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I ain't payin for this shit, dog

Movie directors would do well to take note. This is what 2 minutes and 34 seconds of pure insanity looks like.

Or did I mean pure comedy? You guys saw the dude that grabs the hair dryer like it’s a gun, right? Although I must admit, I feel kind of bad for the dog, even if it’s a completely mental killing machine. He clearly came in the place with the sole intention of biting that first guy’s nuts off — everybody else was just collateral.

Either that, or he’s racist.

P.S. The audio is fake if you didn’t know. Think of it as a good general guide — lots of profanities, lots of screaming and shouting… I mean, it’s a pit bull attack in a fucking barbershop, how much closer to the definition of “total clusterfuck” can you even get?