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So, I’m not sure if you guys got the memo yet, but just in case you haven’t seen it… it’s fucking hot right now. “Fair,” Weather Channel? Really? Does marinating in the pool of sweat collecting in the ass of your jean shorts seem at all fair to you?

july 22 forecast Heatmiser

And then down to a bone-chilling 78 degrees tonight. God damn it, I’ve been listening to this country’s greatest patriots tell me climate change was made up by God-hating sodomites for years, and now it turns out there might have been some truth tucked in the fruit baskets? Jesus, what are we going to do, let them get married to each other next?

Worse yet, apparently The Blob has consumed the entire tri-state area.

temperature map Heatmiser

Anyway, I’m told there’s an excessive heat warning in effect for New York City, which seems about as redundant as giving The Zookeeper bad reviews. People are advised to avoid strenuous activities during the peak heating of the day, and yet here I am, pulling together a blog update at the risk of my own health. Never let it be said I wasn’t committed to Dedleg, friends. Indeed, never let it be said I had something better to do.

west village sunset with cool clouds Heatmiser

west village sunset with cool clouds2 Heatmiser

I’m pretty sure posting mediocre content is one of the early symptoms of heat stroke, and I believe one accepted treatment is to go outside, away from the computer, and start drinking as many beers as possible. Hey, it’s not like it can hurt, right?

homer simpson beer dance Heatmiser


Big Drag

Getting off to a bit of a slow start this week… It seems that, to no one’s surprise really, weekends are still considerably more enjoyable than working. Anyway, these photos may look like the ones most people delete on their way to the group shots at the bar, but what can I say? I’m a pretty abstract dude.

lirr train going by Big Drag

close ups of buildings from train window Big Drag

“Oops, I didn’t realize my camera was on.” Nope, believe it or not, this was a very intentional composition. Seriously… icon sad Big Drag

moon next to jet contrail Big Drag

You might not realize this, but it can be a little tricky to take a decent picture out the window of a moving train. At the very least, it makes for some interesting vantage points.

powerlines in front of clouds Big Drag

Okay, now this is probably getting a little too self indulgent… sunsets and clouds all last week, sunsets and clouds again already this week. It’s almost like summer rerun season, only with new, and yet completely unoriginal content! But don’t worry — I’m submitting some of my photography to an upcoming show, so you’ll get to see the actual reruns soon enough.

muppet critics sleeping Big Drag


Red Paint

A big batch of rainy photos for a rainy Wednesday. Although they could almost pass for Spring-time shots, a close look at the trees will reveal I actually took these back in November. Yes, it seems as if constant, drizzling rain is the predominant type of weather in New York for most of the year, doesn’t it? Nonetheless, the day I shot these, I noticed a strange light coming through my window, took one look at the sky and was already halfway out the door with my camera. The aftermath of storms often make for a unique ambiance, be it an oddly serene fog, or in this case, a very surreal sunset.

red streaks of clouds Red Paint

God’s menstruation? icon eek Red Paint

broken umbrellas in trashcan Red Paint

One of the city’s many fine umbrella graveyards.

shoes hanging on power lines Red Paint

Were you aware that shoe-tossing is a pretty hotly debated topic? Indeed, there are many different explanations for the motivation behind throwing one’s shoes over a power line. When I was in college in the Bronx, it was typically assumed that hanging shoes signaled a locale where one could acquire crack cocaine, since crack, as it was once explained to me, “keeps yo’ feet strong.” However, here in Williamsburg, crack cocaine isn’t nearly as popular as regular ol’ cocaine, and by regular ol’ cocaine I mean shitty cocaine mixed with baking powder. In this neighborhood, the practice is probably more accurately described as “shoe-fiti,” an incredibly stupid term for a manifestation of the innate human desire to leave their mark on their surroundings. Although considering the general population of Williamsburg (retards with mustaches), it’s likely a contrived form of the genuine instinct, an emulation based on a desire to seem more “street”. And let it be understood, should anyone ever try to toss my shoes over a telephone line, I will gladly make them an indelible part of said street.

coarse tag frame on fence Red Paint

Somebody once told me that framing your photographs is incredibly important. Well, snack on this, photo nerds.

dark cloud over street orange window Red Paint

red empire state building Red Paint

It’s a little blurry and more than a little grainy, but what the fuck. How could I not post this? Susceptibility to skylines is a major weakness.


Keep your eye on the sky

Between the litany of MP3 players, smart phones, handheld game consoles, portable e-book readers, and tablet computers at our fingertips, literally, looking down is cooler than ever. Look, as one with some experience with social avoidance and a general kickin’ rocks demeanor, I can understand the looking-down trend’s rising popularity. It’s safe, it’s comfortable, it makes you look creepy. Those are all good things! But I contend, sometimes it’s a good idea to look up anyway.

rippling clouds Keep your eye on the sky

It’s been a while since I posted any sunset photos up. Well, actually, it’s been less than a month, but for me, that’s a remarkable amount of restraint! Although, in truth, there just haven’t been nearly as many opportunities now that I live in a sunken grave. So it’s good to have friends in the sunnier places of this world, namely, pretty much anywhere other than my apartment.

sunset reflection in window Keep your eye on the sky

sunset sunnyside queens Keep your eye on the sky

Layout concerns forced me to fuck up any kind of chronological order, but let’s just pretend this is an overly dramatic television drama with lots of flashbacks and flash forwards.

birds sunset Keep your eye on the sky

empire state building sunset Keep your eye on the sky

This was a particularly awesome sunset - just the right amount of clouds for loads of textural interest, and dramatic color changes during its seemingly extra-long duration. But as with any sunset, the pictures really don’t do it justice.

tv antennas sunset Keep your eye on the sky


And I kicked him so far he saw the curvature of the Earth

Needless to say, although I’m saying it anyway, a window seat on a plane is an absolute must. You don’t normally spend your days 30,000 feet above the ground, after all.

light on plane wing And I kicked him so far he saw the curvature of the Earth

suspension bridge from sky And I kicked him so far he saw the curvature of the Earth

waves of clouds And I kicked him so far he saw the curvature of the Earth

And it’s not every flight that you get a window seat on a plane flying at sunset. On my return trip from Florida, I was in heaven, both figuratively and literally. Considering how much time I spend taking pictures of sunsets, it was cool to see it all go down from the top down.

whispy clouds And I kicked him so far he saw the curvature of the Earth

The other side of the aisle got the true fireworks, however, as my side was facing East… but what can you do. At least there wasn’t a screaming baby on board. Just some annoying guy in the back of the plane who wouldn’t stop taking photos.

popcorn clouds jet engine And I kicked him so far he saw the curvature of the Earth

streaks of color And I kicked him so far he saw the curvature of the Earth

Some of these are probably a little redundant, and this is after mercilessly cutting it down to a final 7 out of 52 shots. Basically, nobody cares about clouds quite as much as I do, but indulge me here. It’s my website and I’ll sunset the shit out of it if I want to.


Ups and Downs

Hello, Kitty.

hello kitty kite Ups and Downs

I think it’s fair to say I’ve spent a good portion of my life looking up at the sky, like so many of our greatest minds… Galileo, Einstein, Snoopy…

cloudy golden sunset Ups and Downs

But that’s not to say I don’t appreciate the value of getting a little mud in my eye every once and a while.

swirling mud Ups and Downs

swirling mud2 Ups and Downs

And of course, there’s a whole lot of shit to be seen in between, but I think that’s a post for another day.


Light and Dark

Here’s a small pile of photographs that have been, ahem, darkening my hard drive for the past few months. In truth, my backlog of photography is likely more impressive than any of the photography therein. And that’s not supposed to be as self-deprecating as it sounds, I just have like… seriously a shit ton of pictures from months ago that I haven’t looked through yet.

view out train window dark street Light and Dark

This is one of those problems that will probably never go away as long as I continue to bring my camera along whenever I (rarely) leave the confines of my apartment. But it’s also one of those problems that isn’t really that much of a problem, either.

glowing water glass overlooking street Light and Dark

door to rooftop Light and Dark

empire state building from roof top Light and Dark

clouds over moon Light and Dark

Roof access is one of those things I hope to acquire while I’m still young enough to truly enjoy it (because nothing’s enjoyable when you’re old), along with a balcony and a ball pit. After the ball pit’s in, then we can start talking about the pool full of gold coins. Baby steps.


Searching for everything already there

Look out — the past is all around us. And I’m not talking about old people.

spaced Searching for everything already there

It always freaked me out to think that looking up at the stars is actually looking backwards in time — entire solar systems might have burned up centuries ago as you gaze at their twinkling little star, a mere speck amidst a cornerless blanket of similar specks. Indeed, the size of space as we observe it is not measured simply in distance but in time. The stars circling around our sky won’t be seen as they actually are right now for decades. There’s no doubt that space is big as it stretches on into the infinite abyss, but once one pauses to consider how that huge expanse of mostly nothing has existed for thousands of millions of years, and that we’ll always be playing a giant game of cosmic catch up… well… it’s easy to see how one could get lost in it, even just within the small amount of space that exists inside our heads.


It came from the sky

Just a quick doodle today since I was delinquent last night, and instead of working on my pride and joy I worked on seeing how large I can get my knee to swell up at KCDC. It’s a different kind of productivity. Worse still, this drawing isn’t even relevant in the slightest considering there hasn’t been a drop of rain or flake of snow yet this week. What the hell though, does everything around here need a purpose? When’s the last time you saw a cloud with an eyeball anyway, man? Like, two seconds ago, right here. I’ll draw a cloud with an eyeball if I want. Stick around, you never know what kind of bad ass shit I’m going to come up with.

smiling cloud It came from the sky

I will say, however, that this whole week’s worth of content has veered a bit too far towards the meteorological — decidedly not cool. This imbalance will be corrected next week with better planning and a diet supplemented with Activia yogurt. A couple spoonfuls and some photos that don’t involve snow and I think Dedleg’s shit will be real regular again.


Half-Rate, Incorporated

Another unintended benefit to moving back to New York is that I’ll never have the opportunity to take a picture of a sunset out of my kitchen window again. These shots’ sudden scarcity increases their value — and while just a few weeks ago they would have been mediocre and redundant, today they are a rare photographic jewel.

cloudy sunset through window frame Half Rate, Incorporated

cloudy sunset2 Half Rate, Incorporated

Okay, that’s all total B.S. Even if these were the only photos I’d ever taken of a sunset out of that window, they’d still be pretty mediocre. Conformity is a roadblock to greatness, but being unique isn’t necessarily an expressway there. And, quite apparently, neither is slacking off all day on Thursday instead of coming up with spellbinding blog content.

fuck it Half Rate, Incorporated


Every cloud has a golden lining

Now, last Friday’s photos were an okay send off to the Windy City, but upon further consideration, I’ve decided these are a much more dramatic bookend.

hazy sun behind clouds Every cloud has a golden lining

blurry sunset rays behind cloud Every cloud has a golden lining

red sunset Every cloud has a golden lining

amazing clouds at sunset Every cloud has a golden lining

bands of orange clouds Every cloud has a golden lining

It’ll take me approximately a billion years to go through my reserves of Chicago-based photography, but I plan on trickling in some newer shit in here and there so things stay fresh, even if my blackened heart is rotten to the core.