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Dedleg's Last Days

No, this is not some kind of dramatized “I’m shutting down the blog” type post. Because I’m… not shutting down the blog. I just moved, that’s all.

paint can record player Dedlegs Last Days

Anyway, I took a bunch of photos over the course of my kind-of-gutting last week in the once glorious Dedleg Brooklyn HQ. Man, apartments sure look strange right before you move out of them. Barren, skeletal versions of their former selves, you float through them like a ghost yourself. At least I did, but then again, I was stoned the whole time. Come to think of it, I’m not even sure if it all actually happened. Hey! Where am I?!

daymare Dedlegs Last Days

Uh, it’s okay… we’re okay. Moving on… uh, no pun intended. But that was a pretty good pun.

packing up apartment Dedlegs Last Days

empty kitchen chair Dedlegs Last Days

The kitchen corner didn’t even smell like late night cigarettes anymore at this point. That’s when I knew time was finally up.

clock on chair Dedlegs Last Days


Nose Candy

Saw this on the Bronze tumblr and pretty much had to post it as I’m compiling a list of tricks I’ll never do on the new bank to ledge under the BQE. I think Billy McFeely’s switch nosegrind here pretty much completes the list. Yep, I think that’s all of ‘em. All the skateboard tricks, I mean. Every trick, ever, is on that list.

billy mcfeely switch nosegrind bqe Nose Candy

Wowzers. The dude’s good.

Other amazing feats, nay, nearly miraculous events, captured in this photo? The fact that the new bank to ledge is even still there in the first place!


If you build it, they will come

As the 2012 Presidential Election draws near, much of the population is captivated by the country’s political climate. Me, on the other hand, I stay focused on the skateboarding landscape. In fact, I consider it my personal civic duty to inform my audience, such that it is, of developments in the current skateboarding landscape, like the new bank to ledge under the BQE in Brooklyn, for example. Big thanks to the Polar Skate Co crew, along with KCDC Skate Shop and all the local, bridge-lurking talent that came together to improve one of Brooklyn’s best spots / places to stealthily take a leak if you’re in the neighborhood and really can’t hold it anymore.

And speaking of… all inquiries regarding the precise volume of piss and shit that is now encased within this concrete masterpiece should be directed to the aforementioned parties.

bqe lot bank to ledge If you build it, they will come

For years, the BQE Lot has been a mainstay DIY spot in the heart of Williamsburg. It remains one of the few places in the city where transitionally-inclined dudes wrapped in flannel and high-water Dickies can shred really, really rough concrete, powerslide through human fecal matter, or get broke off on a 2 foot wide disintegrating quarterpipe. The considerable difficulty that comes in skating obstacles that cars have repeatedly backed over is obviously part of the place’s charm, but something tells me this absolutely pristine bank to ledge will quickly become the spot’s main attraction. Until the city tears it out, anyway. Hopefully that doesn’t happen… I mean, bums have probably died there without anybody noticing.

bqe lot bank to ledge2 If you build it, they will come

There was talk from one Fred Gall that they might bowl out the corner… but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. As it is, the recent addition is far and away better than the entire McCarren Skate Park mere blocks away. Plus there are fewer bikers. Actually, fuck the bank to ledge. There are fewer bikers. What else do you even need to hear?

I took these shots with my phone, so the quality is even crappier than my night shots usually turn out. Crappiness is an appropriate theme to be working under whenever you’re talking about the BQE Lot, though, considering it recently stole the “King of Filth” crown from the LES park, following that particular under-the-bridge spot’s total overhaul this summer.

Anyway, if you’ved skated the BQE Lot, you’ll know that everything attached to your body will quickly become covered in sand, unidentifiable grime, or worse, identifiable dead bird parts. Accordingly, some speck of shit found its way onto my phone’s camera lens. After it manifested itself into a monstrous lens flare in my first shot, I attempted to clean the lens, only making it even dirtier in the process, as mandated by BQE Lot law. So it goes. Skateboarding, like anything worth doing, really, involves getting a little dirty.

In any case, Polar, KCDC, and Converse are putting on a “bum rush the spot” style contest / mob scene / cop magnet there today at 4pm so all the hometown heroes can sample the new terrain. Be there, or be somewhere less crowded. Once the tweens thin out, there’s an after party at KCDC’s new location (85 N. Third Street) at 7pm, where you won’t have to hide your beer behind a pillar amongst a bunch of trash and cinderblocks.


Don't walk, run

Busy week over here at the Leg. Gotta make that paper, you know how it is.

fuck this racist police state Dont walk, run

More later. Stay frosty, Dedleggings.


Night Light

You thought I forgot, huh?

tribute in light behind trees Night Light

There is a light and it never goes out. Okay, actually, that’s not true. It goes out at 20-minute intervals because otherwise thousands of migrating birds would circle it for hours in confusion and ultimately die from exhaustion. And don’t you forget it!


Lightning doesn't strike twice

Figured I should, like, update or something. Isn’t that what blogs do?

Well, the afternoon ended up being a wash thanks to Brooklyn’s current obsession with pouring rain every other day. First it was the fixed gear bikes, and now this! I guess that’s the way this whole “end times” thing is going to go… plenty of crap weather to go around. For example, here are a few photos of crap weather from a few days ago. Just imagine they were taken today, because it’s pretty much doing the same shit out there right now.

rain outside window Lightning doesnt strike twice

The years have taught me that strange rumblings from the sky bring many a photo op. Plus, it’s not like there’s much else to do during a thunderstorm than stare out the window anyway.

rain spattered window screen Lightning doesnt strike twice

I don’t know if it’s a gift or a curse, but every time a see a photo of lightning I get “Master of Puppets” stuck in my head. I’ll admit it, it’s weird. Sure, “Ride the Lightning” would make a lot more sense… Hell, “Master of Puppets” isn’t even on the album Ride the Lightning. It’s a completely senseless mental association. But I guess that’s heavy metal for you. Why make sense when you can rock?

lightning bolt above apartment building Lightning doesnt strike twice

Talk about your all-time happy accidents. I didn’t think I actually caught this lightning bolt when I took the shot, especially considering I was wielding my lowly point and shoot. Just proof of the old theory that if you take enough photos of the same thing, eventually you’ll get something worthwhile, I guess.

Sorry to all of you who can’t go skateboarding today, but hey, that’s why beer was invented!


Boys in blue

Figured it’s been a little too long since I posted up some good ol’ fashioned New York grime. NYC’s still got it! You just gotta know where to look.

Or where not to live, I guess, depending on how you, well, look at it.

dissed new york tag Boys in blue

face mask hanging on fence Boys in blue

There’s something decidedly zombie apocalypse about this shot. Which I’m feelin’. I’m down with the sickness, you might say.

birds on a roof Boys in blue

Photography’s for the birds.

security camera on wall Boys in blue

Then again, there’s something to be said for keeping your eye on the street…


A Three-Hour Tour

The other day, I decided to play around with two of my favorite toys at the same time: gasoline, and people tied up with rope. I’m just kidding. My camera and my skateboard, dumby! I was experimenting with self-timer shots, trying to get even an ollie, but it was a disaster. Needless to say, I took a shit load of pictures and almost all of them were total crap. But a few turned out okay! Particularly the ones that didn’t involve me actually riding a skateboard.

The whole thing is basically a trip down narcissism lane, but whatever.

zip zinger graffiti covered bridge A Three Hour Tour

Towards the beginning of my excursion, I got this wild idea that I wanted to get a shot of myself doing a powerslide right in front of the camera. Now, this is easier said than done. That said, I got a pretty good one on my very first try.

powerslide at stop sign A Three Hour Tour

However, subsequent attempts turned out less favorable…

self timer fall A Three Hour Tour

zip zinger next to manhole cover A Three Hour Tour

Anyway, in skateboarding, as in most things in life, if you’re gonna be dumb, you’ve got to be tough. So pick yourself up, dust off the grit and grime of your neighborhood curb spot, and get back to the task at hand.

pushing self portrait A Three Hour Tour

And I’m out. Outie. Outski. Out of hand.


Another beautiful day in the neighborhood

Just a couple of murky shots to wash down yet another murky day, as if the unrelenting drizzle wasn’t helping that along already.

cloudy day neighborhood1 Another beautiful day in the neighborhood

cloudy day neighborhood2 Another beautiful day in the neighborhood

In true metaphorical fashion, the weather this week seems to be predicting the forecast for this blog’s state of updating schedule: partly shitty with a chance of morning shitstorms. I will try my best to keep things as “poppin” as I can around here, but do try to remember that my own personal “best” is closer to everybody else’s “ehh, fuck it.”



Well… sheeit. Looks like my month’s off to a late start. And I can’t exactly say April went out with a bang here at Dedleg International. What’s that saying again? April’s slacking brings May’s lacking? Hm… that doesn’t sound very good at all. In any case, here are a few photos to break the seal.

bus pulling up sunset Slack jawed

I was trying to take a photo of the bus coming down the street, but he assumed I was waiting for the bus. A fair assumption, considering I was standing at a bus stop, looking down the street, waiting for the bus. I must admit, I felt sort of like the goonish epitome of a white art kid when he pulled up and I was all like, “Oh, sorry, sorry, I was just taking a photo,” while pushing up my thick plastic-framed glasses.

rust dripping down wall Slack jawed

This sure has a bit of that old The Shining look going on… but I assure you, that’s only rust. Although… I guess rust is sort of like the blood of a building, slowly being eaten from the outside by oxidation. And that’s kind of gory in an anthropomorphic way.

highway through chain link fence Slack jawed

Okay, back to slacking.


New Crust

As if Williamsburg’s prized DIY skate spot under the BQE wasn’t already considerably better than the skate park two blocks away, some extremely benevolent soul did New York City skateboarding a massive kindness and recently installed a new quarterpipe there. This one looks like the freakishly mutated big brother of the little quarter that’s been there for years, and considering the type of slime you often encounter while skating the BQE Lot, it wouldn’t really surprise me if that wasn’t the only freakish mutant you might find down there.

It should be noted that, like pretty much everything else at this spot, it’s probably a lot harder to skate than these guys are making it look. And it’s probably already soaked in bird shit, too. But that’s like, so totally part of the charm.

I can’t believe I’m even saying this, but almost more tantalizing than a new quarter pipe is that weird concrete rainbow that makes a brief cameo around 58 seconds in:

concrete rainbow bqe New Crust

Any new obstacle at the BQE Lot is cause for excitement, but this thing looks like a unique attraction, the likes of which you won’t find at any of the city’s legitimate concrete playgrounds, and fucking forget about finding a “real street” equivalent. Looks like people have been putting in some work at Brooklyn’s most notable DIY spot, and just in time for skate season to get in full swing. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to stop by and spend the afternoon getting filthy there.

Now, I’ve just got to keep my fingers crossed that nobody backs a car into it before I get a chance to get over there.