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Tubby Soft-Squeeze

stay puft jackolantern1 Tubby Soft Squeeze

Tonight is the most hallowed of all eves, the eve of hallowed weens. With that in mind, happy hallowedest of wieners from your friends, Dedleg and Gozer The Destructor. And don’t settle for any bad candy tonight. Unless by “bad candy,” you actually mean drugs. But those orange styrofoam peanuts? Yeah, you can leave those at the door.


The colors, Duke, the colors!

My apartment is full of weird shit. Keeps things interesting. Especially when taking photographs despite being too lazy to go outside.

pumpkin pez hot air balloon The colors, Duke, the colors!

The thing that really motivated me to take this picture was the color palette. The dentist’s prize box finger puppet on the smoke alarm has the same color scheme as the hot air balloon and PEZ dispenser — but I’m no interior decorator and it was totally coincidental.

And speaking of color… remember these?