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Yo what's good New York

beer me Yo whats good New York

Hello again, New York. For the next 96 hours, I am in you. It’s gonna be a wild ride (hopefully).


Night Light

You thought I forgot, huh?

tribute in light behind trees Night Light

There is a light and it never goes out. Okay, actually, that’s not true. It goes out at 20-minute intervals because otherwise thousands of migrating birds would circle it for hours in confusion and ultimately die from exhaustion. And don’t you forget it!


To hold you in time

Skate photographer Johnathan Mehring tosses up odds and ends from his vaults on Skateboarder’s website from time to time, and he just dumped a veritable treasure trove down into this series of tubes called the Internet that we fiendishly suckle at, nourishing us yes, and yet draining us utterly at the same time…

But anyway, let’s not get all dystopian and stick to the skateboarding! Fuck thinking, we need to shred! Maybe a few of these shots will inspire you to do some shredding of your own. Or instead, maybe you’ll just go buy some tight Dickies and a vintage AC/DC t-shirt, and post up on Bedford Avenue with a slick plastic banana board you picked up at Urban Outfitters. It’s your world, boo, we just have to live in it with you, unfortunately.

I forgot to mention, these are all from the New York area, specifically Brooklyn and the Bronx. Which makes the shots particularly relevant to this website’s motif so it’s almost justifiable that I’m just ripping off a whole bunch of content from somebody else. Hey, sharing is caring, guys. Sharing is caring.

rob pluhowski falls To hold you in time

A truly epic moment in time, and a classic slam for anybody whose formative skateboarding education took place in the wake of Photosynthesis. You’ll immediately recognize this shot of Rob Pluhowski hovering above his doom if you ever saw Habitat’s Mosaic, which is, shockingly, nearly a decade old now. You know you’re doing something right (I think) when your slam is so good that they put that in your part instead of the actual make. Hell, it opens the part. Check it out below if you’re a delinquent and haven’t done your homework:

jason dill 50 To hold you in time

Moving past the Mosaic era and landing sometime between DVS’s Skate More (2005) and AWS’s Mindfield (2009), we find Dill rocking the shants & NorCal ripper socks combo while everybody else thought he looked like a fruitcake. Or if you were a fan you probably just said, “Oh, that’s Jason Dill for you. Weird and fashiony.” But one thing’s for sure, you weren’t rocking shants & NorCal ripper socks. No, you assholes waited until those little shits from Odd Future went and sold Supreme to the mainstream to start doing that (2011). And the thing is… they were probably just copying Jason Dill anyway.

For the record, when I say “you” were doing this, or “you” were doing that, I don’t really mean you you, you, the reader of this website. Not necessarily anyway. I’m just speaking in generalities. Hey, I have to yell at someone. I’ve got a lot of rage up inside me. Shit’s gotta come out. It’s not healthy to hold shit in. Shoulda learned that in the 1st grade and you wouldn’t have pooped your pants in front of the whole class, but hey, there I go again with the damn “you” thing, so I apologize.

jason adams ollie To hold you in time

I like this one because it shows how much New York has changed in a relatively short amount of time. I mean, you always hear about how the city has changed so much between the 80s and today, but I wasn’t living in New York to see that metamorphosis. So it’s cool to start to notice things like that, and by “cool,” I actually mean “kind of disheartening.” In any case, this weird, industrial spot Jason Adams is ollieing into sure looks like a shit hole, but now it’s home to multimillion dollar condominiums and the waterfront park where I took so many photos of the Empire State Building while living in Williamsburg, only a few blocks away. For example…

nyc skyline behind construction site To hold you in time

But let’s get back to photography that isn’t mine, and is therefore, much, much more exciting. And it doesn’t get much more exciting than TNT boosting a massive air in front of the old KCDC location.

tony trujillo jump ramp To hold you in time

[all skate photography by Johnathan Mehring]

I feel like that one’s probably the ender. I mean… come on.

Not a single flip trick is featured in this post. Woops. I mean unless you call Rob Pluhowski’s half back flip corkscrew thing into the world’s biggest puddle a “trick,” but I don’t think it counts.


Can you dig it?

cyrus the warriors Can you dig it?

I believed in Cyrus, man. He was the real deal. I could dig it. But he was too good for this world. Much like this clip from Iron Claw welcoming Cyrus Bennett. Not like that was hard to achieve considering it opens with a clip from The Warriors. You could follow that with 30 minutes of two guys braiding each other’s dicks, and I’d still probably post it, just because I love The Warriors that much, and, I mean… that’d be a pretty crazy video.

That said, the skating is good too, plus it’s always fun to watch people skate spots you’ve skated much better than you could ever skate them.

luther the warriors Can you dig it?

The line at the end is fucking bonkers. More, please.


Boys in blue

Figured it’s been a little too long since I posted up some good ol’ fashioned New York grime. NYC’s still got it! You just gotta know where to look.

Or where not to live, I guess, depending on how you, well, look at it.

dissed new york tag Boys in blue

face mask hanging on fence Boys in blue

There’s something decidedly zombie apocalypse about this shot. Which I’m feelin’. I’m down with the sickness, you might say.

birds on a roof Boys in blue

Photography’s for the birds.

security camera on wall Boys in blue

Then again, there’s something to be said for keeping your eye on the street…


You have to see it for yourself

morpheus les skate park You have to see it for yourself

In what surely must be a record in speedy skate park construction, the renovated LES park is set to open this Thursday, which just so happens to be Go Skateboarding Day. Hell of a coincidence, huh? Until you stop to think about how there are no coincidences. I do not see coincidence, I see providence. I see purpose. I believe it is our fate to be here. It is our destiny.

Of course, you won’t want to actually go skating there on Go Skateboarding Day, as the crowds will resemble a swarm from a zombie outbreak inside the Staples Center during the summer 2025 X Games. But on some random summer day, before all the grime and infectious disease settles back into the dark corners of the park, it should be a downright lovely place to spend a few hours sweating it out. Plus, if you’re a crusty, old transition guy, you might be in luck considering most skateboarders under 20-years-old don’t know how to skate a quarter pipe.

les park1 You have to see it for yourself

les park2 You have to see it for yourself

[Skate park photos via Homage Brooklyn]

All that new concrete and transition is looking mighty fine. Now all we can do is hope they took care of that god-awful smell while they were at it.


Don't smoke 'em if ya got 'em

The times, they are a-changin’.

dime aint no crime ny post Dont smoke em if ya got em

You know, I’ve never been much for smoking (cough), but this is great news, nonetheless. I’m sick of hiding my dime bag collection from the world. It’s an art form, really.


The sky is falling

And now we enter… the rainy season.

rainy 10 day forecast The sky is falling

Copy-and-pasted straight from the pages of Wikipedia is an interesting tidbit about New York City’s climate. I quote, “although located at around 41°N, Manhattan has a humid subtropical climate.” Sure seems like that.

Not the kind of diagnosis you want to get at the onset of summer, particularly if you enjoy hobbies that are a lot less disgusting when you do them on dry pavement, like falling asleep in the gutter, or drawing chalk murals that look 3D from one side on the sidewalk, or like, skateboarding or whatever.


Train in Vain

It should come as no surprise that the MTA sucks just a little bit more than usual on rainy days. The roads are slippery, people are going slow and being extra cautious, visibility is reduced… wait. I actually have no explanation for why a train that operates underground is forced to run at 25% speed when it’s raining outside. I also have no explanation for the sudden downpour outside my window considering the forecast predicted sunny skies. And finally, I have no explanation for whatever the fuck this dude is doing. It seems the MTA, like life itself, is full of mystery.

mta contractor on strange train car Train in Vain

He was hanging strings from the beam above the center track. Maybe he just thought they looked nice, I don’t know.

strange train car Train in Vain

I have no idea what any of this shit is.

Anyway, that’s all for now - just wanted to get a couple flicks up to keep you nerds busy. Happy sailing!


Because he's the hero the Internet deserves

Here’s a quick batch of photography to help keep at bay the Internet’s nearly insatiable appetite for new content, which can only barely be matched by my own capacity to produce incredibly awesome shit.

It’s a hard job, keeping the Internet from tumblring - I mean, tumbling - into chaos every day, but hey, somebody’s got to do it, and I don’t see any of you assholes stepping up to the productivity plate. If, however, you are, then you have my sincere apologies for doubting your own personal ability to be awesome. I’m willing to accept such a quality might exist in other people, and if I didn’t see you, well, I probably just wasn’t wearing my glasses.

bat trike Because hes the hero the Internet deserves

I stumbled across one of Batman’s weekend rides downtown last weekend.

batman fabulous Because hes the hero the Internet deserves

And that’s not all I did last weekend. Look, I’m not going to say I met the Dark Knight and he took me for a spin on the ol’ Bat-Trike, and I’m not going to say we got Icees by the base of the Brooklyn Bridge, all I’m going to say is, it could happen.

stack of chairs Because hes the hero the Internet deserves

Batman must have stacked these chairs to leave himself an escape route. Only someone with training in multiple martial arts would be agile enough to get back down without breaking their neck! …Always the master detective.

motorcycle behind fence Because hes the hero the Internet deserves

Well, it’s no Bat-Trike, but… it’ll do.


Head in the clouds

Man, if you didn’t go skateboarding this weekend, I bet you’re regretting that now! Because I sure am icon sad Head in the clouds

Anyway, here are some kind of misty photos for a kind of misty day.

1 wtc under fog Head in the clouds

Shit ain’t even finished yet and it’s already the tallest building in New York.

1 wtc under fog2 Head in the clouds

1 wtc foggy night Head in the clouds

Interestingly enough, upon completion 1 WTC’s actual roof height will still be 82 feet shorter than the Willis Tower in Chicago. It will earn its “tallest building in the Western Hemisphere” epithet with its spire reaching an uber-patriotic 1,776 feet… basically, by cheating and coming up with a good excuse for it. It’s the American way!