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Hanging it all out there

Nobody skates a roof like Harry Jumonjii skates a roof. And especially not in boxer shorts.

harry jumonjii layback 50501 Hanging it all out there

[photo by Nina Mouritzen]

This isn’t the first time I’ve blogged about the man’s high-flying antics. Good to see he hasn’t learned his lesson yet. With any luck, he’ll never have to!


Light and Dark

Here’s a small pile of photographs that have been, ahem, darkening my hard drive for the past few months. In truth, my backlog of photography is likely more impressive than any of the photography therein. And that’s not supposed to be as self-deprecating as it sounds, I just have like… seriously a shit ton of pictures from months ago that I haven’t looked through yet.

view out train window dark street Light and Dark

This is one of those problems that will probably never go away as long as I continue to bring my camera along whenever I (rarely) leave the confines of my apartment. But it’s also one of those problems that isn’t really that much of a problem, either.

glowing water glass overlooking street Light and Dark

door to rooftop Light and Dark

empire state building from roof top Light and Dark

clouds over moon Light and Dark

Roof access is one of those things I hope to acquire while I’m still young enough to truly enjoy it (because nothing’s enjoyable when you’re old), along with a balcony and a ball pit. After the ball pit’s in, then we can start talking about the pool full of gold coins. Baby steps.