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Get on the bandwagon

This is probably the single coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

Life is a highway, and they wanna ride it all night long. You could say, this band is definitely going places.


You go to the hozzy?

The September issue of Thrasher is muy bien.

I found the interview with Corey Duffel rather interesting, especially considering I’ve always liked my street pirates more Brian Anderson and less Captain Jack Sparrow. But for the most part I thought the dude was well-spoken and insightful, plus the photos were, as the kids say, banging. I did think one part was a little bit of an eyebrow-raiser though…

thrasher corey duffel interview1 You go to the hozzy?

thrasher corey duffel interview2 You go to the hozzy?

So, first he’s standing on a motorcycle going 70 miles an hour? Wait, now he’s going 90 kilometers per hour (55 mph)… okay. Dude gets pitched off the bike, runs it out, bounces off his head, and basically escapes with a few cuts and bruises (relatively speaking) for his trouble. Crazy story, guy. I guess, what I’m saying is… I wanna see the sequence.



This shit is crazy. Like, crazy personified.

dirtbike accident Yikes

[image via hellatrill]

Don’t know the story on this one at all but holy fuck anyways.


Because he's the hero the Internet deserves

Here’s a quick batch of photography to help keep at bay the Internet’s nearly insatiable appetite for new content, which can only barely be matched by my own capacity to produce incredibly awesome shit.

It’s a hard job, keeping the Internet from tumblring - I mean, tumbling - into chaos every day, but hey, somebody’s got to do it, and I don’t see any of you assholes stepping up to the productivity plate. If, however, you are, then you have my sincere apologies for doubting your own personal ability to be awesome. I’m willing to accept such a quality might exist in other people, and if I didn’t see you, well, I probably just wasn’t wearing my glasses.

bat trike Because hes the hero the Internet deserves

I stumbled across one of Batman’s weekend rides downtown last weekend.

batman fabulous Because hes the hero the Internet deserves

And that’s not all I did last weekend. Look, I’m not going to say I met the Dark Knight and he took me for a spin on the ol’ Bat-Trike, and I’m not going to say we got Icees by the base of the Brooklyn Bridge, all I’m going to say is, it could happen.

stack of chairs Because hes the hero the Internet deserves

Batman must have stacked these chairs to leave himself an escape route. Only someone with training in multiple martial arts would be agile enough to get back down without breaking their neck! …Always the master detective.

motorcycle behind fence Because hes the hero the Internet deserves

Well, it’s no Bat-Trike, but… it’ll do.


Self medicated since day one

This doesn’t seem like the kind of thing you’d want to try twice, but hey, what do I know.

mark gonzales max schaaf motorcycle jump Self medicated since day one

Mark did this same ollie over Max a while ago & we used a sequence of it in an ad. But being the brain surgeons everyone knows we are - we didn’t think of filming it. This time though, Dan & Gabe reshot it & got it on film. Now we can say “See it in the Video,” & mean it. Sorry for the redundancy, we’ll try to get everything right the first time from now on. ‘Real to Reel’ Out Now.

Much can be learned about how to properly ride a skateboard from The Gonz. Although from the looks of this video, it appears somebody has much to learn about VCRs…

Here’s the original sequence for comparative purposes:

mark gonzales max schaaf motorcycle jump sequence Self medicated since day one

I prefer the angle / style points of the second attempt, but if you really take a look, I think the sequence is just a little gnarlier. He cuts that landing perty close. Of course, “gnarly” is a pretty relative term when you’re jumping a moving motorcycle with a skateboard. Ultimately, there’s really just “you didn’t die, and you’re awesome,” or… splat.


Less is more

If this was all I owned in the world, I think I’d be okay with it.

After all, life is - as they say - a highway.

motorcyclist skateboard back Less is more

Source unknown — note the middle finger.

What more do you even need? Besides drugs, of course.


First in flight

The video quality isn’t amazing — neither is the cameraman’s ability to keep a steady hand — but this is still pretty much the best thing on YouTube.

First of all… did Kenny Powers film this? Second of all… holy fuck that was awesome. ‘Nuff said.


Wash it all away

After a week of blistering temperatures, the weather gods seem poised to bless us with some rain. Typically, I hate rain as it prevents me from partaking in my manchildish hobby of choice (skateboarding). But right now, I’m actually almost looking forward to it. It’d be nice if some of the wetness soaking the streets of Brooklyn wasn’t just the sweat pouring down my back for the first time in a while.

flowers in gutter Wash it all away

tree lit up at night parked motorcycle Wash it all away

tree lit up at night Wash it all away

Anyway, speaking of that manchildish hobby of mine… I think I’d better get to it before the rain does prevent me from partaking in it.



I promised myself I wouldn’t make this just another post full of redundant sunset photos, so then I was like, “well, what the fuck”, and threw in pictures of a bunch of motorcycles and some other generic Brooklyn crust too, because I roll like that.

Anyway, isn’t it just amazing when you learn how complex and intricately planned the Dedleg creative process is? Truly, I’m some sort of mastermind here.

pink sunset rooftops Cloudboy

motorcycles Cloudboy

Now, this is not to get confused. I don’t specifically roll like that. But man… wouldn’t it be cool if I did…

construction site graffiti on window Cloudboy

crusty wall sunset berry st Cloudboy

By the way, that wall is kind of what I was talking about when I used the term “Brooklyn crust.” Just in case that wasn’t obvious from all the, uh, crustiness.


We have lift off

Man, you can tell motorcycles are the coolest because even when they crash they look fucking awesome. Really though, when do crashes not look awesome? Aside from when you’re in one, I mean.

It’s as if that Styrofoam wall was put there for the sole purpose of throwing more debris into the air in the event of a crash. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it was a bad idea. Quite the contrary, actually.

I like how everybody was all, “IS THE BIKE OKAY?!” But I really like how in super slo mo the crash sounds like a Transformer. Heyyy, maybe it is a Transformer and that’s why it threw the guy off! In which case… IS THE TRANSFORMER OKAY?!


Pow-pow-powder wheels

Nothing spells success like excess, so here are a few more shots from last week’s snowmageddon. Uh, that didn’t really work as well as I had hoped. Snowblivion maybe? Maybe I should just stop trying.

snowy brooklyn street Pow pow powder wheels

motorcycle in snow Pow pow powder wheels

Friday marks the end of our blizzard recap, and I’ll be as happy to see them off as I was when most of the snow melted over the weekend. Unfortunately, once again, snow is on the radar for Friday, which would be kind of ironically amusing if it didn’t completely dissolve my will to live.