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Ludicrous scientific findings

Oh, Internet. Just when I thought I might be bored of you forever, you go and blow my mind like it’s the Double Rainbow video all over again.

ludacris proximity sadness meter Ludicrous scientific findings

I want you to take a look at that image. Study it. For in it, you will see real truth, which is a very rare commodity these days.


Maybe you don't have enough RAM to understand this...

happiness hemingway Maybe you dont have enough RAM to understand this...

This post was begging for the inclusion of this Elliott Smith track from Figure 8:

Elliott Smith - Happiness

Listening to Elliott Smith is probably the worst choice possible for somebody searching for happiness — the man is practically The Anti-Joy. Almost every song he wrote is dripping in melancholy. Look at it this way, the man committed suicide by stabbing himself in the chest. TWICE. That’s not just a case of a blues, folks. Nonetheless, this is actually one of his more upbeat tracks… not that that’s saying much.

Oh, speaking of suicide — the quote is Ernest Hemingway’s — perhaps just a little bit biographical considering most of his work focuses on death and then, yeah, there was that whole thing where he killed himself, too. Anyway, a bit of a grim start to the day. Cheer up, Charlie. After all, it’s…

freaky friday Maybe you dont have enough RAM to understand this...

Ignorance really is bliss. I wish a Playstation 3 and an HD plasma screen television were all I needed for a content existence. But no, you need games for it, too.