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Nick Boserio is The Skateboarding Jesus

This clip from a little Nike SB trip to China is just more proof, as far as I’m concerned.

The YouTube Goon Squad agrees, too:

nick boserio borat shreds Nick Boserio is The Skateboarding Jesus

It’s an interesting trio to take — on the one hand you’ve got Zigram23, the most technically advanced skateboarding Terminator ever designed. Then you’ve got, as I said, the skateboarding Jesus, and finally, Alex Campbell, a… uh… skateboarding… skateboarder? What does it all mean? What’s the common thread? Well, they’re all Australian, of course. The Aussies Take China Tour. I’m not sure if that’s what the name of the tour actually was, but in any case… it should have been.

The most important thing to take away from this clip, though, I think, is every one of Nick Boserio’s tricks. Dude is just fucking killing it. That bomb he throws over the corner in that paradise of a skate spot at 3:32 is just unreal. What ever it is about his maniac, seconds-from-death style really tickles my skateboarding bone.


Skate Break

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know who any of the guys on Nike’s Australian team are. It is enough to know that they are Australian. If you’ve been paying attention to skateboarding for a while, surely you’ve come upon this realization by yourself some time ago, but it should be stated again for the record: skateboarding powers are enhanced by incredible magnitudes in the land down under. To this day, scientists are baffled as to why, and you’ll be baffled as well when you watch this video, but it’s an irrefutable fact.

Plus, the video’s got Nick Boserio in it, so I’m kind of morally obligated to post it, since 1) skateboarding powers are enhanced by beards, and 2) he’s one of the best skateboarders ever made, Australian in origin, bearded, or otherwise.

At press time, it was unconfirmed whether or not the Australian team has been participating in Nike’s recently-unveiled “Skate Every Damn Day” program, but whatever program they are on, it seems to be working. What I can tell you is that Dedleg’s patented “Skate Down The Block To Grab A Six Pack A Couple Times A Week” program doesn’t seem to yield results quite as effectively. Still fun though.


Skate Syndication

I feel like I’ve been slacking a bit on the skateboarding web clip front lately. I’m starting a new part-time, in-office gig this week so, unfortunately, that’s going to cut down on my ability to wake up at noon and smoke weed all day. However, I still should be able to squeeze in my normal Dedleg duties, duties which include posting skateboarding clips a week after everybody’s already seen them. And given the general state of the Internet these days (ravenous), chances are good you’ve already seen at least one of these already. Hey, if I can’t contribute to the cultural supersaturation, I’m really not too clear on what my purpose here even is.

To celebrate the release of P. Rod’s 5th signature shoe and hopefully convince some people that Nike SB actually has other models besides the Janoski, Nike sent a mob of pros, shop owners and media types to Barcelona, split them up into teams and had them each provide an edit of whatever footage they managed to amass. This one, predominately featuring Omar Salazar, is my favorite, and not just because it’s the only one I bothered to sit through in its entirety. It’s also because I happen to find Omar’s devil-may-care approach to skateboarding considerably more interesting than Shane O’Neill’s continued, successful attempts to bridge the gap between video games and reality.

Since the previous video only had 12,000 views, I figured there was a slim chance a percentage of Dedleg’s viewership wasn’t included in that number. This one, on the other hand, is sitting atop a looming 63,000 views, which I think is actually more than the total number of skateboarders on earth. Obviously, I’m not including longboarders in that figure since 1) they aren’t real skateboarders anyway and 2) I saw at least 63,000 of them during my afternoon commute. In any case, I’m posting this for the remaining handful of people in the galaxy who haven’t checked it out yet because it really is that much of a must-see, I mean, as far as straight-to-Internet throwaway footage goes.

In any case, SOTY’s lead a pretty comfortable life, it seems… after falling down enough flights of stairs to earn a SOTY, of course.


Around the world in 80 pairs of vintage dunks

Nike’s the devil, blah blah blah, something about bloodsucking corporations, greed, slave labor, and so forth. We’ve heard it all before, and frankly it’s becoming harder to care when they keep putting out incredible footage like this. Granted, that’s mostly because Nike has ludicrous amounts of money and has afforded themselves perhaps the most mind blowing team of skateboarding geniuses ever amassed. Which, of course, only reinforces the whole “Nike bought into skateboarding in order to make that money back times a billion on skateboarding” argument.

But at the end of the day, is there really that much of a difference between Nike and any other skate company living under a big corporate umbrella? Alien Workshop is a prestigious company with a hallowed reputation and all-star roster of skater bois, but they’re owned by Burton. Even my beloved Vans has certainly raked in grotesque profits by selling their sneakers in every desperate mall store and discount shoe website that ever existed. So let’s leave the politics aside (you know, after I write 161 words on it first), because skating this good really doesn’t need to be debated.

In the end, I think the message we’re supposed to take away from all this is that Grant Taylor is some kind of skateboarding messiah, and that the rest of us normal humans were merely born to watch him perform his miracles.


Maybe the dingo stole your skateboard

Nike just posted the second installment of their Australian tour video, Belco or Bust. What do you get when you throw Lance Mountain, Peter Hewitt, Grant Taylor, Chet Childress, Omar Salazar and a bunch of crazy, native Australians into a cramped van, traversing the parched roads of Oz? Well, a pretty great little tour video, for one.

For two, some gnarly skating… which, on further reflection, is pretty much summed up by it being a great tour video so… fuck me, I guess. Oh — for two, lots of pool skating in particular, fuckers! Get some!

Personally, I’m really lamenting BA’s absence on this tour, but that’s just because he’s the coolest with his Jolly Green Giant slow man flow. He’s got some tranny skills too, so it would have been a match made in Australia’s Heaven, which I think is actually Hell. Anyway, he was on a trip with Girl at the time, and everybody knows those tours are always super lame.


Sweep and Destroy

Nike’s obviously the most corporate of all the blue-blooded vampires attached to skateboarding’s gushing neck, but god damn if they don’t have a fucking incredible team. It’s like the Super Friends of skating.

This clearly points to my destiny — I must create a shoe brand all of my own, the fearsome (but mostly embarrassingly lame) Legion of Doom of skating, each member more useless and insipid than the last. The best part is, that would probably be incredibly easy to do. I mean, except for the whole producing sneakers part of it, but whatever… I’m a dreamer man, I don’t get hung up on small technicalities.

Anyway, Nike SB is going to be releasing to the web their new tour video, Don’t Fear The Sweeper, on January 11th. The trailer looks promising, and no doubt the video will live up to this potential considering Nike has a Scrooge McDuck sized pool full of gold coins hidden below their corporate headquarters.


Watch my feet

I’m part of the faction of skaters (rapidly approaching the classification “old people”) who will always feel a little on edge about Nike’s involvement in the industry. Granted… there are tons of megacorporate brands who have gotten their fingers in the cookie jar at this point, so really, might as well let all those big wig fat cats get their fill now that we’ve gone and whored it up so much already.

Either way, I really enjoyed Nike SB’s all am video, Debacle. This is a new bonus section of footage from the video that didn’t make the cut, just burped up from the fiery gut beneath Nike’s monstrous, iron jaws. And, like Debacle itself, the little video is fucking awesome. In my opinion, these are some of the most exciting up-and-comers to watch for in the coming years. They’re all incredibly talented, but they’ve also got that raw aggression, speed, and style that made early, now legendary, street skaters so influential in the first place.