs is pretty chill, too.


Extra sauce

Now, I’m not one to brag about new tattoos, but blood on the other hand? Well that’s a whole other story.

blood pooled under bandage tattoo Extra sauce

To clear things up a bit: the tattoo is covered in a clear, water-proof bandage that almost acts as a layer of skin, and in a very short amount of time a rather impressive amount of blood started pooling in there. Basically, you’re supposed to leave it on for just long enough that you don’t get sepsis. Eventually, it started leaking, but that’s also a whole other story.


The ink bleeds

Hope you all enjoyed a weekend of grilled animal parts and drinking outdoors — I’m pretty sure it’s your civic duty, actually, considering all the people who had to die just so you could have yesterday off. Personally, my Memorial Day was bloody fantastic.

bloody skull tattoo The ink bleeds

Just a flesh wound, and a dainty one at that, but it’s not everyday you have some real, live, human blood on a skull and crossbones tattoo, so it seemed wrong not to photograph it.

When it comes to orange soda, my favorite kind is Slice, and by now you should know I’m not one to say no to a slice of pizza, but this kind of slice? Now this is where I draw the line… in blood.


That's gotta - I mean gonna - hurt

Today, we spell “mistake,” B-R-E-N-D-A.

brenda back tattoo Thats gotta   I mean gonna   hurt

Coincidentally, today, we also spell “creepy” the same way. Personally, if I was Brenda, I’d probably dump the dude after seeing this.

That said… Brenda, please don’t break up with me after seeing this.


Quite possibly the worst things you'll see all day

Yo guys, check out my newest tattoo! Figured I’d start the year off right with a tribute to the Lord of All Darkness and Misery himself… Just kidding, thankfully. I like me some tattoos, and I like Lord of the Rings, but for some reason — and I’m guessing it has to do with shittiness — I don’t like this tattoo, like, at all.

eye of sauron tattoo Quite possibly the worst things youll see all day

My obsession with Lord of the Rings — rather, Lord of the Rings humor in particular — is pretty well-documented on this blog, but this… this is a little beyond beyond. Hilarious, but also kind of sad, because it’s not supposed to be hilarious, you know?

And speaking of tattoos…

mr cool tattoo bodysuit Quite possibly the worst things youll see all day

Pretty pissed off my mom didn’t get me this for Christmas. Such a bitch.


Beat up but up beat

It’s been a bang-up couple of days.

scraped wrist Beat up but up beat

Getting tattooed: painful.

Slamming on rough concrete: also painful.

Scraping skin across rough concrete and missing a tattoo by a centimeter: painful, yet priceless.

For everything else, including the anesthetizing powers of a few cold beers, there’s MasterCard.™


Brrry dumb

This just in: Rapper Gucci Mane makes another poor life choice.

Seriously though… are you fucking kidding me?

gucci mane ice cream tattoo Brrry dumb

I like how the expression on his face almost says, “I think I might have fucked up.”

gob bluth huge mistake Brrry dumb

And I like tattoos as much as Gucci here does, I’m quite sure. Which is exactly why I think it’s important to get good ones, and not hideous ones, and especially not hideous ones on my face, so I can continue to like tattoos. Regardless, I think it’s important to note that just days earlier, Gucci was committed to a mental health facility after filing a Special Plea of Mental Incompetency at a court hearing. Not sure if getting an ice cream cone with lightning bolts shooting out of it branded onto his cheek was some way to prove that he wasn’t lying just to get out of a prison sentence and really might be mentally incompetent… but either way, it worked.


I don't want to die without any scars

This is a pretty awesome little clip, directed by Ryan Scafuro, featuring Three Kings Tattoo parlour in Brooklyn. It’s very serene, particularly in contrast to the barrel of laughs getting tattooed for a few hours is.

Granted, it’s always worth it in the end — no matter how long you repeat in your head, “Okay, you can do five more minutes,” you’ll forget the pain within a few hours and by the time the last of the scabs have flaked off you’ll probably be hungry for more. Unless you impulsively got something incredibly stupid, which is why it’s always good to remember…

tattoo lifetime mark I dont want to die without any scars

Of course, that isn’t to say that there isn’t a place for stupid tattoos… like my entire body, for example. And stupid tattoos aren’t always regrettable. Really, it kind of all comes down to your definition of “stupid” anyway.

simpsons tattoos I dont want to die without any scars

It’s like they say, one man’s barbed wire armband is another man’s Mona Lisa. I’m not sure if that makes any sense, or if it’s even true since barbed wire armbands are pretty much awesome now that I think about it, but whatever.


The truth hurts

cnn tattooed deviants The truth hurts

icon confused The truth hurts

I knew it was only a matter of time before they figured us out.