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Don't walk, run

Busy week over here at the Leg. Gotta make that paper, you know how it is.

fuck this racist police state Dont walk, run

More later. Stay frosty, Dedleggings.


Boys in blue

Figured it’s been a little too long since I posted up some good ol’ fashioned New York grime. NYC’s still got it! You just gotta know where to look.

Or where not to live, I guess, depending on how you, well, look at it.

dissed new york tag Boys in blue

face mask hanging on fence Boys in blue

There’s something decidedly zombie apocalypse about this shot. Which I’m feelin’. I’m down with the sickness, you might say.

birds on a roof Boys in blue

Photography’s for the birds.

security camera on wall Boys in blue

Then again, there’s something to be said for keeping your eye on the street…


Realize real lies with your real eyes

Papa Dedleg’s off to a slow start this week, but here’s a quick shot of photos to stimulate your senses. And I promise I’ll try to bring the heat tomorrow. Hey, that’s what I promise myself every morning when I wake up — bring the heat, and fix that annoying drippy thing the sink is doing. Yep, I’ve been saying that little mantra to myself for the past 6 years! And it’s never failed to inspire. Really do gotta fix that sink thing one of these days, though.

realize real lies real eyes Realize real lies with your real eyes

Speaking of mantras, this is some heavy shit as far as vandalism goes. This next example, however… not so much.

google ad Realize real lies with your real eyes

Heh, I’m telling you, Subway ad defacement art is as good as “street art” gets for me. Simple, to-the-point, and almost always hilarious. Who would have thought blacking out somebody’s tooth would just always be funny?

church under sunset Realize real lies with your real eyes

Obligatory sunset photo.

city through chain link fence Realize real lies with your real eyes

That’s that. And fuck the sink, anyhow. Now that I got this over with, I’ve got some drawing to do.


Our destinations have turned to smoke

Figured I’d put up a few flicks since it was kind of dedsville around here towards the end of the week, and it’s a Saturday and I’ve got nothing better to do so… yeah… here’s my last resort. I’m so bored I’m actually updating my blog. Just kidding, I love you Dedleg. Yes, that’s right, I love me. You should love me, too.

train at 4th ave Our destinations have turned to smoke

Some graffiti artists work in ink, some in paint, some in… a harder medium.…

utah concrete tag Our destinations have turned to smoke

Utah catching permanent tags, son.

two beers on bar Our destinations have turned to smoke

Brew, for two, please.

bathroom graffiti Our destinations have turned to smoke

Fill-ins are nice and all, but bathroom wall art is really the purest form of street art. Even if it’s not, uh, actually on the street, but whatever. It’s not all pee pee and poo poo talk, and drawings of weiners and vaginas, and “you’re gay” this and “call this guy’s mom for a good time” that. I mean, it is all those things, but there’s so much more. There’s some real insightful shit to be found in bathrooms the world over, and I don’t think it’s any coincidence that I just happen to be the most insightful while I’m shitting.


Selective memory

Here’s a very random assortment of photos I came upon while going through the archives last night. It seems sometime around February 15th, I stopped working on my backlog of photos and jumped to more recent shots instead. So now, some months later, that backlog has developed into an even bigger backlog. And I figure I’d better start cleaning this shit out before 2011’s backlog runs into 2012’s. Say backlog one more time.

snow blowing in the wind Selective memory

Sort of a scary image, considering it was 48 degrees this morning. Shit’s coming.

anthrax tag Selective memory

Psh. Anthrax is sooo 2001. Everybody who’s anybody knows that H1N1 is what’s all the rage in biological terrorism today! Get your genetically engineered horror diseases straight, damn.

guard booth creepy window Selective memory

And if this post was a ecological preserve, this would be the part where creepy windows suddenly become a very invasive species.

tagged up building Selective memory

tagged window Selective memory

Told you.


In which we gain a new understanding of the term "butthurt"

Starting the week off with a backlog of work usually isn’t a good idea. And now it is Friday, a day I like to reserve for being incredibly lazy, only my backlog has grown in size, taking on grotesque new proportions. Indeed, my workload is basically a hideous, distorted mirror of all my procrastination, and that, along with seeing those “Cost Fucked Madonna” stickers all over the city, inspired today’s visual diversion.

dedleg fucked himself white In which we gain a new understanding of the term butthurt

dedleg fucked himself black In which we gain a new understanding of the term butthurt

By the way, the file names for those are really hilarious. They are, respectively, “dedleg-fucked-himself-white.jpg” and “dedleg-fucked-himself-black.jpg”, and both seem to imply a very serious amount of fucking, although the latter potentially strays into offensive (and not to mention just plain weird) black-face territory.

Moving onward… for those who aren’t in the know, Adam Cost is a New York based graffiti artist / widely regarded legend in his own times, who rose to notoriety with his partner Revs in the early to mid 90s. Long before street art became the nearly-legal institution that it is today, Revs and Cost saw a new way to leave their mark on their environment. Combining the concepts of tagging and advertising, they started making posters of out simple 8.5“x11” pieces of paper, with obscure messages typed on them in bold, black text. Phrases like “Cost Fucked Madonna,” “Cost Was Here”, and “Suicide Revs” appeared on the backs of Walk/Don’t Walk signals all across Manhattan. Many years later, in late 2010, Supreme capitalized on their innovation, collaborating with Cost on a number of t-shirt designs. The idea was to remind young street artists that originality reigns, uh, supreme, and no matter what your sticker/poster/self-declared revolutionary concept is, Cost did it first. The ultimate outcome, though, was just a whole bunch of new “Cost Fucked Madonna” stickers covering the LES and Williamsburg.

cost fucked madonna stickers In which we gain a new understanding of the term butthurt

Now, a parody of a t-shirt design / sticker reprint based on a wheat-pasted poster dating back to the early 90s can hardly be called timely (although it could be called “starving for content”). Nonetheless, this little doodle isn’t quite as irrelevant as it seems…

If we wanted to go the literal route as opposed to the more figurative one taken, the text would have to be modified to read, “Last night, Dedleg’s skateboard ass-fucked Dedleg.” Now, I’d like to leave you with that image, but that statement is a bit of a generalization. And I want to be clear about the state of my behind in a mostly pointless effort to control the inevitable rumor mill. I’ll say it once: there was no real penetration. Of my actual asshole, anyway. The perineum though? Oh man, my skateboard tore that shit the fuck up. And make no mistake, it feels decidedly penetrated.

conan obrien surprised1 In which we gain a new understanding of the term butthurt

Anyway, just thought I’d share that little factoid about my day. After all, you don’t get fucked in the ass by your own skateboard and not tell anybody. Or maybe you do? Are these not the kind of riveting personal stories you come here for? As always, I’m just trying to service - I mean serve - my loyal fans better.

But who am I kidding? Everybody knows the only question anybody actually has is, “Seriously though… did Cost really fuck Madonna?” icon cool In which we gain a new understanding of the term butthurt


Welcome the night

Sort of a meh pile of photos from some evening this Winter. Noisy photos really bug me, but if I wanted to do night photography right, and use a tripod, I probably wouldn’t have been taking photos at this particular time anyway. I think I was walking to CVS and took the scenic route. And CVS has a strict no tripod or no service policy.

sunset behind intersection mila kunis is bored Welcome the night

I’ve been seeing this tag around a fair bit lately. Probably a recent art school grad, but who knows. And who knows what it even means, either, but I still like it.

im a drug dealer written on atm Welcome the night

Good ad placement. That is, if whoever put it there was an actual drug dealer. Not the most discreet though, so that’s what leads me to believe it may be a fraud. Ooh! Let’s play drug dealer, tricky cops, or recent art school grad!

light behind fence Welcome the night

I feel like this one is a still screen from a horror/sci-fi movie, like, the second before a terrifying fucking thing jumps through that fence and chewing through people like a pack of Bubble Yum.

shoes hanging from powerline moon behind fence Welcome the night

That shot of the moon is really the biggest mess of darkness and noise in the whole bunch, but I had to put it up since I almost got hit by a car when I was standing in the street composing it, and no near-death experience should be in vain.

shoes baby dolls hanging from powerline Welcome the night

Shoe-fiti man. The very word makes me cringe, but otherwise it’s kind of cool, albeit a huge waste of viable footwear. However, in Williamsburg, shoe-tossing is hardly limited to shoes. As we saw earlier this week, video game controllers are well within regulation, as are baby dolls contorted into some kind of lewd sex act, seen here.

Call it street photography if you want. I prefer the term “anthropology.”


Rest in Pixação

Death might be my general motif around here, but most of the time I don’t mean it quite this literally. At the very least, cartoons of skulls and blood are a lot different than the genuine article. Different context, different aesthetic quality, different ability to make you feel like you’re going to vomit… as you’ll soon see.

This video captures some Brazilian graffiti artists engaged in the perilous form of graffiti known as Pixação, and suffering the extreme consequences. Native to São Paulo, Brazil Pixação tags are mainly cryptic symbols, words and phrases, but the main focus of the art form is getting one’s tag as high as possible. The more precarious and inaccessible the spot, the better. Obviously, such a dangerous form of an already relatively dangerous hobby isn’t free of career-ending occupational hazards, as this video will make you well aware.

The quality is low, but this is still a pretty stunning video. Pay attention at about 2 minutes in — you’ll notice two figures climbing the wall on the right side of the frame. The camera man misses the most important moment of his late friend’s life by zooming in to a nearby window. There’s an audible thumping noise, and when the camera man pans back over to his companions, one of them is missing. Shit has gone south, very literally.

Sad and brutally honest, these are the final minutes of a young man’s life. Maybe he didn’t take the risks of Pixação seriously enough, or maybe he did and subsequently died doing what he loved, with haphazard tags scrawled across the side of a building commemorating his last night.


Night Prowler

Just a few shots to start off the week. And they’re probably considerably less effective at doing so than a few shots of espresso, but this isn’t a fucking Starbucks. Yet.

pink bike chained to sign post Night Prowler

graffiti covered wall Night Prowler

old beer bottles Night Prowler

williamsburg street Night Prowler

Enough photography for now, let’s get back to that espresso idea. Personally, a caffeine injection is in dire need considering I spent my Easter weekend resurrecting my liver. And I don’t really know if that makes any sense or even means what I intend it to, but I don’t care.



I promised myself I wouldn’t make this just another post full of redundant sunset photos, so then I was like, “well, what the fuck”, and threw in pictures of a bunch of motorcycles and some other generic Brooklyn crust too, because I roll like that.

Anyway, isn’t it just amazing when you learn how complex and intricately planned the Dedleg creative process is? Truly, I’m some sort of mastermind here.

pink sunset rooftops Cloudboy

motorcycles Cloudboy

Now, this is not to get confused. I don’t specifically roll like that. But man… wouldn’t it be cool if I did…

construction site graffiti on window Cloudboy

crusty wall sunset berry st Cloudboy

By the way, that wall is kind of what I was talking about when I used the term “Brooklyn crust.” Just in case that wasn’t obvious from all the, uh, crustiness.


Rain Droppings

It’s been a minute since there have been any new photos up on the site. Well, 6 days to be exact, so really, it’s been a whole lot of minutes since there have been any new photos up on the site. Let’s change that, shall we?

Uh… waiting. Oh, right, you guys don’t really have anything to contribute to this process. My bad. Here we go, some rainy pictures for a rainy Wednesday.

tagged box truck Rain Droppings

tree branch above church Rain Droppings

I walk past churches like some kids walk around in graveyards at night — just to give myself a good scare on the cheap.

tagged metal fence you would Rain Droppings

Been seeing these “You Would” tags everywhere. Not sure I’d go so far as to say the dude is a natural talent, but he sure is prolific as hell, and that counts for a lot.

red light behind glass Rain Droppings

I tend to appreciate some glass between me and the inside of most New York clubs, but failing that, I appreciate a glass between me and the inside of most New York clubs, if you know what mean.