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Don't walk, run

Busy week over here at the Leg. Gotta make that paper, you know how it is.

fuck this racist police state Dont walk, run

More later. Stay frosty, Dedleggings.


Boys in blue

Figured it’s been a little too long since I posted up some good ol’ fashioned New York grime. NYC’s still got it! You just gotta know where to look.

Or where not to live, I guess, depending on how you, well, look at it.

dissed new york tag Boys in blue

face mask hanging on fence Boys in blue

There’s something decidedly zombie apocalypse about this shot. Which I’m feelin’. I’m down with the sickness, you might say.

birds on a roof Boys in blue

Photography’s for the birds.

security camera on wall Boys in blue

Then again, there’s something to be said for keeping your eye on the street…


Another beautiful day in the neighborhood

Just a couple of murky shots to wash down yet another murky day, as if the unrelenting drizzle wasn’t helping that along already.

cloudy day neighborhood1 Another beautiful day in the neighborhood

cloudy day neighborhood2 Another beautiful day in the neighborhood

In true metaphorical fashion, the weather this week seems to be predicting the forecast for this blog’s state of updating schedule: partly shitty with a chance of morning shitstorms. I will try my best to keep things as “poppin” as I can around here, but do try to remember that my own personal “best” is closer to everybody else’s “ehh, fuck it.”



Well… sheeit. Looks like my month’s off to a late start. And I can’t exactly say April went out with a bang here at Dedleg International. What’s that saying again? April’s slacking brings May’s lacking? Hm… that doesn’t sound very good at all. In any case, here are a few photos to break the seal.

bus pulling up sunset Slack jawed

I was trying to take a photo of the bus coming down the street, but he assumed I was waiting for the bus. A fair assumption, considering I was standing at a bus stop, looking down the street, waiting for the bus. I must admit, I felt sort of like the goonish epitome of a white art kid when he pulled up and I was all like, “Oh, sorry, sorry, I was just taking a photo,” while pushing up my thick plastic-framed glasses.

rust dripping down wall Slack jawed

This sure has a bit of that old The Shining look going on… but I assure you, that’s only rust. Although… I guess rust is sort of like the blood of a building, slowly being eaten from the outside by oxidation. And that’s kind of gory in an anthropomorphic way.

highway through chain link fence Slack jawed

Okay, back to slacking.


But to build a mountain... you gotta dig a hole

Just woke up feeling like a rebel today, so I decided to post some very unseasonable photos up despite the near idyllic conditions outdoors. Take that, world.

crane behind street lamp But to build a mountain... you gotta dig a hole

When most people see a towering crane jutting up into the sky, they think “eyesore” or, “I wonder how much those condominiums will go for, I should talk to my agent.” I think, photo op. Actually, I’m probably really off the mark here. When most people see a towering crane jutting up into the sky, they probably think “Instagram photo op.” I mean, let’s be real here. You’re all “emo artfag losers” like me now!

construction site But to build a mountain... you gotta dig a hole

crane over construction site But to build a mountain... you gotta dig a hole

skinny building dusk But to build a mountain... you gotta dig a hole

New York is in a constant state of construction. Scaffolding shuffles along from block to block, becoming an integral part of any given street corner until one day, it’s suddenly gone, and you only realize because suddenly you don’t quite recognize where you are.


Wacko Supreme

That headline is a horrendous attempt at a play on Taco Bell’s delicious Taco Supreme® — just wanted to let you guys know I’m being completely transparent with you. Even when I make mistakes - no - especially when I make mistakes.

In any case… today’s groan-worthy headline is inspired by the release of Supreme’s coveted Spring/Summer collection and the groan-worthy mass of kooks that event attracts. Looks like that whole “dress like a skater” trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

crowd outside supreme Wacko Supreme

The crowd outside for the release of Supreme’s spring collection, scanning the shelves for anything with a box logo on it. For the record, this photo was taken around 7:30pm, a half-hour after Supreme closes. Time to camp out for Friday’s restock…

Fuck it, Ima start dressing like a longboarder instead. Does anybody wanna hook me up with a pair of plaid shorts, some completely inappropriate footwear, and a couple of those free t-shirts you get in college? You know, the ones they bribe you with when you go to stupid “community-building” events and shit like that? Actually, never mind. I’m not sure longboarders even wear shirts, now that I think about it.

Nonetheless, as an actual, real, live skater, and one who considered Supreme the paragon of New York City skate style when I was but a wee boy, it’s hard not to get annoyed when you see hundreds of oblivious goons decked out in pristine Supreme uniforms lining Lafayette Street every time some new merchandise drops. You know, if these kids pursued a creative endeavor with even a fraction of the amount of passion they put into pursuing expensive, cool-guy clothing, they’d probably be cool enough that they wouldn’t even need to pursue expensive, cool-guy clothing anymore to be perceived as cool. Just a thought. I know, I know, thinking is bad. I just had a lot of time to ponder these sorts of things while I was waiting in line at Supreme yesterday icon wink Wacko Supreme

reflection in train window Wacko Supreme

Tirade over. And this photo has nothing to do with the rest of this post, except for the fact that I took it on the way home yesterday. But fuck it. Buttfuck it? Weird. Taking decent photos on the train proves ever difficult, taking not-so-good ones that are, nonetheless, visually interesting is considerably easier. Well, anyway, at least now I can say the photo wasn’t the most off-track this post got…


The Narcissus International

Another batch of odds, ends, and quick shots from around the city to help keep the week moving. It’s gearing up to be another hectic race to the weekend for me, but I’m going to try to keep things pretty active around here. And if you happen to be amongst the small portion of my audience that not only knows how to read, but actually misses my writing (excluding my usual excuses, and anything not involving skateboarding, that is), you’re in luck. I will be blogging for a relatively prominent Internet locale (within the skateboarding community, anyway) in a shameless attempt to increase the likelihood of my eventual global takeover. Like the creepy Freudian aliens in Contact might say… “Little move, Sparks, little moves.” In any case, more on that soon, but for now, bask in the glory of these photos… at least until you realize that none of them feature naked, anorexish girls.

truck red light in rearview The Narcissus International

pint glass with candles showing through The Narcissus International

building reflection in building The Narcissus International

A building within a building. Seriously though, with that building staring at its own reflection all day, it might as well be called The Narcissus International. You’re so vain, building. You probably think this photo is about you, don’t you?

no doggy dumping The Narcissus International

Don’t know why this particular doggy looks so, well, bummed. If I had already done my dumping, and then I got caught, I don’t think I’d even give a shit. Too late to at that point, even if you wanted to.

water towers in front of sunset The Narcissus International

A very random assortment, indeed. Sorry guys. One of these days, I’ll start taking good photos again. Pinky swear.


Somebody's watching me

Here are a few assorted shots from around the NYC to start off the week. Can it still be considered “starting off the week,” if it’s Monday evening at 9:00pm? Well, for most of the population, probably not, but when you wake up as late as I did today, I think you get a pass. Plus, when you wake up as late as I did today, it’s pretty clear that you don’t really care about… well… anything. So, like, who cares what time it is? Not me.

Morrissey was an emo, so it makes sense that for him, every day was like Sunday. Me, on the other hand? I’m an overgrown adolescent guy who smokes too much pot, so every day might as well be Saturday, as far as I’m concerned. On with the photos.

construction site near battery park1 Somebodys watching me

Any given urban sprawl’s got to start — and restart — somewhere. New York, and Manhattan in particular, is constantly being redeveloped until it finishes its transformation into the world’s largest luxury shopping mall. Seriously can’t wait… as long as they manage to squeeze an Orange Julius in somewhere.

reflection of lights office highrise Somebodys watching me

Kind of a boring photo by conventional standards, but I’m a sucker for a good light show. The thing is, I was listening to Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon while I was staring at the reflection of this track lighting, and dude, that shit totally matched up.

cool cinderblock windows Somebodys watching me

mirror on pedestrian bridge Somebodys watching me

Halt! Who goes there!

BBU — Somebody’s Watchin’ Me

red white empire state building Somebodys watching me

The Empire State Building is getting psyched for Valentine’s Day, I guess. Maybe an intimate evening with the Freedom Tower is in the cards? If you ask me, a couple like that could really build something together icon rolleyes Somebodys watching me


Steam will rise

After yesterday’s anti-SOPA/PIPA/rich evildoers blackout, the Internet must be feeling pretty hungover. This handful of photos taken during some of my recent nightcrawling should help nourish you back to health. Also, don’t forget to drink lots of Gatorade… and take a poop!

empire state building framed scaffolding Steam will rise

Like an old syringe found behind a dumpster, this photo would be better if it was a little bit sharper.

steam pipe union sq Steam will rise

It’s Winter in New York City, so these steam pipes are all over the place for… uh, for some reason or other. I actually have no clue what they do… aside from the obvious, of course. The steam’s smell certainly leaves something to be desired, though. Does a city fart?

Farted out by one of New York City’s many assholes (not to be confused with its many armpits). I like it. Maybe that’s how I was born.

steam rising traffic light Steam will rise

atm at peculiar pub Steam will rise

There aren’t many better ways to cap a night out than by putting down a few pints at Peculiar Pub in the West Village, particularly if you like sampling from a staggering list of weird beers, and more importantly, if you happen to cap your nights at 9:30pm, before all the NYU kids and the rest of the Bleeker St. frat house show up. Many a sad bank statement has been printed at that ATM, let me tell you.


Sink or swim

If you have a day off and don’t waste it by sleeping through the entire thing, you’re blowing it (I think). Nonetheless, I promised myself when I had this baby I wouldn’t be a negligent blogger daddy, god damn it! So, that said, here are some new photos from around my way. It’s still technically autumn, though it won’t be for long, so I figured I’d post these in memory of a time when it was warm enough to go skateboarding and not want to die every single time you fall. Concrete hurts more in below-freezing temperatures — that’s just a fact… a cold, hard fact.

apartment building covered in ivy Sink or swim

That building needs to shave. God, have some self respect you friggin animal.

dime bag Sink or swim

To be honest, I’m not sure if that’s hash or a lil’ piece of dog dookie, but I do know that is just an adorable little plastic bag!

duck pond prospect park Sink or swim

If you’ve ever seen Creepshow 2 (which I can’t entirely recommend, but is somehow still totally worth watching), you might feel the same way I do about these ducks. Poor bastards, right? Ever since I saw “The Raft”, I’ve never been able to look at oil slicks or even large expanses of algae the same way. I mean, seriously, my world has been rocked.

The creature even destroys his medical marijuana! I mean, what is this thing?!

the raft youtube comment Sink or swim

The YouTube peanut gallery always has the most fascinating insights.

algae covered pond moon in daylight Sink or swim

Man-eating oil slick or not, seriously, don’t come on in, the water is not fine.



Ah, nothing like the rejuvenating powers of a weekend to leave you wanting to die on a Monday morning. Nonetheless, I am renewed in my ongoing struggle to keep this blog updated regularly, presuming there’s still anybody left reading. Regardless, here’s hoping I can avoid the Internet’s many snares and make this a productive start to the week. It’s been a while, since I kind of disappeared there for a couple of days last week, so here’s a big pile of photos from the not-so-distant past to get things rolling again.

And speaking of getting things rolling — after you finish reading this post, you should probably go skateboarding. My board is broken and I’m up to my armpit hair in shit to do, so somebody better be taking advantage of this perfect Fall weather.

car with barf on it Regurgitation

Yeah, it’s kind of a crappy photo, but it’s a crappy situation, so I feel it’s appropriate. What would be inappropriate? Barfing on someone’s car.

parking lot underpass cool woven light fixture Regurgitation

sunnyside sign Regurgitation

Why doesn’t every neighborhood in New York have cool signs? Williamsburg’s just begging for an abstract trash monument spelling out its name looming overhead when you exit the Bedford station. I feel it’s a bit of a missed opportunity on the city’s part, plus it would help legitimize the practice of giving every 5 block radius a cute name to make it seem like trendier, and therefore pricier, real estate. If you’re going to get scammed into living in a place called “MiMa,” for example, you might as well get a huge testament to it written in neon as an added bonus. God knows you’re paying enough for it.

red lights in windows Regurgitation

subway station Regurgitation

Slowly, but surely I am working through my backlog of photography from much earlier this year. While it may be a new week, and a fresh start, it is also important to keep our past in perspective. With that in mind, I’m about to reminisce on this past weekend by gorging myself on leftover pizza. And if you too are fortunate enough to find the ruins of some pizza, or Chinese takeout, or beer, amongst the rubble of the weekend in your apartment, I strongly suggest you do the same.