Hurricane Sandy on a Rampage

rampage collapsed facade chelsea Hurricane Sandy on a Rampage

Sorry. Couldn’t help myself, New York. Be safe, stay inside, and stay high… literally and figuratively.


A bit of a trotter, a bit of a rotter

In these dark times - and I’m talking about my personal life, here, not like, the state of the dumb world or something - it’s important for me to keep myself busy. And so, I’ve been doing as any recently shattered human being would, and am foraging for irresponsible hobbies. Thankfully, it turns out balt salts weren’t for me, so I’ve moved on to a new mania…

motor mania A bit of a trotter, a bit of a rotter

Mole: Ratty! It isn’t. He hasn’t!
Rat: It is, and he has it: a new mania. Motor mania!

Please Mr. Toad, just drive, get us as far as far can be, get us away from tonight.

Big points to whoever gets that reference and doesn’t just think I’m some kind of emo. Although, if you do get the reference, then you’ll know I’m an emo. Damn it!


United we stall

Howdy, folks. Apologies for the sort of irregular posting schedule going on lately. As usual, I’ve been up to my third eye in shit, and I’ve also been eating a lot of cheese. Nonetheless, I was doodling a bit in my sketchbook towards the wee hours last night. You know, the time that you normally wake up and need to wee if you went to bed at a normal time. Anyway, here’s one little scribble that managed to escape the page…

dedleg flag united we fall United we stall

That’s not supposed to be pessimistic, so much as realistic. To skate, is to fall. Even Daewon Song, hard as it may be to believe, sometimes falls. We all do it, so why not take pride in the pain? It is our birthright.


Come comb through the new collection

Happy Supreme Day. Go buy some shit. And if you waited in line for this glorious occasion, well… you probably shouldn’t have. Me? I’ll wait for the craze to die down, but I sure hope they don’t sell out of those combs… need that shit.

supreme comb Come comb through the new collection

Self portrait, btw. No, seriously.


Half Baked Highdeas: Vapor Poo Pizza

Salutations, ghouls and gals. Today, I’d like to introduce a new feature that I’ll be dredging up from time to time. Half Baked Highdeas was actually a highdea itself (go figure) that I came up with a few days ago, realizing my years of experience with marijuana has left me more of a legacy than just resin-coated lungs and a steadily deteriorating short term memory.

Indeed, somewhere amidst the verbatim logs of Wet Hot American Summer and the endless boxes of Cheez-Its, it seems I’ve actually remembered a few worthwhile tips and tricks. Accordingly, I’ve decided to pass on these little nuggets of wisdom and quick edible pot preparations that can help you out if you’re in a pinch or simply spice up your smoking. And with any luck, this will eventually segue into a career hosting deranged pothead cooking shows on the Food Network. Think Good Eats, only with more gummy bears and less actual science.

half baked highdeas vapor poo pizza Half Baked Highdeas: Vapor Poo Pizza

Stoners of the world, I think we can all agree on one thing: the only bad thing about weed is that, eventually, it runs out. Burnouts on a budget have sought ways to stretch their stash for probably as long as people have been smoking the stuff. Inevitably, the highest order of these intrepid tokers have turned to vaporizers after a combination of health and financial concerns made the decision a no-brainer, an especially easy decision for those whose brains resemble a frying pan full of scrambled eggs. If you’re familiar with vaporizers, you already know that they’re far and away the most economical mode of cannabis consumption. But aside from just using far less bud than bong, bowl or blunt, the vaporized leftovers are great for reheating, just like, well, real leftovers!

The thing is, already vaped bud (AVB) might smell like burned popcorn, but it’s far from burned. That’s the whole point of vaporizing in the first place — you never heat the pot to the point of combustion, which means there’s all kinds of fun stuff leftover that would normally be dust at the bottom of your bowl. The brown, desiccated remains of your vaporizer sessions long forgot might not look as tasty as they used to, but they’re still chock full of psychoactive compounds. It’s just up to you, master chef, to coax those “flavors” out.

avb in container Half Baked Highdeas: Vapor Poo Pizza
AVB and a few rogue stems

Today’s Half Baked Highdea combines two of my favorite things: weed and pizza. These two paragons of greatness go well together as it is, but it was time to make the dynamic duo that much more dynamic. What could be better than pizza that not only cures the munchies, but also causes them? Here, I’ll just answer that for you - nothing. Nothing is better. Nothing ever will be better.

If that wasn’t enough of a recommendation though, here are a few more benefits:

  • “Cooking” it is virtually odorless — outside of the delicious aroma of microwaved pizza, there’s none of that familiar, overwhelming scent of weed wafting through your apartment that typically comes with cooking cannabis products / outrages neighbors.
  • It takes, like, a minute to prepare. That doesn’t include eating time, but it could, if you’re a real animal.
  • And, finally, it’s an easy and effective way to use all your AVB - which you should be saving in the first place - so you’ll get that much more mileage out of your stash.

avb on spoon Half Baked Highdeas: Vapor Poo Pizza

You will need:

  • Somewhere between 3/4 and a whole tablespoon of AVB - the less “roasted” the better
  • A slice of already baked pizza (ABP, as opposed to AVP, which is a pretty good movie to watch after you eat this shit)
  • A microwave oven

The trick here is microwaving AVB on the leftover pizza so it gets just hot enough for those remaining cannabinoids to bond with the fat in the cheese and oil. Take somewhere around a whole teaspoon of AVB and sprinkle it on a slice of delicious, day-old pizza. It looks just like oregano (bonus stealth points), and while it won’t taste quite as nice, it does so by not really tasting like much at all. “Vapor Poo Pizza” might not be the most appetizing of names, but it’s really not bad. Granted, I didn’t pour heaps of the stuff on my slices, but the taste of a quality slice of pie pretty much overwhelms any weediness.

Heat your slice for about 20 seconds to start. You want the cheese to just start melting around the AVB and getting all greasy. Grease, good. No more mopping up slices with paper towels for you, sissy! If the cheese isn’t melted enough, keep heating it in bursts of 10 seconds until it’s looking something like these bad boys…

pizza with avb Half Baked Highdeas: Vapor Poo Pizza

Of course, now comes the most important part of the process. Eatin’ time! Keep in mind it’ll take at least an hour for you to start feeling effects, and you may get increasingly stoned for another hour after that. So, it’s probably a good idea to hold off on chomping down another slice until at least a couple hours have passed. If, however, a couple hours pass and you feel uncontrollably compelled to eat more pizza, along with everything else in the fridge, do not be concerned. Chances are, you’re already feeling the effects.

What to expect? A long-lasting, contented, body-heavy high. It won’t be super heady since you’ve already vaped out much of the THC, but it’s a pretty good recipe for a relaxing night on the couch in front of space documentaries or something. If you’re into that. Thinking about how looking up at the stars is actually looking back in time can be stressful for some, I understand. Space is some crazy fucking shit, man. Hey, come to think of it, I think my pizza must be kicking in!

So there you have it! You’re on your way to making both your leftover pizza and your leftover vaporized bud all that they can be. That said, I think it’ll still be a while before we see AVB as a mystery ingredient on Iron Chef or anything, but that doesn’t mean that cooking with it isn’t a damn good highdea.


Respect the fly shit

Figured since I already funneled some questionably objectionable content from the mags this week, I’d keep a good thing going with a scathing critique of the latest CCS catalog. Okay, yes, we’re grabbing at possibly the lowest hanging fruit in the entire skateboarding industry right now (I mean… besides Trukfit, but I don’t think that really counts). Nonetheless, somebody’s gotta be skateboarding’s watchdog! We must be constantly vigilant. Mailorder catalogs might not be typically considered “media outlets”, but just look at what happened to Batman, for example. He lets it slide for a couple years, and what happens? The master detective gets put in a master backbreaker. I’m not going to let that happen to skateboarding. No sir, if anybody’s going to focus my board, it’s going to be me in the middle of a completely inappropriate adult temper tantrum!

Surely there’s a parallel to be drawn between The Batman and John Cardiel, but rather than tread heavily upon sacred ground, let’s just stick to something everyone can agree on — and that is how fucking lame CCS is. Your own personal ruling may be fairly apathetic if you’ve never been in the market for plaid shorts and therefore have limited experience with the mailorder mainstay, or maybe you’re a bit more spiteful after getting burned on shipping and handling fees for a custom complete years ago, but one thing is for sure, everybody thinks CCS is pretty lame, if nothing else. Yes, even the guys they pay to be on their “team.” They’re just contractually obligated not to tell anybody how they really feel, that’s all.

ccs stays fly Respect the fly shit

While it is true that the skate session and the chill session do almost always blend into one, something about saying it like that is just…

lucille eye roll Respect the fly shit

At the same time, it is good to know that brands with deep roots in skateboarding are still considering how important it is to stay fly. Personally, I refuse to support the brands out there who blatantly disregard my need to look fresh at all times. Of course, I can’t actually think of any brands out there who actively design gear that look like shit on purpose, but according to CCS, they exist. Fortunately, the merciful gods curating the pages of the CCS catalog have your flyest interests at heart and protect us from those who would have us looking like common scrubs, skeezers, and scamps!

Ah well, they’re not all bad, I guess. I did find a pretty sweet shot of Brian Anderson from a few years back on their website, so based on that alone it’s physically impossible for them to totally suck. I’m going to go ahead and post it because if there’s another thing everyone can agree on, it’s that Brian Anderson is awesome. And if it turns out that’s not something everyone can agree on, why don’t you go ahead and not even let me know, because I don’t want to live in that kind of world.

brian anderson frontside grind nosegrab Respect the fly shit

One of these days I wanna start my own skateboard magazine called Trasher, where we’d just get wasted and make fun of everybody. People would be into that, right?

trasher parody logo Respect the fly shit

At the very least, we should probably make t-shirts…


The Gambler

Here’s a closer look at the design adorning the front of our Skateboarding Scratch Off T-Shirt. Perhaps you’ll disagree upon scrutinization, but I’m of the opinion that it’s just too damn good not to give it some shine, especially for all the cheapskates out there who wouldn’t otherwise get the opportunity to see it up close and personal.

skateboarding scratch off ticket The Gambler

The Skateboarding Scratch Off Tee, along with the other three shirts in our Summer 2012 collection are up for grabs in the store. Ultimately, it’s probably a much better investment than an actual scratch off ticket. I trust you know what to do. The Internet was made for shopping. Well, and porn. And Nigerian email con jobs. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to you spending your hard earned money, which is really all that matters to me.


Dedleg Summer 2012 Shirts

This has been something I’ve wanted to do since Dedleg’s inception. The night before I thought of Dedleg, nearly three years ago now, Leonardo DiCaprio infiltrated my dreams and planted the idea that I should break up my father’s company and make t-shirts, and it stuck. So now, I am very proud to present my first line, consisting of two t-shirts, a tank top, and a 3/4 sleeve baseball tee. Buy some?

dedleg summer2012 lookbook cover Dedleg Summer 2012 Shirts

dedleg summer2012 lookbook page1 Dedleg Summer 2012 Shirts

dedleg summer2012 lookbook page2 Dedleg Summer 2012 Shirts

dedleg summer2012 lookbook page3 Dedleg Summer 2012 Shirts

dedleg summer2012 lookbook page4 Dedleg Summer 2012 Shirts

dedleg summer2012 lookbook page5 Dedleg Summer 2012 Shirts

dedleg summer2012 lookbook page6 Dedleg Summer 2012 Shirts

dedleg summer2012 lookbook page7 Dedleg Summer 2012 Shirts

dedleg summer2012 lookbook page8 Dedleg Summer 2012 Shirts

dedleg summer2012 lookbook back cover Dedleg Summer 2012 Shirts

Hope you like ‘em! Chances are extremely high you’ll look like a badass wearing one. You can find all of them in the store… but perhaps not for long.

Oh, and you also have my personal guarantee that no customer will receive a shirt that’s laid in the street. No. You’ll have to pay extra for those.


Clouds in my eyes

Ah, redundancy, it makes the Internet go ’round.

crowned eye logo Clouds in my eyes

If you’ve been paying attention long enough, you may recognize this looker from a year back. And if you’ve been paying attention for only just a little while, you’ll at least recognize the similarities between this design and the Photoshop exercise in expletives I posted last Friday. How does it all fit together? Well, I guess you’ll just have to keep paying attention to find out!


Hex and the City

go to hell blossom Hex and the City

Hey, it’s just how I feel. About you.

I’m just kidding. In all seriousness though, I’ve always wanted to visit. I’m way overdue for a vacation and it seems like such a warm, inviting place… full of people who think god is stupid. That kind of crowd can really light my fire.

Anyway, I’ll be back with more vitriol sooner or later, you can count on it.


Nectar of the Pixel Gods

It’s Thursday, and Dedleg’s idle mind drifts to thoughts of beer.

dedleg pixel beer bottle Nectar of the Pixel Gods

Once again, I find myself awake hopelessly past my bed time. Gone are the days of youth, when I could get 3 hours of sleep in a night and actually somehow pretend to be a normal human being the next day. And to think, this was supposed to be a “quick little project.” For such a little thing, it sure took a long time to do. And I guess this is usually where you’d put one of those “that’s what she said” “jokes,” if you were the type of person who did such things, but… well… I’m not.