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Now you mutter and you stutter and you putter, don't stop

As a well-established fan of both The Beastie Boys and Spike Jonze, it would seem negligent of me to not post their latest collaborative effort, the long-form music video/ short film / incredibly self-indulgent action figure romp for “Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win” off their new full length, Hot Sauce Committee Part 2.

An 11 minute video for a 4 minute song that can barely be heard most of the time? Sounds like the current state of the music industry to me.

It doesn’t quite hit the peak that the video for “Sabatoge” did, but I don’t think anybody, including Spike Jonze, was expecting that. And really, “Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win” kind of barely qualifies as a music video at all, but it sure is entertaining anyway. Would it be less entertaining if I wasn’t currently stoned and hadn’t spent countless hours as a child watching Thunderbirds? Probably. But I don’t want to get all caught up with technicalities. Ultimately, it comes down to this: the video has both the Dead Snow Nazi zombies and a Yeti. So, really, let’s not get greedy here.


Never touch his beans, never touch his food

It’s not hard to be a fan of Kool Keith if you stop trying to understand what he’s talking about and just enjoy the madness for what it really is: complete and utterly incomprehensible madness. The video for his new song, “Bushman”, off Yeti Beat’s This Is Not A Hotel, dropped last week, and like the rare Pokemon Kool Keith is, it evaded me until just now. While I’m not convinced the track is going to be tearing up the club scene any time soon, the video is pretty fucking amusing. It could best be described as Rick James meets Cobra Commander, but even that is a miserably inadequate comparison.

In this age of multi-million-dollar music video budgets, it’s nice to see we’re still capable of topping ourselves with a flip cam and Windows Movie Maker.

For more proof that almost everything that comes out of Kool Keith’s mouth is hilarious, check out this interview with him from a couple years ago about his refrigerator and why he started drinking seltzer water exclusively, amongst other things.

I’ve really learned seltzer water keeps people away. It’s a twist… like, “wow, I really don’t like it myself, but I like it, because people don’t like it.” Like, you have to do it that way.

Now that’s the kind of attitude I can get behind. Funny, yes, but whether or not everything the rapper/modern day prophet says is actually cool on the other hand, well, that really all depends on how you define “cool” in the first place.

Anyway, one thing’s for certain. I have a pretty clear contender for my 2011 Halloween costume. This October… Dedleg Jones is… The Bushman.


Coloring outside the lines

Despite pop music as a whole getting progressively shittier as the years go on, there’s been an inverted movement when it comes music videos. That alone says a lot about where our priorities are. The actual music means less than the barrage of visual stimulus that accompanies it. Plus, you can sneak product placement into music videos far more inconspicuously than adding a lyric like “Da da da da da, I’m lovin’ it!” into your hit single. Unless you’re the Black Eyed Peas, because they have no desire to even appear like legitimate musicians.

Anyway, occasionally there are great music videos with great songs behind them, and this one for French producer Breakbot’s “Baby, I’m Yours” featuring Irfane’s vocals is unquestionably one of them.

The animation was all hand-done with individual water color illustrations, which sounds like a serious pain in the ass. Apparently it took four months to complete, and the work obviously paid off. It’s the most beautiful and enthralling music video I’ve seen in quite some time. Granted, it might not get as many views (or ad dollars) as Lady Gaga’s latest leotard-clad spectacle, but this is a true work of art.


Big Bad Bazooka Tooth

Music videos are at their best when they’re as visually inspired as the song they’re created for — this one for Aesop Rock’s “Fast Cars” is awesome. It utilizes a pop-up book as its set and that theme also informs the video’s cut-paper aesthetic. If you’re making a video for an Aesop Rock track, you’ve got to be pretty weird and out of the box… or I guess in this case, out of the book.

Ugh. icon mad Big Bad Bazooka Tooth



You know why I’ll never be a successful hipster, or even a successful aging hipster about to move to Park Slope and buy an expensive designer stroller? Because I don’t like the band Grizzly Bear. That’s all, really. Because of that, they won’t let me into their club.

Nonetheless, I don’t think Grizzly Bear “sucks” — in fact, I think they’re phenomenally talented and pretty innovative, but frankly, I’m boring and close-minded and don’t really enjoy listening to experimental funk. Look bitches, I’m from the mother fucking trap, and I’m sorry, but I can’t relate to anything that doesn’t mention guns, or at the very least, hoes.

However. Regardless of your knowledge of, or interest in, Grizzly Bear, their new music video for the song “Ready, Able” is fucking incredible. Admittedly, I don’t have a fucking clue what’s going on but it sure looks awesome.

If you were from the generation of kids who grew up with Gumby and A Claymation Christmas Celebration, and only later discovered the joy of psychedelic drugs, then this is your quintessential music video. Enjoy it over a bowl of greens tonight.