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Steam will rise

After yesterday’s anti-SOPA/PIPA/rich evildoers blackout, the Internet must be feeling pretty hungover. This handful of photos taken during some of my recent nightcrawling should help nourish you back to health. Also, don’t forget to drink lots of Gatorade… and take a poop!

empire state building framed scaffolding Steam will rise

Like an old syringe found behind a dumpster, this photo would be better if it was a little bit sharper.

steam pipe union sq Steam will rise

It’s Winter in New York City, so these steam pipes are all over the place for… uh, for some reason or other. I actually have no clue what they do… aside from the obvious, of course. The steam’s smell certainly leaves something to be desired, though. Does a city fart?

Farted out by one of New York City’s many assholes (not to be confused with its many armpits). I like it. Maybe that’s how I was born.

steam rising traffic light Steam will rise

atm at peculiar pub Steam will rise

There aren’t many better ways to cap a night out than by putting down a few pints at Peculiar Pub in the West Village, particularly if you like sampling from a staggering list of weird beers, and more importantly, if you happen to cap your nights at 9:30pm, before all the NYU kids and the rest of the Bleeker St. frat house show up. Many a sad bank statement has been printed at that ATM, let me tell you.


A twinkle of hope

dripping misty window A twinkle of hope

You can tell Chicago’s really in the black abyss that is the middle of winter when I start chasing around points of light like a playful cat… or crack head.

dave chapelle tyrone biggums A twinkle of hope

light on wall A twinkle of hope

Mother Nature, you awful bitch, please let me go outside for extended periods of time again soon.