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Caught in a stasis

These semi-abstract close ups of sunsets are probably pretty boring to some people, but I am obviously not one of those people. There are those who may feel that I’m only capturing a background image without a proper subject. But to me, a sunset is a fantastic subject — always moving, always changing, always different than the last. In fact, they’re one of my (again, obviously) favorite subjects, and I’m not just saying that because I dislike almost every person I’ve ever met.

insane sunset1 Caught in a stasis

insane sunset2 Caught in a stasis

insane sunset3 Caught in a stasis

Oh smog, how boring and healthy (and therefore even more boring) the sky would be without you.

Maybe as boring as saying the word “boring” six seven times in a single post?

Or maybe… as boring as these photos? icon sad Caught in a stasis