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Come comb through the new collection

Happy Supreme Day. Go buy some shit. And if you waited in line for this glorious occasion, well… you probably shouldn’t have. Me? I’ll wait for the craze to die down, but I sure hope they don’t sell out of those combs… need that shit.

supreme comb Come comb through the new collection

Self portrait, btw. No, seriously.


Respect the fly shit

Figured since I already funneled some questionably objectionable content from the mags this week, I’d keep a good thing going with a scathing critique of the latest CCS catalog. Okay, yes, we’re grabbing at possibly the lowest hanging fruit in the entire skateboarding industry right now (I mean… besides Trukfit, but I don’t think that really counts). Nonetheless, somebody’s gotta be skateboarding’s watchdog! We must be constantly vigilant. Mailorder catalogs might not be typically considered “media outlets”, but just look at what happened to Batman, for example. He lets it slide for a couple years, and what happens? The master detective gets put in a master backbreaker. I’m not going to let that happen to skateboarding. No sir, if anybody’s going to focus my board, it’s going to be me in the middle of a completely inappropriate adult temper tantrum!

Surely there’s a parallel to be drawn between The Batman and John Cardiel, but rather than tread heavily upon sacred ground, let’s just stick to something everyone can agree on — and that is how fucking lame CCS is. Your own personal ruling may be fairly apathetic if you’ve never been in the market for plaid shorts and therefore have limited experience with the mailorder mainstay, or maybe you’re a bit more spiteful after getting burned on shipping and handling fees for a custom complete years ago, but one thing is for sure, everybody thinks CCS is pretty lame, if nothing else. Yes, even the guys they pay to be on their “team.” They’re just contractually obligated not to tell anybody how they really feel, that’s all.

ccs stays fly Respect the fly shit

While it is true that the skate session and the chill session do almost always blend into one, something about saying it like that is just…

lucille eye roll Respect the fly shit

At the same time, it is good to know that brands with deep roots in skateboarding are still considering how important it is to stay fly. Personally, I refuse to support the brands out there who blatantly disregard my need to look fresh at all times. Of course, I can’t actually think of any brands out there who actively design gear that look like shit on purpose, but according to CCS, they exist. Fortunately, the merciful gods curating the pages of the CCS catalog have your flyest interests at heart and protect us from those who would have us looking like common scrubs, skeezers, and scamps!

Ah well, they’re not all bad, I guess. I did find a pretty sweet shot of Brian Anderson from a few years back on their website, so based on that alone it’s physically impossible for them to totally suck. I’m going to go ahead and post it because if there’s another thing everyone can agree on, it’s that Brian Anderson is awesome. And if it turns out that’s not something everyone can agree on, why don’t you go ahead and not even let me know, because I don’t want to live in that kind of world.

brian anderson frontside grind nosegrab Respect the fly shit

One of these days I wanna start my own skateboard magazine called Trasher, where we’d just get wasted and make fun of everybody. People would be into that, right?

trasher parody logo Respect the fly shit

At the very least, we should probably make t-shirts…


Eyes open, stomach full

The All Seeing Eye in the Pie knows my deepest, darkest secret: I’m hungry.

pizza all seeing eye Eyes open, stomach full

Surely, whatever foodstuff you eat for lunch today can only hope to be reincarnated as a pizza in its next stage of existence. And if you happen to actually eat pizza for lunch, then that pizza can only hope to one day be reincarnated as better pizza. In my optimistic view of the universe, pizza’s potential to be good extends on toward infinity — I pray to god every night that I never meet the best pizza ever created, as from then on my life will amount to little more than a series of disappointments. There will be nothing left to see, nothing left to achieve. My purpose for living will have at once been realized and destroyed.

It’s safe to say that were it not for pizza, I would not be the man I am today… which is to say, an overgrown teenager with a gut.

So let’s hear it for pizza! The tastiest vegetable that isn’t actually a vegetable, but kind of is anyway, because our culture has become a parody of itself.


Types of feral cats, for 100

mountain lion parody logo Types of feral cats, for 100

After Apple releases Mountain Lion, then what? Sabretooth Tiger? Radioactive Werecat? Thundercat? Fuck it, how about just Snarf?

snarf apple Types of feral cats, for 100

Look at him there, like a statue of a Greek god. A true champion for the Olympians of our time — consumer electronics. It’s perfect.


Kill joy, bad guy, big-talking small fry

A silly tribute to one of my favorite Queen songs, “Death on Two Legs” —

ded on two legs Kill joy, bad guy, big talking small fry

Of course, the image would seem rather dumb if you didn’t happen to know the song I’m talking about. But fear not! I’m a pretty all-inclusive kind of cat, so…

Queen — Death on Two Legs

While you bask in the glory that is Freddy Mercury’s angelic voice, I’ve just gotta say, I’m really psyched the weekend is upon us. I never thought these words would come out of my mouth — “happy [insert day of the week that isn’t Saturday or Sunday]” — under any circumstance, but… seriously everyone, happy Friday. No, you know what? Happy fucking Friday.


A High-Talker

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

mr pitt snickers bar A High Talker

Seriously though, I am thankful for Snickers bars, those shits is…

fucking delicious snickers logo A High Talker

Or, as Kanye might put it, “Fuckin’ ridicalicious.”

This is what I get up to when I finally have a day off. Doing crappy parodies of candy bar logos. They always did say ambition was a fatal flaw…

Eh, what the fuck?

dedleg snickers flip A High Talker

Very limited edish Dedleg x Snickers collabo coming out this Holiday season. icon rolleyes A High Talker

Jokes, of course. But can you just imagine the free candy that would come with a deal like that? I’d get fat and all my teeth would rot and… my god, it would be awesome.


No way to live

It dawned on me this morning that today is my last day in this apartment / secretive underground lair. I can’t say I’m nearly as emotionally attached to this one as I was to the place in Chicago, and if you’ve been keeping up all this time, you’ll know my relative lack of photography from within the walls of my domicile over the past year sort of says it all. Indeed, I will not be sad to see it go, and I don’t suspect any of you will be either. Dedleg HQ is moving on to bigger and better things. Our new hideout in the sky may be in a less trendy neighborhood, but the good thing about that is now I’ll definitely be the coolest motherfucker on the block, as opposed to now when there’s only like an 80-85% chance.

In any case, as a sort of memorial to how pathetically shitty my old apartment is, I’ve created a masterful Craigslist listing in the hopes of helping the gutless bloodsuckers who own the building move it over a little faster.

fake apartment craigslist post No way to live

Anyway, no underwhelming Craigslist post would be complete without some misleading photos, right?

crushed rolling rock can No way to live

One time, my friend, who is a very prominent fashionista currently touring throughout Europe, asked if he could use the apartment as the set of the photo shoot for his new line of Beer Can Heels™ — finally a heel any man could wear with pride. They’re still in development, but he told me I could share a teaser with the Dedleg audience, since you guys are, after all, a demographic with extremely good taste.

beer can shoes No way to live

purple pea pods light on floor No way to live

nails in wall No way to live

We had a few things hung on the walls here and there, nothing crazy though.

nails in wall2 No way to live

rave lights No way to live

This is from that time I had a rave and is not an accurate depiction of the usual state of the apartment. Hm… I wonder if that was what that threatening note was all about anyway…


Episode IV: NOOO Hope

Although I grew up well-acquainted with The Force, as far as sci-fi/fantasy trilogies go I’m really more of a Lord of the Rings guy. What can I say, Middle Earth is a hell of a lot more scenic than the blackest depths of the Dagobah system. And let’s be honest, full-heartedly repping both trilogies would result in such a culmination of staggering dorkiness that I think my pants would automatically hike up an extra 6 inches and tape would suddenly appear around my glasses. Anyway, while this hardly classifies as news, since George Lucas has built a bit of a reputation for ruining his own franchises, it’s gotten just too damn amusing not to comment on.

Despite the fact that Darth Vader’s anguished “NOOOOOO!!!” from Episode III: Revenge of the Sith was one of the silliest and rightfully-mocked moments amongst three prequels full of moments deserving mockery, George Lucas has gone back and lost his mind in the editing room once again, this time for the rerelease of the original trilogy on Blu-ray. Through some misguided attempt at achieving pointless symmetry between the two trilogies, Lucas now has Vader shouting his infamous “NOOOOO!!!” when Palpatine electrocutes Luke Skywalker’s light-side-of-the-force-having ass. It’s hilarious. And also sad. But mostly hilarious.

No… no, indeed. Darth’s first “no” sounds like he just smelled a whiff of dog shit, while the second “no” sounds like he just realized he stepped in the dog shit.

To be clear, that video is not pulled from the Blu-ray. It’s a sort of “mock up” a fan made, using the DVD footage and dubbing in the new Blu-ray audio. Nonetheless, what a way to turn a great scene into a campy parody of itself. Just like the mighty Death Star, it seems George Lucas too cannot be allowed to exist in the Star Wars universe.

star wars comic1 Episode IV: NOOO Hope

star wars no comic2 Episode IV: NOOO Hope

Gratuitous? Yes. Looks like I’m feeling a little Lucasartsy-fartsy myself — I just couldn’t stop myself.


It's sucking my will to live

Is there any point in posting a drawing after 5 PM, when nobody’s going to be wasting time on blogs instead of doing their jobs until tomorrow morning? What’s that old saying? If a bear shits in the forest and there’s no one there to smell it, did it still stink?

skate mental stabas world deck design progress Its sucking my will to live

Anyway, I don’t like to make a practice of sharing incomplete work, but I wanted to show you guys exactly how I managed to squander my entire afternoon.

I hate to put this little teaser up so late, and wish I could have put up a “real” drawing earlier today, but I’m in the midst of working on a design for the Skate Mental board graphic contest Active Ride Shop is currently holding. Perhaps it’s an obscure reference in 2011, but in my opinion, if you don’t know the scene this drawing is inspired by you have single-handedly doomed humanity to a ghastly, humorless fate only this world’s most depraved sadists could even imagine. If you’ve spent this much time on Earth and somehow haven’t seen Wayne’s World yet, do your homework, kids. After all, Alice Cooper certainly did…

Just like Milwaukee’s long history of visitors, I hope my visit to the land of deck graphic design will be equally fruitful. Check back later this week for the exciting conclusion of Dedleg’s World of Wayne Tour.


Make that ass clap with this healthy snack

For the first ten seconds of watching this, I actually believed it was real. When I took another ten seconds to do some cursory research, the sense of disappointment settling in was palpable. Indeed, the all-too-delicious title, “Banned 90s LUNCHABLEZ commercial” is nothing more than a cheesy marketing ploy; the “z” should have clued me in. Nonetheless, the spoof is still hilarious. Coincidentally, it also serves as a semi-comprehensive parody of every stereotype in mainstream rap right now.

Thanks for the tip, Logan.

Most children of the 90s salivate with nostalgia for Lunchables, and that’s not to say I don’t have fond memories of snacking on them as a young middle-class American, already learning important lessons like brand recognition and how buying things that are popular can make you popular, too. Still, even at the time, I remember my stomach’s subtle churning in anticipation as I held a slippery disc of ham, white veins of fat seemingly multiplying just beneath the translucent skin. Today, the thought of it almost makes me wretch.

lunchables Make that ass clap with this healthy snack

Umm… I’m not that hungry after all

Maybe watching a ceremonial pig get skewered on a back-episode of No Reservations last night turned me into a ninny, but one thing’s for sure, acting like a dick to Mother Nature has turned the bitch against us. And you know what? We deserve it… we deserve it.

Our world is in peril. Gaia, the spirit of the Earth, can no longer stand the terrible destruction plaguing our planet. Earth! Fire! Wind! Water! Heart! Gooo Planet!

How I got from a fake Lunchables commercial to a half-serious discussion of environmental collapse and finally close with the opening lines of the Captain Planet intro, even I don’t know. All the preservatives in the Lunchables I ate as a kid must have pickled my brain.


Foul Play

It was understandable when we previously encroached on skateboarding’s territory in our blackhole-like tendency to implode every major visual artifact we’ve ever seen. After all, I’ve made blood offerings in countless empty lots and alley ways; some of that aforementioned territory now includes my flesh, so I think I’m entitled a little ownership. However, when it comes to touching on mainstream sports, even I hesitate, considering I know, well, absolutely nothing about them. But fear not, I’m no fan of silly games. Unless you count “killing it everyday” a game, in which case… it’s the only game I play.

major league grim reaper dedleg colorway Foul Play

Going with our official colors was sort of a must, but this one was just begging for some more colorways. And it’s generally not a good idea to refuse someone clutching a scythe.

major league grim reaper gray colorway Foul Play

Figured a grave, monotone version was more than appropriate for our deathly friend here. And then of course, how could I resist…

major league grim reaper mlb colorway Foul Play