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United we stall

Howdy, folks. Apologies for the sort of irregular posting schedule going on lately. As usual, I’ve been up to my third eye in shit, and I’ve also been eating a lot of cheese. Nonetheless, I was doodling a bit in my sketchbook towards the wee hours last night. You know, the time that you normally wake up and need to wee if you went to bed at a normal time. Anyway, here’s one little scribble that managed to escape the page…

dedleg flag united we fall United we stall

That’s not supposed to be pessimistic, so much as realistic. To skate, is to fall. Even Daewon Song, hard as it may be to believe, sometimes falls. We all do it, so why not take pride in the pain? It is our birthright.


Respect the fly shit

Figured since I already funneled some questionably objectionable content from the mags this week, I’d keep a good thing going with a scathing critique of the latest CCS catalog. Okay, yes, we’re grabbing at possibly the lowest hanging fruit in the entire skateboarding industry right now (I mean… besides Trukfit, but I don’t think that really counts). Nonetheless, somebody’s gotta be skateboarding’s watchdog! We must be constantly vigilant. Mailorder catalogs might not be typically considered “media outlets”, but just look at what happened to Batman, for example. He lets it slide for a couple years, and what happens? The master detective gets put in a master backbreaker. I’m not going to let that happen to skateboarding. No sir, if anybody’s going to focus my board, it’s going to be me in the middle of a completely inappropriate adult temper tantrum!

Surely there’s a parallel to be drawn between The Batman and John Cardiel, but rather than tread heavily upon sacred ground, let’s just stick to something everyone can agree on — and that is how fucking lame CCS is. Your own personal ruling may be fairly apathetic if you’ve never been in the market for plaid shorts and therefore have limited experience with the mailorder mainstay, or maybe you’re a bit more spiteful after getting burned on shipping and handling fees for a custom complete years ago, but one thing is for sure, everybody thinks CCS is pretty lame, if nothing else. Yes, even the guys they pay to be on their “team.” They’re just contractually obligated not to tell anybody how they really feel, that’s all.

ccs stays fly Respect the fly shit

While it is true that the skate session and the chill session do almost always blend into one, something about saying it like that is just…

lucille eye roll Respect the fly shit

At the same time, it is good to know that brands with deep roots in skateboarding are still considering how important it is to stay fly. Personally, I refuse to support the brands out there who blatantly disregard my need to look fresh at all times. Of course, I can’t actually think of any brands out there who actively design gear that look like shit on purpose, but according to CCS, they exist. Fortunately, the merciful gods curating the pages of the CCS catalog have your flyest interests at heart and protect us from those who would have us looking like common scrubs, skeezers, and scamps!

Ah well, they’re not all bad, I guess. I did find a pretty sweet shot of Brian Anderson from a few years back on their website, so based on that alone it’s physically impossible for them to totally suck. I’m going to go ahead and post it because if there’s another thing everyone can agree on, it’s that Brian Anderson is awesome. And if it turns out that’s not something everyone can agree on, why don’t you go ahead and not even let me know, because I don’t want to live in that kind of world.

brian anderson frontside grind nosegrab Respect the fly shit

One of these days I wanna start my own skateboard magazine called Trasher, where we’d just get wasted and make fun of everybody. People would be into that, right?

trasher parody logo Respect the fly shit

At the very least, we should probably make t-shirts…



dedleg skateboard logo stack Stacked

It’s been a little slow around here, and no, it’s not some kind of Flowers For Dedleg-style mental regression. No, instead, a regression into consumerism and the constant need for monetary income have become my masters. Nonetheless, we’ve got some shit gestating behind the scenes that just needs a little bit more time in the womb. It’s a bit like they say, if you can’t beat ‘em… join ‘em. You’ll see what I mean soon enough.


Clouds in my eyes

Ah, redundancy, it makes the Internet go ’round.

crowned eye logo Clouds in my eyes

If you’ve been paying attention long enough, you may recognize this looker from a year back. And if you’ve been paying attention for only just a little while, you’ll at least recognize the similarities between this design and the Photoshop exercise in expletives I posted last Friday. How does it all fit together? Well, I guess you’ll just have to keep paying attention to find out!


Funny Bone

Sorry things have been quieter than usual the past few days. You’d think Friday the 13th, with all its spooktacular connotations, would be kind of like Dedleg’s Superbowl, but alas, it seems it really is a rather unlucky day. I was working on this design but didn’t get a chance to finish it before other more pressing commitments butted in and ruined all the fun. Yes, it’s true, I actually do have more pressing commitments than crushing the Internet on a daily basis, if you can believe that.

dedleg bone banner Funny Bone

I’ve also had my hands quite full with this little troublemaker — Dedleg’s unofficial new mascot, and completely official new sidekick/getaway driver, Gozer. Obviously, you can see he takes after his dad.

gozer behind zip zinger Funny Bone

Anyway, it’s basically mid-June outside today, so you should probably just pretend I didn’t update the blog and go skateboarding instead. If a 10-week-old kitten that can’t even grow its own hair already figured that much out, what exactly are you waiting for?


Cover Story

What to do when you’ve got only a little time and no content? That’s right — it’s skateboarding logo parody time, boys and girls, or as I like to call it, plagiarism without the stigma!

And now, for my best impression of the Thrasher Magazine logo.…

dedleg thrasher logo Cover Story

Ta-da! icon rolleyes Cover Story

Thrasher’s logo is easily one of the most recognizable in the great archives of skateboarding iconography. Sure, there are tons of memorable and iconic logos from huge forces in the industry, but Thrasher’s is in the fuckin’ Olympian League of skateboard company logos. Ain’t no demigods here. If you’re using “godlike” as a qualifier, the list thins out pretty substantially and Thrasher pretty much rises to the top next to maybe The Ripper, The Screaming Hand, Independent’s Iron Cross and… uh… I dunno, Wet Willy and Flamboy? Who cares anyway. Let’s stop talking about how great the Thrasher logo is and just look at some fucking magazine covers already. Here are a few bangers.

daewon thrasher cover Cover Story

Daewon can make a skateboard do whatever he wants. He’s probably got that thing trained to roll around and bring him beers when he’s chilling at home by now. Hey, eventually you run out of tricks to learn. Well, not you, per se, but if anybody could, it would be Daewon Song.

thrasher japan Cover Story

Thought this was pretty dope. It’s good to see the skateboarding youth of Japan can do their homework properly thanks to international distribution.

mike carroll thrasher cover Cover Story

Does anybody have a scan of this one without a fucking blanked out address sticker completely destroying the integrity of the photo? Jesus Christ. This is art here, you goddamned savages! Have some respect!

That said… the shot totally doesn’t do Hubba Hideout justice. Shit’s massive and the picture makes it look like a skatepark “hubba” falling within a “safe” height requirement, which really isn’t a hubba at all. Nonetheless, there’s still that untouchable MC style oozing off the page, so… fuck it. Still awesome.

quim cardona thrasher Cover Story

Some classic Quim Fu, once one of New York’s deadliest styles. Plus, according to this Chrome Ball Incident interview with Quim Cardona, this cover just so happens to be John Cardiel’s favorite magazine cover of all time, which by common skateboarding law means it’s probably, like, the best Thrasher cover… uh, ever.

don nguyen thrasher Cover Story

If that’s not enough to make you want to skate, I don’t think I can help you. If you’re in the greater New York area, where temperatures are currently hitting the goddamned incredible range, I can’t imagine you needing much motivation anyway. Why are you even on the Internet right now? Facebook can wait, but this weather won’t — go skate.


Leave your mark

Where did that saying, “work like a dog” come from anyway? The only thing I’ve ever seen a dog work on was a room-clearing fart. Other than that, all they really do is lie around, roll in dead shit, and sniff people’s crotches. I’d like to work that hard. I mean, minus the “rolling in dead shit” shit, but, you know, if that’s all my responsibilities really amounted to… I think I could probably deal with it.

Anyway, it’s my first day off from masquerading around as a functional member of society with a respectable office-job in quite a while, so all I really feel like doing is getting stoned and watching skateboarding videos for the duration of the evening. Nonetheless, here I am, working like a dog, as it were, for the Dedleg faithful. And so, without further adieu, I present a room-clearing fart of my very own…

dedleg mixed type logo Leave your mark

When it comes down to it, as a fartist - I mean artist - I’m really little more than the kid doing his signature over and over again in the margins of his notebook. Sure, that signature has evolved quite a bit over the years, but that’s kind of what happens when you do it for years in the first place.


Crack some skulls

It’s long been one of my personal guidelines in running this Internet funtime operation, that when all else fails, I should just draw a skull. Hey, it’s worked for this long and nobody’s complained.

dedleg split skull Crack some skulls

Just a quick little logo project to stoke the flames… more later.


She says it's all gonna end and it might as well be my fault

An annoyingly ubiquitous pop band once said, “It’s 3 AM, I must be lonely.” And heavens, I said, baby, it’s 3 AM as I write this here at Dedleg HQ and I’m lonely. I’ve been putting real life before my fake Internet life, and I apologize for that. I miss my Dedleg. But, it’s 3 AM, and we’re finally alone… maybe some sparks will fly…

dedleg spark logo She says its all gonna end and it might as well be my fault

Pretty much the way it goes around here. When all else fails, fall back to what you know — pictures of sunsets and the word “dedleg” written in weird ways. And seeing as I already tapped into the former yesterday, as far as today’s content goes, I never really had a choice.


Half man, half smoke

It sure took long enough, but I finally got around to finishing a drawing.

dedleg still here when the smoke clears Half man, half smoke

Man, it’s a good thing I work so well under a cloud of marijuana, otherwise I might feel bad about charging my clients for smoking weed.

As it turns out, not working from home really makes it difficult to blow off all my responsibilities and work on Dedleg all day. Although, really, the move has been the biggest wrench in the gears of my once well-oiled machine. Fortunately, my life is reappearing from cardboard boxes by the day, and I have to imagine that one day, quite soon, I may finally be able to resume it.


Motor mouth, motor head

Hundreds of logos and not a practical application in sight. That’s the name of the game here at Dedleg — names, that is. The name of the game is names, and it involves constantly coming up with new ways of presenting our own name, to be more specific. It’s insane, maybe, but it’s entertaining. To me, anyway, and I’m the one drawing the damn things.

Nonetheless, I really ought to find some t-shirts to put some of these stupid doodles on already, sheesh…

mechanical logo Motor mouth, motor head

Believe it or not, the lettering is all hand done. I’m pressed for time this week, so I momentarily considered cheating and using a font in Photoshop instead, but it would have tortured me to the end of my days. Just like a Jay-Z cartoon — all hand-drawn everything. So, with all the strength I could muster, I drew up the text, and it still looks just like a font anyway. There are worse things, I suppose. It’s not normal to say that something looks “too good,” but if hand-drawn text takes much more time to do than laying out text in Photoshop and ultimately the two versions aren’t particularly distinguishable, are you really good at drawing letters or are you just really good at wasting time?

Also, just a reminder: This evening, I’ll be showing a couple pieces at the Hudson Guild Gallery as part of their Freestyle/skateartnyc2011 show. It features a whole variety of art inspired by skateboarding, including decks, furniture, photography and even dinky little drawings like mine! It’s from 6 to 8pm at 441 W. 26th Street. Make it your beeswax to bee there.