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From Shadows

Another day, another creepy creature feature.

grim reaper statue From Shadows

lots of candles From Shadows

I was going through my slightly intimidating backlog of photography last night, as I am wont to do when I am faced with the rare free moment, and I discovered these lonely loners. They were relegated as an oddball castoffs when they didn’t fit in, thematically, with whatever else went up from their batch that day, sometime back in 2011. Oddbally enough, this is perfect, considering no other photos are going up today, so I’d say the theme actually is “oddball castoffs” this time around. I mean, that’s kind of always the theme at Dedleg, but I’m speaking relatively here.


For whom the bell tokes

zack morris smells pot For whom the bell tokes

Why yes, Zachary, I do.

sour diesel close up For whom the bell tokes

When weed looks this good, as a card-carrying cannabis connoisseur, you’re kind of obligated to take a photo of it. And smoke it. Duh.

lighter on window sill halloween decoration shadow For whom the bell tokes

Some of my associates and I created hanging decorations for Halloween, and given our year-round appreciation of the creepy, the kooky, the mysterious and the spooky, they took a little longer to part with than the pink plastic vampire fangs that rip the shit out of your gums. Plus, they cast really cool shadows on the wall, which are almost decorations in and of themselves.

halloween decorations shadows skull with wig For whom the bell tokes

Can you figure out which one I made?

cthulhu decoration shadow For whom the bell tokes

Gosh, I sure love a Friday off. As the wise Britney Spears once said, you feel like paradise — and I need a vacation tonight.


Down to the last drop

It’s been a skull-heavy week around here. What can I say? I mean besides “get used to it.”

skull drinking beer Down to the last drop

So, in anticipation of this weekend’s self-destructive festivities, here’s a photo of a glittery skull being force-fed alcohol amongst some other miscellany.

underside of beer shadow on wall Down to the last drop

spider crawling on wall Down to the last drop

However, I must be off, as all play and no work make Dedleg a poor boy — and I’m not talking about an intimidatingly large regional sandwich stuffed with creepy crawlies found at the bottom of the sea. That would be scary. Fortunately we’re just dealing with financial destitution here, which is a considerably more manageable horror. And speaking of, why don’t you do your part to help out and buy some Dedleg buttons, the perfect compliment to any wardrobe. This is kind of like when somebody asks you if you want a piece of gum, and they’re actually just trying to nicely tell you that your breath is fucking rank. You should buy some Dedleg buttons, because, frankly, right now you look kind of like a loser.



Isn’t it awesome to wake up from the food coma of a century only to find out it’s Monday morning? The long holiday weekend was disgusting, slothful, unproductive… in a word: blissful. And then the work week comes along and snatches your freedom away once more. Fucking Indian givers…

Maybe that was too punny for 8:30 am on Monday. Maybe I’m so ballsy that I went there anyway. Ballsy, that’s a literary device for those of you who never took a writing workshop.

bliss tag garbage cans shadow Shadowmaster

shadow of light on wall Shadowmaster


Chasing Shadows

shadows Chasing Shadows

There was a while (when I was an Anne Rice obsessed freak) where I used to think being a vampire would be no problem. Thinking that because I tend to enjoy the night more, as a general rule, I wouldn’t miss the sun. Granted, anyone who reads this blog regularly and knows of my complete lack of restraint when it comes to photographing sunsets will realize how idiotic that line of logic was.

Upon further reflection and several years of maturation (but not enough to make me immune to shit jokes) my official stance has changed. If I had to live for an eternity and only see either day or night, I’d have to pick the day.

I may be betraying the inner hipster that festers inside me who only wakes up once it’s time to go out and get more beer, but I’m sorry, nighttime is for goths. And people bound to human lifespans and therefore, human societal restrictions. The night is practical for your average citizen, particularly if said citizen participates in, uh, “extralegal” activities, whatever those may be. However, if you were an immortal creature, do you really think you’d give a shit about what time of day it was? Might as well get as many sunny days into that infinity of yours as possible.

So, while we’re on the subject, where are all the stories of legendary monsters who spend their cursed lives roaming the daylight, and slumber peacefully during the forbidden night? I mean besides humans.